What are your rates?

I work in time increments. My rates are $25 for every 15 minutes.

Are you a Medium? Can you contact the other side and speak to the dead?

No, I am not a Medium. A Medium is a particular type of psychic with the ability to communicate clearly with non-physical entities. While on occasion during a  reading, I can sense the presence of someone, it is not my forte and it is not my area of focus but should someone come through, I will share what I receive if it will be helpful for you. I do know of a professional Medium in the area. I do not know her personally, but this is her website:

Do you see ghosts/spirits?

Sometimes I can clairvoyantly see them (in my mind's eye), but I do not see them with my physical eyes. However, sometimes I can feel them and once in a while, I can hear them. Mostly they come to me through dreams.

What kind of psychic are you?

I am an intuitive empath with clairvoyance and clairsentience ability. An empath has the ability to feel other people's emotions. An intuitive empath, can not only feel the emotions of others (and animals), but also their physical ailments. Advanced empaths can also be trained to receive psychic insights by touching objects (also called clairtangency) and this is the best way for me to communicate with those who have passed on. Clairvoyance is the ability to see psychic visions and clairsentience is the ability to feel energy and have sudden insights come to you through that, also called claircognizance. I use all three to help my clients.

What kind of readings do you offer?

I offer a few different types of readings, depending on your needs. I am an astrologer as well as a psychic and a life coach. I tend to blend all three into my readings, but I also supplement them with my knowledge of other subjects such as palmistry, numerology and the tarot. If I read clairvoyantly for you, my focus is on reading the Akashic records to assist you. My intention is to help you and I use whatever modality is best suited for you at the time. You can see your different options here.

Can you tell me about my past lives?

Yes, this information can come through in a clairvoyant reading.

Can you help me contact my spirit guide?

Yes, I can help translate their messages through a clairvoyant reading. Sometimes this requires a deeper connection however, and I will try to make contact in a dream state.

Why do you call yourself the Laughing Gypsy?

Once upon a time, I was a depressed, miserable, overweight, overworked and overstressed web developer who hated her life and looked to escape it through food, Netflix and video games. I had all kinds of physical problems plus I was suffering with bipolar depression, social anxiety disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder. I also felt that I had been cursed to be born an empath and the burden of it created even more mental anguish for me.

Then at age 40, I had a nervous breakdown and I knew I had to change. So I decided to get happy, even though I didn’t know how to do that, and I set out on an incredible journey of self-discovery, healing and growth. I wanted to do it without drugs and without therapy, and I wanted to do it with the power of my mind. So I trained under a skilled psychic to learn how to control my abilities and not feel burdened by them. 

Then I did the hardest part - I faced my demons and healed my childhood trauma. Shortly after, my husband and I quit our jobs, sold our house, donated everything but a suitcase of clothes and our two cats and we hit the road in a little 19 foot Roadtrek RV camper van. We traveled around the United States for over 2 years and I made money reading palms and Tarot. I fully embraced the wild heart of the gypsy spirit that lives within my soul and was finally living life the way I wanted! I ate when I wanted, slept when I wanted, traveled when I wanted. It was a dream of mine ever since I was 15 years old and it was amazing to live it!

Then in the spring of 2017, while visiting family in Washington State, our van caught on fire one morning due to a faulty battery in my laptop. Within minutes, we were left stranded with nothing but our two cats and the shirts on our backs. Despite that, we continued on with our quest for happiness. I knew that the universe burned down my van for a reason (I saw it in the stars) so I kept myself open. After a year of spiritually retreating, I discovered that the happier I got, the more my psychic abilities increased. 

After a particularly intense meditation where angelic beings appeared to me in the woods, I realized something big was coming and I was being called to change my life so that I may serve others. I have since dedicated myself and my abilities to the service of others so that I can be here to assist during these end times. I have discovered that the road to happiness begins and ends with you and I am here to help others find their joy even in the darkest of times for if I can do it, you can too. After all, we’re here now, so we might as well make the best of it!

May I take notes?

No, it slows down the reading. However, you are free to record it on your phone or other device as long it is not disruptive to the flow of the reading. 

How much should I tell you?

That’s really up to you. I’m here to help you, not impress you so feel free to share as much as you feel comfortable sharing. I receive a lot of information when I tune into someone, but may be guided to only share what is most helpful for you at the time. Do not worry though, I do not judge you. I cannot help you and judge you at the same time. 

Can you read minds?

No, but I can read your energy and I can feel your emotions which sometimes gives the impression that I can read minds, but I cannot. Thank goodness!

Do you take cash or card?

I take either, I have no preference. I am also open to working in trade if you have a trade skill or service you offer. 

How often should I come see you?

That really depends on your needs. Some people like to come in every few months and check in to see what the stars are doing, others like to see me once a month to see how their energy looks and some become my students and see me every two weeks. I always advise you to do what feels right to you!

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, as long as you are comfortable with me sharing information which might come up and as long as they do not interrupt the reading.

Do you offer counseling?

Yes, of a sort. I offer spiritual life coaching, which is sort of like psychic counseling with homework. My goal is to help you take positive action in your life so that you are living your best life! 

Do you read for couples?

Yes, I do and at the same rate. I find that offering readings for couples can do wonders for your relationship.

Do you read for parties?

Not anymore, sorry. I found it to be too exhausting.

Where are you located?

Currently my office is located inside my Psychic Boutique. The address is 2326 Wheaton Way, Suite 140, Bremerton, WA 98310. Hours: Everyday but Tuesday from 11 am to 6 pm.