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Entering the Fifth Dimension

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

As many of you may already know, I have been studying astrology for the past twenty-five years. Because of this, I am used to friends and strangers asking me questions about their personal lives. But lately, the questions I’ve been asked have a much broader, planetary perspective. People are looking around the world today and many are fearful, confused by most of what they see. They want to know just what in the hell is going on? So I decided it was time for me to write this post to help answer some of these questions based on what I have learned and believe. It’s In The Stars Over the past sixty years or so, our planet has undergone tremendous change and many of us today can feel it. There is so much information thrown at us 24 hours a day and things seem to be getting weirder and weirder, most of us just aren’t sure what to think anymore. We can sense that something big is about to happen. We can feel a stirring within the human consciousness and many of us are just plain frightened. But if we are still, we can hear the call for transformation coming from the Earth herself. It’s a call that we can no longer ignore, for the time for change is now. Astrologically this is a time of great change as we prepare for a new era. We have some major revolutionary energies coming at us from both Pluto and Saturn in the sign of Capricorn which is causing the slow destruction (and eventual rebuilding) of our hierarchical control systems (government, financial, education, religion, medicine, etc) over the next several years. Jupiter is also playing a strong role in the disclosure we are seeing as we learn more and more about the deception that has been going on in many, many different areas around the planet.  To add to that, on May 15th, 2018, Uranus, the planet which rules technology, freedom, rebellion, independence and the unexpected will enter the sign of Taurus. It will be there for the next 7 years or so (after a short time back in Aries later this year, it will go back into Taurus until 2025).  And this means things are going to get even weirder.  The Taurus energy doesn’t like change, it wants stability, safety and reliability. But Uranus is the antithesis of stability - it’s going to stir things up and it’s going to bring unexpected surprises. Taurus rules finances, economics, real estate, food, farming and natural resources. With Uranus energy here, we are likely to see some major shifts in our financial systems, an upheaval in our banking system and currencies, and sudden changes in the food market, land values and access to resources. We could possibly see some pretty hectic earth changes too, volcanoes, earthquakes, etc. We most likely will see areas of crisis during these changes, so it’s not a bad idea to make some rational preparations. But don’t let this information spook you for you are the creator of your own reality. And don’t forget that this change is ultimately good for all of us for this energy makes way for the new world to come about. Despite the chaos that may ensue after the collapse of many of our systems, we will see empowering change come about because of it.  Uranus is about the people, you see. It’s the planet of the humanitarian. This energy will help many of us to unite and look for new ways of doing things in a way that is less destructive to the planet and our species. This provides the strength for us to stand up to injustice and demand our freedom back. This gives us opportunities to come together worldwide and find solutions to global problems such as famine and disease. It’s an opportunity to get together in communities and find new ways of living together and for us to develop new forms of economic trade. It’s an opportunity for independent thinkers to pave their own path especially as creative business owners. And it’s an opportunity to seek new scientific thought as we discover more and more about the abilities of the human body, about the nature of reality and about this vast universe we live in. The Two World Split

It is known within the extra dimensional community that we are in the middle of a dimensional shift. Interestingly enough, many astrological happenings support this theory. According to them, we are currently experiencing a split in reality where one reality resides in the Third Dimension and the other is in the Fifth Dimension. They say that the vibration of the planet has evolved as has our DNA and therefore we must choose between the two dimensions based on our vibrations.  The Third Dimension or 3D is the one which we all know as reality, of course. It is dense and it carries with it some heavy emotional energies such as fear. The Fifth Dimension is similar in that it is physical but less dense than 3D and operates at a higher frequency which carries lighter emotional energies such as joy (the Fourth Dimension is non-physical and the subject of a blog post in and of itself). They say that two different key timelines were created to support both of these worlds and that we frequently shift between timelines on a regular basis depending on our vibrational frequency. Our vibrational frequency is determined by our emotions. See how important your emotions are now? They also say that we can shift between many other dimensions as well once we unlock all of our DNA.* When I first heard of this, I had a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that we could possibly be experiencing something that sounds like the plot of a science fiction novel. But the more I researched and the more I learned, the more I realized that what I know of reality is only a tiny little fraction of it. One phenomenon that piqued my interest and allowed my mind to consider this two world split theory was the phenomenon known as the Mandela Effect. The Mandela Effect is where a large group of people have a different memory of something other than what it is now. The name comes from the fact that many people claim to have a different memory of when Nelson Mandela died. They say that they have a very distinct memory of him dying much earlier than 2013, some thirty years earlier in fact. This is just one of the things they claim to be different around this man.  Many other Mandela Effect incidents have been popping up over the past few years too. Some of them seem pretty ridiculous and are easily dismissed as a simple spelling error or what not, while others actually gave me the chills when I realized that I had a very different memory than what “reality” is telling me something is.  Scientists and so called authorities want to say that the problem with the Mandela Effect is that memory is basically squishy. That is, it’s not pure, it’s constructive not reproductive and therefore unreliable. And yes, for the most part, I don’t really rely on people’s memories for accuracy either. After all, memory is rather subjective, isn’t it? But while it may be possible that a few people have a faulty memory, it doesn’t explain the mass amount of people who claim to have the same memory! Couldn’t these “experts” be relying only on what is scientifically proven thus far and therefore discounting the possibility of something that is, as of yet, unknown? It is arrogant if not blatantly ignorant of us to assume that we know everything there is to know about reality. Just look at Quantum Physics and what it did to shake up our concepts of what is real or not. And what of the multiverse theory? Are we so ready to throw out the Mandela Effect as nonsense when we consider that a large number of scientists (and non-scientists alike) are arguing for the existence of other realities?  There are some interesting theories on why the Mandela Effect is occurring, this one is my favorite:

As I began to really look into this idea of a two world split, I began to experience some strange phenomena. I personally have experienced something that could be best described as timeline jumps as have other people I have spoken to about this. I can’t prove it and people might call me crazy, but I can tell you that I live intuitively and I always trust my gut. These experiences have proven, at least to myself, that I do not know jack about what reality is and that there is much, much more out there to experience in this crazy universe than what meets the eye. Anchoring The Fifth Dimension Despite your beliefs around the subject, we cannot deny the fact that there is something major happening on planet Earth right now. We all feel it. In my opinion, it is very possible that we are experiencing a two world split. I do believe that we are experiencing a new dimension and that if you are awake enough, you will see the signs of it everywhere.  In my own experience, I have seen remarkable changes that other people seem oblivious to, such as the vibrancy of the trees in my neighborhood. Since I have been actively raising my vibrations and seeking inner peace after losing everything I owned in a fire, I have come to a new level of spiritual growth. It was after this self-realization that I began to notice the little differences all around me and I began to suspect that something freaky was going. Either I had finally lost it and now I had evidence of my insanity or something I had once considered fantastical was actually becoming real, the leap from 3D to 5D.  The trees are what first gave it away, they had never before been so colorful in my memory, nor as plentiful. My husband noticed them first and once pointed out, I noticed them too as did my sister but as we pointed it out to others, many did not. Then I noticed more and more things, little things like cracks in the pavement that had always been there and now suddenly were not or small dents in car doors that somehow repaired themselves overnight.  As more people begin to wake up, I find it interesting to talk with people now about these little changes because they are beginning to see them too! This, of course, is freaking many people out and they seek the advice of people like me. While good for business, I don’t feel that freaking out is necessarily the best use of our energy. I feel that it is up to the individual to save themselves and to anchor themselves into the Fifth Dimension by raising their frequencies. And the only way to do that is to be in charge of our emotions.  It is quite interesting to me that I have been writing about the importance of processing your emotions for over three years now only to discover that it is a possible gateway to a new dimension! How wonderful if that is true for that means that in order to have the kind of world we’ve all been longing for all we have to do is love one another, have compassion for each other and honor our emotions.  But in order for this to occur, we must see the destruction of the old systems. We must tear down our old structures that were built upon greed and fear. We will anchor ourselves in the new dimension, onto the New Earth with love, joy and prosperity for all. The planets in our solar system have been aligning to support this all along. All we need to do is to look to the children to lead us into this era by emulating their love and natural compassion. If I am to be true to my own philosophy that we create our own reality, then I am beginning to accept this as a reality for me as I am proving it more and more to myself every day. If I do indeed create my own reality, then I choose to create it within the Fifth Dimension for my heart longs for a better world. It longs for peace and harmony and the joy from living freely in a world that supports life, not in a world where we are still killing one another for finite resources. It is time for the New Earth, it is time for change. And you can bet that changes are coming, whether you believe in it or not.  So the next time someone cuts you off in traffic or your spouse says something nasty to you or some political event gets you all wound up, remember you have the power to choose how you’re going to respond. They don’t have that power unless you give it to them. You always have the choice. You can choose to move in the direction of fear or you can choose to move in the direction of love. Just remember that love is the only thing that will change this world to a better one.  So choose wisely. *Scientists believe that the majority of our DNA is noncoding, meaning there is no known use for it. But what if this so called “useless” or “junk” DNA was really just our untapped potential? What if that DNA awakened? What would we be capable of then?

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Rachelle Barron Knight
Rachelle Barron Knight
21 de jan. de 2022

Exactly what I have been experiencing in my own life. I also hear from a lot of others that they too feel that they are naturally drifting away from those people who are at a denser level. That experience with the air turning into fabric sounds fascinating! And I've heard others explain something similar - that it's like we are in a complex matrix of energies, fibers within a massive fabric. Very cool stuff! I really don't know what it all means and how it works, but I love it and I want to keep learning more about our multidimensional reality!


I find the 5d shift very interesting. When I first started learning about it, I noticed differences as well. one of the most interesting experiences I had was when it looked as though the air turned into fabric and was slowly ripping open. Bright light was emitting out of it. I had enough time to sit and examine what I was staring at. It opened up maybe 5 inches before it disappeared. Now, that might not have been about 5d because I’m definitely not an expert. another thing Ive noticed is I’m attracting more positive people into my life. The ones who seem to have a denser vibration (including people I’ve been friends with for over 10+ years),

are disappearin…

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