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Empaths and the Coronavirus

Updated: Mar 24

A number of people have been contacting me about this coronavirus scare, asking me if they should be concerned and if there is anything they need to do to prepare. So I decided to address my fellow empaths in a post:

We are living in a very challenging time and things just keep getting crazier and crazier. It has never been more important for you to be strong within yourself and to know what to do to keep yourself from getting carried away by the mass consciousness of fear and scarcity. This fear is coming from a belief that is deeply rooted in separation and lack, it stems from the lower regions of the ego’s consciousness and it is important for us to remain aware of that as we watch the world seemingly go into panic. 

Yes, it is smart to be prepared and to have what you and your family needs but it is vital not to give in to the panic and the feeling of lack, competition or scarcity. Make your preparations as you are intuitively guided and do what brings you the most peace at this time. Once you build your trust in the Higher Self, this will be much easier as you will see that there is no such thing as scarcity except its illusion which you create with your focus (thoughts and emotions).

It is important to use discernment when taking in any media, especially social media and it is important to tap into your inner wisdom and knowing for nothing better is there to guide you than that. If you give in to the hysteria, you do yourself and others no good. Remember that your emotions are your guide to show you what you are creating. You came to this planet at this time for a reason and that is because your energy is here to help shift this planet into a new level of consciousness. This is happening in waves as more people have their Awakening. This calls for a need to learn how to be in control of your emotional responses and empaths are better equipped than most when it comes to feeling emotions. It's time now to take that to the next level.

Those stuck in survival mode are having a very difficult time with this and it is vital for those of us who have activated our heart centers to have compassion for them and to remind them that things are going to be OK, no matter what it may appear to be on the surface. Those of us who can stand strong in the midst of chaos will be like the anchor points for those souls who need grounding. For when you are in alignment with your Higher Self, you are stronger than millions who are not. Remember that for it is key in understanding who you truly are, a powerful co-creator with the universe. Your focus will determine where you place that power, so be careful about where you focus - is it on health or is it on disease? Is it on lack or is it on abundance? Is it on fear or is it on compassion? Remember that you create your own reality by your thoughts and emotions. Be vigilant of those things so that you can create the reality you want to experience.

Quantum physics shows us that we are all connected on an energetic level and as consciousness focuses on a probability, it calls it into matter. As empaths, we can feel the energies of humanity’s mass consciousness very easily therefore it is vital that you take steps to ensure your self-care so that you are not adding to an unwanted probability. Stay open hearted and open minded, stay loving and forgiving, stay connected to your Spirit for it is called upon now more than ever for you to be strong in your higher vibrations. Remember to ground yourself, remember to thank and bless your water before drinking it, remember to walk in nature, remember to meditate and remember to breathe. For the mind is master of the body but the breath is master of the mind. 

They laugh and make jokes about introverts being in training for quarantines their entire lives but there is absolutely an element of truth to that. Empaths have been in training for this shift because you are called upon now more than ever to heal your past traumas so that you may be that beacon of light and hope for others in these dark and scary times. Your Love and your Light is what is needed now and the planet is calling you to action. Be strong for yourself and for others. Hold a space of hope and of peace within your heart for that is a power that we all can use right now.

The more of us who can stay strong and connected through this, the easier it is going to be on all of us. Your Light will spread. Your empath abilities are needed now, do not give in to fear, scarcity or victimization. Go within, find your peace and heal what must be healed now for your healing is crucial for the Ascension not only of yourself but of humanity. This is a time of coming together, of connecting on a deeper, more spiritual level. This is about remembering our strength when we work together and form communities. Use social media to connect through hope, not fear. We are in for massive changes and they are bringing us closer and closer together. Show love, be love.

For a while, it might seem like the world is falling apart, but as an astrologer, I know that this is going to be a good thing in the end. The old structures need to go before new ones can come into play. We are about to see Saturn enter Aquarius for a brief period, I believe that we are getting the preview of what is yet to come. It will enter Aquarius again in late December, when real change will be obvious. There is more yet to be disclosed and more yet to be discovered as the energies of humanity shifts into more and more Awakening. We are in for a few shocking news and events as more people take the “red pill” and the old illusions fade away. But do not fear as the world seems to crumble around us, my fellow empaths because it needs to. Reach into your hearts and find your light of hope and let it shine bright for others to see. 

Your Light is needed now. 

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