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What are your rates?​

I work in time increments. My rates are $25 every 15 minutes, maximum 90 minutes at $150. Most readings are 30 to 60 minutes. For house clearings, I charge a base rate of $300 for up to two hour’s work. Any additional time spent clearing after that is based on my regular rate. I accept cash, cards and sometimes trade if you have a skill or some nice crystals!  

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Are you a Medium? Can you contact the other side and speak to the dead?

​​​Yes. I have developed my skills to communicate with the deceased and with spirit guides. When I make contact with Spirit, I work very closely with my angelic guides and yours to ensure our safety and I ask for the most helpful and relevant information to come through. Depending on the strength of the connection, I will receive psychic information from the Spirit in different ways. Typically because I am more clairvoyant, I am given visual images. Sometimes, I can hear their thoughts and sometimes I can receive emotions from them. If a spirit is strong or earthbound, it is almost like a conversation with them. However, most times it is more like psychic charades where we have to piece together what I receive so that it makes sense.

The best readings are when you are prepared for a conversation with your loved one or spirit guide. Having questions is a great way to get the information flowing. Every reading is different and there is no guarantee that we will make contact, but I am always willing to try for you. If you have a photo or an object of the deceased person, I can sometimes use that to tap in faster. 

​If you would like to set up an appointment to communicate with someone who has passed on, I do have a few stipulations:

  • It must be more than 6 to 8 months since they have crossed over (too soon can disrupt the spirit).

  • You are not afraid or skeptical of making contact (either can block the spirits from coming through)

  • There is no reason the spirit would not want to make contact or would not want to give me accurate information (in other words, you and the deceased are on good speaking terms).

  • You have a genuine interest and desire to make contact, it is not just a passing curiosity. Lack of focus or desire can weaken the connection and make the reading rather slow or challenging.

  • Readings are done in person only as I am less conscious during this type of reading and cannot fix technical issues while under.

  • You must silence your cellphones, smartwatches, or any other devices that make noise. This greatly disrupts my focus and may cause me to lose connection. 

  • My guardian angel must approve of the contact being made (unfriendly spirits are not welcomed).

  • ​Please bring a photo of the deceased person that shows their eyes if you can or an item belonging to them if you can’t find a photo. It's not necessary, but I find that looking into their eyes helps me connect faster.

  • Please have questions ready otherwise the reading doesn't go far. Think of this as a conversation.

  • Please arrive on time, if you come too early, I may not be ready for you. I must prepare myself with a ritual. If you do arrive early, you are welcome to browse our shop or get a coffee next door.

  • I will always treat you and your loved ones with respect and compassion, but I will not tolerate disrespect from others, including spirits!

In addition, I recommend that you read over the Windbridge Research Center's Guide for Sitters (On mediumship readings in general)

How should I prepare for a reading?

No matter what type of reading, I suggest you bring a recording device. Most of the time, I cannot recall your reading after it is done. Please DO NOT take notes, it slows me down and can stop the flow of information coming in.

​If you are getting the "Works" reading, then you don't need to do much except double check your birth data for accuracy. Since it is a structured reading, all you need to do is relax, listen and learn about yourself from a metaphysical perspective.

For psychic readings, there is a little more prepping that I recommend. Since I work with spirit guides and angels, it is a very good idea to prepare a list of questions or concerns relating to your life that you wish to address during your reading. The best readings are when questions are asked so that answers may be found.  Please feel free to ask questions during your reading at any time. I am in the business of finding answers, after all. 

If you wish to contact someone who has passed on, I recommend that you spend time before your reading preparing yourself for the contact and asking them with your heart and focus to please come to the reading. You might want to spend some time looking at photographs or handling items connected to your loved one beforehand. When you come for the reading, please bring these items as it makes it easier for me to connect. If it has been less than eight months since they have passed, I recommend that you give the spirit enough time before trying to make contact. We do not want to interrupt the spirit’s journey. Please be sure to read the question above on Mediumship before your reading.

During your reading, it is important that you stay present and not distracted and give me your full attention so I will need your cell phone turned off.

It is also important to have an open mind and an open heart, knowing that sometimes things won’t make sense at the time but probably will later on. If you are fearful or skeptical, you can possibly block or complicate the psychic guidance that is available to you. 

Your reading is confidential and I do not judge you. I am here to help you and nothing you tell me will make me think less of you. I understand we’re all human and humans act in all sorts of ways. If you come to me for help and guidance, that is what I will provide, not judgment and criticism. My office is a safe place for you to be yourself, however should you display intent to harm yourself or others, it is my moral if not legal obligation to seek outside assistance. 

Please realize that I am only human and I am doing my best to deliver clear and precise information to you as I receive it. This means that sometimes I will be wrong or I might not be totally clear about what I am receiving. Sometimes what I receive is accurate but you are not able to place it at the time of the reading and it might be later on that you can make sense of it. I aim for the highest accuracy I can obtain, but I make no guarantees. No psychic is accurate 100% of the time and if they tell you they are, they are lying. 

What is it that you do exactly? What can I expect from a reading with you?

Typically, my preferred method for finding guidance is to use my clairvoyance and speak with my or your guides.

Otherwise I use astrology, numerology and palmistry for predictive timing, life planning, personality and relationship issues. 

Some people prefer that I use tools to talk to the guides, in which case I will use tarot or oracle cards for them. 

Really, it all depends on your needs at the time. I’m in the business of getting answers and I use my abilities and my occult knowledge to assist you however I can in getting those answers. My mission is always to be of service to you and to provide answers and guidance as I receive it through the spirit guides. I receive best just by being around you and tuning in to your spirit guides. They will often direct me to the best tool to help you in that moment. Sometimes I might use astrology, sometimes I’ll use clairvoyance, sometimes a spirit comes through, other times, palmistry is more appropriate and sometimes the tarot cards will help us understand something better. I like the freedom to use whatever modality feels right to me at the time to help you the best I can. 

That being said,  I do sometimes have some strange quirks that might pop up in your reading…

  • During your reading, I might occasionally close my eyes and go silent. When I do this, it is because my guides are giving me information or it is because I need to ask them for more information. When this happens, I ask that you give me a moment to receive and translate before we continue. Sometimes I receive a lot of information at once and I have to stop to sort through the images.  Please do not continue to talk and ask questions as this will only give me more information to have to sort through.

  • Sometimes when communicating with a spirit, I might occasionally channel their voice or mannerisms as I tap into their energies. Don’t be alarmed, this is just me tuning into them. 

  • ​​If I speak with Spirit, I might occasionally speak out loud to them, which might confuse you. I’ll do my best to let you know when I’m speaking to them instead of you but sometimes I forget.

What kind of readings do you offer?

All kinds really as I’m a bit of a Jill of all Trades. ​I am trained in and will use the following:

  • Psychic readings (ESP, clairvoyance)

  • Astrology readings (natal, solar return, composite, synastry, electional and horary)

  • ​​Spirit and Animal Communication (mediumship)

  • Numerology readings (personality, karmic, life planning)

  • Tarot readings (I combine with my clairvoyance)

  • Palmistry readings (personality and past/future events)

Can you tell me about my past lives?​​

Yes, this information can come through in a psychic reading.​ Though I recommend getting a past life regression hypnosis session for a more personal experience.

Can you help me contact my spirit guide?

Yes, I can help translate their messages through a psychic reading and I can coach you on how to contact them.

May I take notes?
No, it slows down the reading. However, you are free to record it on your phone or other device as long as it is not disruptive to the flow of the reading. 

​​How much should I tell you?​​

I prefer that you tell me nothing at first so my logical mind doesn't jump to conclusions, but some people can’t resist telling me things. It’s OK with me if you do. I’m here to help you, not impress you so feel free to share as much as you feel comfortable sharing. I receive a lot of information when I tune into someone, but may be guided to only share what is most helpful for you at the time. And sometimes I receive images that don't make sense to me at first, but will as the reading progresses and I will share them as we go along. Sometimes something won’t make sense to either of us but it will later on, long after the reading. Sometimes it’s a matter of taking a different perspective before it makes sense. 

I trust my guides to lead me to the best information for you at the time. I know when someone lies to me, but I realize that sometimes that's what feels best to them or perhaps someone isn't ready to accept something just yet. I don't want to embarrass you, but sometimes spirits are very blunt and say it as it is too. They will sometimes spill your secrets because they know that it will help you to address it now. Regardless I want you to feel safe and comfortable with me and know that I simply desire to use my gifts to help you. Do not worry, I do not judge you. I want to help you. I cannot help you and judge you at the same time. 

Can I bring a friend?

​​For several reasons, I would prefer that you come alone to your reading unless it is a couple’s reading. For a couple's reading, this means it is a reading about the relationship itself or a joint venture such as purchasing a house, not two separate readings.

Should you come in with someone, my office is located inside my boutique and your friend is always welcome to grab a coffee next door (Ristretto Stone Coffee) and hang out in our zen corner while they wait. We have books, magazines, adult coloring books, tarot and oracle cards and pendulums to keep them busy while they wait. Or they can get a reading from one of our independent readers at the shop!


May I bring my child/pet with me?

​​NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT - not even on a phone or video reading. No matter how well-behaved, children and pets are a  distraction and I cannot focus on helping you. If you lose childcare for your scheduled appointment, let me know ASAP and we can reschedule for another time.  

Do you read pets/animals?

​​​Yes and they do not need to be present. But bring a photo and a toy/collar of theirs if you have it, it makes it faster for me.​

Do you take cash or card?

I take either, but I prefer cash. I am also open to working in trade if you have a trade skill or service you offer. From handyman services to house cleaning to crystals to books to farm fresh eggs to tax preparation to homemade cooking, I'm open to negotiate. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Should I tip you?

I certainly won’t complain! If you feel that you had a good reading, please follow your heart and do what feels best. Honestly, the best tip you can give me is a positive review on Google, that’s the tip that keeps on giving! 


How often should I come see you?

That really depends on your needs. Some people come in once a year on their birthdays, some like to come in every few months to see how their chakras are doing, others like to see me once a month to see what their horoscope looks like, some see me every week for psychic counseling and others become my students and see me every two weeks to develop their skills. I always advise you to do what feels right to you as long as you don't become dependent on me! I teach self-empowerment. 

Do you read for couples?

​​Yes, I do and at the same rate. However it must be a reading about the relationship itself or on something the couple is doing together such as buying a house or starting a business. It does not necessarily have to be a romantic relationship either. I find that offering readings for couples can do wonders for your relationship. Just request a couple's reading and provide both partner's info when booking so I can prepare ahead of time.

​Do you read for children?

​No, I do not read them directly, however I will ask their guides sometimes to provide information that will help you as the parent or guardian. I also read children’s natal charts for parents/guardians to help them better understand how to relate with their children.

Do you read for parties or events?

Not anymore, sorry. I found it to be too exhausting. 

Where are you located?
Currently my office is located inside my Psychic Boutique. The address is 2326 Wheaton Way, Suite 140, Bremerton, WA 98310. Hours: Thursdays through Monday from 11 am to 5 pm. Closed at 4 on Sundays.
What does Clairvoyant mean?
Clairvoyant is the term used to describe a psychic who receives information visually. Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) can come through any one of our senses, but to make it easier to understand, researchers have categorized the different types of psychic information, known as “the clairs”. Clairvoyance is the ability to see psychic visions, clairsentience is the ability to feel psychic energy and claircognizance is the ability to receive information without knowing why you know it but you just do. I use all three to help my clients on a regular basis although sometimes I will also receive in other ways through my ESP. The other clairs are: clairaudience is the ability to hear psychic information; clairtangency (also called psychometry) is the ability to pick up information from objects; clairgustance is psychic taste; and clairalience is psychic smell.

​What is a Medium?

A Medium is a particular type of psychic with the ability to communicate clearly with spirits (those who have passed on and with other non-physical entities). Typically these psychics can hear the spirits' thoughts, feel their emotions and receive all kinds of information from spirits. Mediums act as a sort of psychic telephone between you and the deceased. All Mediums are psychics but not all psychics are Mediums. The difference is that Mediums communicate with spirits.

What kind of psychic are you? What abilities do you have?

​​Generally I’m not a fan of labels when it comes to psychic abilities for I feel it can limit us, we all have access to all abilities. However I understand the need to categorize in order to better grasp the psychic world. That being said, I am an intuitive empath and a psychic medium. I receive psychic information through my ESP and through communication with Spirit.

Do you see ghosts?​​

To me, ghosts are echoes of a once living energy that leave a psychic impression on something or some place. I have seen and felt these in haunted places before, as most sensitive people do. 

On the other hand, spirits that are earthbound (those who chose not to move on to the spiritual plane yet) are typically a nuisance to me and I shield myself from them on most occasions. I haven’t seen them with my physical eyes that I am aware of, but I usually will hear or sense them around me. Every now and then, I help one to cross over when I find them on people or in places where they don’t belong. 

Why do you call yourself the Laughing Gypsy? Are you Romani? 

First of all, I want to say that I have read for several Romani people and they adore that I use the title in reverence and honor to the Romani Gypsy culture. So if you ask me this question trying to label it as racist or wrong, please do your research and actually talk to Romani people first. You might be surprised by what you learn.

With all due respect, I use the term gypsy to refer to the lifestyle I was living when I created the brand, Laughing Gypsy. Besides referring to the Romani people, the word gypsy also refers to someone who lives a nomadic lifestyle. I lived and traveled very happily in a 19' RV while I gave card and palm readings for money as I traveled across the country. It seemed a fitting name. I still live in a trailer (though bigger) as I prefer small places and being able to move with the wind as needed.

My heritage is of the Celts and the peoples of central Mexico. However I have past life memories of living nomadic lives and they call out to me from somewhere deep within. I have to fight the urge to hit the road sometimes.


Readings are done for information and entertainment purposes. The information is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Any action taken on your part as a result of your reading is solely your responsibility and done under your own authority. The readers in our shop are independent from Laughing Gypsy. Views and opinions expressed by the independent readers in our shop do not necessarily reflect those of the business or its owners.  


In order for me to give you the best service I can give you, I run my practice within the following guidelines. If you do not think you can agree with them, please seek the services of another reader.

  • Please be sure to see my FAQs before your reading.

  • Please give me your full attention during the reading, turn off your phone and your smartwatch and anything else that might interrupt. It greatly disrupts the reading if you are not present.

  • Please arrive on time. If you arrive too early, I may not be ready for you energetically as I must prepare myself for your visit. If you do arrive early, you are welcome to browse my shop or get a coffee next door.

  • Please be honest with me, I am here to help and if you lie, you make it awkward and difficult to help you. I do not judge you and you are safe with me. I cannot help you and judge you at the same time.

  • Spirit communication readings (Mediumship) can only be done in person, see FAQs for Mediumship guidelines.

  • I require a 50% deposit on all first time, long distance readings prior to your reading.

  • You may choose to electronically record the reading if you like as long as it is not a distraction to the reading, but you may not take notes as this interrupts and slows down the reading.

  • This is a private and confidential meeting; no one else may sit in on it.

  • Please find a babysitter for your children/pet, it is too distracting to read clearly when children/pets interrupt. This is especially important for online or phone readings.

  • I will only read for those in my presence, I will not do readings on someone else's behalf.

  • I will not play any sort of game which might be considered as "testing a psychic". I can tell when you are lying and this is draining and unnecessary. I take my work seriously and you should too.

  • Your reading is confidential, but it is my moral, if not legal, obligation to seek outside assistance should you display intent to harm yourself or another or otherwise engage in criminal activity.

  • Please be respectful of my time. I must prepare for each reading ahead of time. If you decide not to follow through with your reading, please send me a text ASAP so I can alert the next person on my wait-list. If you ghost me, I consider that as you burning a bridge. 

  • My office is a safe place for you to be yourself without judgment from me, but I will never tolerate disrespect, and that includes to yourself!

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