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The Holographic Universe and The Illusion of Separation

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

There is a relatively new scientific principle in development right now which posits that we may be actually living in a holographic universe. This is called the Holographic Principle. It arose from String Theory, the idea that gravity is made up of thin, vibrating strings called gravitons. These strings make up the holographic events that happen in our Three Dimensional (3D) space which lies within a flat cosmos. The strings contain the data that a 3D object would have, e.g. its volume. The science behind it is rather complicated, so I kept it simple here. However, I do suggest that you look further into the holographic principle, should it intrigue you. It scientifically explains how quite a few phenomenons (such as telepathy) could be feasible. I recommend the book, The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot for further study. It is truly fascinating. What this theory suggests is that we (and all conscious beings) are actually existing in another dimension while projecting ourselves and our physical world as holographic images onto the “screen” of our universe. The theory is still just a theory right now, but what it suggests is definitely something worth trying to wrap our heads around if we want to understand our own universe, let alone the nature of consciousness. Believe it or not, the idea that we are in a holographic universe is not a new one in the metaphysical community. For a few decades now, it has been proposed and accepted by many within that community that we are actually Four Dimensional (4D) beings who project ourselves and our world onto the 3D universe. Some even propose that we are actually multidimensional, capable of spanning 12 dimensions, but that's for a later article. Many believe that this 4D realm is where spirits and thought forms reside, i.e. ghosts, spirits, ideas, dreams, etc. This is also where many people believe our consciousness goes when we sleep. Some claim to visit this 4D realm while they are in astral travel, a phenomenon where the individual leaves the body and travels about the astral plane with full and awakened conscious thought. Personally, I have never traveled the astral plane like that (not yet, anyway), but I have had extremely lucid dreams where I was conscious enough to direct and maintain my dream. In my lucid dreams, I can do anything. I can fly, travel around the world, shoot fireballs from my hands, have sex with anyone, I can do just about anything you can imagine. I have been able to do this since I was a teenager and at first, I just used it for entertainment. But as I matured, I started using it to delve deeper into my subconscious mind. It is something I use now to assist me in understanding things in my own personal life. I know from personal experience that the dream realm is much like being in a holographic environment for when you can see the particles come together and create form in your dream, you realize that reality is subjective and what you thought you knew about reality was only one tiny interpretation of it. These lucid dreams feel just as real and vivid as does my waking day life, therefore it must be my own perception of it that makes it seem real. So it is not such a stretch for me to imagine that this is actually the nature of our “reality” in the 3D world. If I accept that we are actually 4D beings capable of projecting ourselves and all other forms of “matter” into this 3D holographic universe, then I can also see how scientifically it is possible that our thoughts do in fact create our reality, thanks to my experience with lucid dreaming. When I lucid dream, I simply have the thought “I want a nice comfortable chair to sit upon” and right before my eyes, a chair appears. I know that I have created it as a conscious thought, nobody else brought it into my dream. It was me, my consciousness that made it happen. I propose that this is what happens in our 3D world as well, only this world has a larger buffer of time before the manifestation appears because it has more resistance to get through. Thought is vibration and the form it takes is vibration. If thought is happening in the 4D realm, then it is created there first, just like in a dream. Then, through allowing and not resisting, the thought vibration turns into a “thing” (such as the chair) here in the 3D realm. Quantum Physics says that “thing” is just another form of vibration, as nothing exists as solid like we think it does. Although it may not seem to appear out of thin air, as it does in a dream, it does in fact appear though in a more natural seeming way, if we allow it. Allowing comes about by us practicing happiness for the more we vibrate at the frequency of our Source, the more we allow our creative powers to manifest in the 3D realm. It seems simple, but it’s not easy. Because of unknown reasons, we humans have created an illusory separation from our Source. Through myth, legend and continued belief, many people think that we have fallen from grace with our Source (god, if you will) and that we need saving in order to get back. I propose that this is a false premise, for my lucid dreams show me another reality. Many think that Source is somehow outside of us, and therefore we disempower ourselves in the process. But if we are extensions of Source, the Prime Creator, then surely the power to create is within us too, never separate. How is separation even possible without the idea that our Source is insane? I do not think that Source is insane, for if it was, nature would not work as beautifully as it does. I think that Source is Infinite Intelligence and that it has been around for a long, long time. The separation must, therefore, be an illusion, just as this 3D world is an illusion, a holographic projection of consciousness. Therefore, the actual insanity is simply the thought that we are and could ever really be separate from our Source. And since we are not separate from our Source, this means that we are not separate from each other or anything else in this Universe. We are the insane ones for thinking that we could ever be. I think that it’s time we stopped the insanity. It's time for us to wake up and become lucid within the dream of the 3D world. It's time we embraced our creative truth and became more than we ever have before. It is time to be all we were meant to be.

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