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The Law of Attraction in Brief

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

The Law of Attraction is a universal law similar to the law of gravity in that it is inherent in our universe whether you are aware of how it works or not. It is a law of creation which states “that which is like unto itself is drawn”. In other words, like attracts like. You can also state it as such: “What you focus upon increases.” If you place your attention on something for a little while, you build momentum and in time, you will begin to experience more things just like it. The more emotional energy you focus with increases the momentum. When I first heard of the Law of Attraction, I didn’t quite get it. I saw the movie, The Secret and like most people, I was intrigued by the possibilities. I read a couple of books about it and I even tried playing around with the manifestation part of it, because let’s face it, we’re here for the stuff, right? But I was missing the point. I didn’t realize that it was essentially telling me that I had the ability to control what came into my life by my deliberate focus and the most important piece - by my emotional vibration. It wasn’t until several years later when I was studying energy and Quantum Physics that it began to make sense to me. I like to think of it as magnetic energies which emanate from a point of attraction (my emotional focus) which send out vibrational waves of magnetic energy. Things which match this vibration are then drawn toward the point of attraction (me) like a magnet. You can observe this easily in your everyday life. Have you or someone you know ever purchased a new car? Soon after being made aware of the color, make and model of the car, you begin to notice other cars like it as you are out and about. You begin to see that same type of car everywhere you go. It has been made more significant to you because of your attention to it and now you are noticing it more and more. The reason you are noticing it more and more is because the law of attraction is bringing to your awareness those things which match what you were putting your attention on. The other cars were already there, but because of your shift in focus, you are now becoming more aware of them. It is as if everything is being pulled by an invisible, magnetic force to be brought to your awareness. This is the force of creation, this is the law of attraction and it is the manager of all things in the universe. The same law holds true for when things are not working out so well. Have you ever woken up in a not so good mood and then notice as the day progresses, that your day just keeps getting worse? Maybe you start off by being annoyed with the alarm clock and then it’s immediately made worse when you step on something painful like your child’s toy when you first get out of bed. This puts you in a grumpy mood and if you don’t do anything to make yourself feel better emotionally, you carry that feeling with you as you get ready for work. Everyone else around  you seems to be slowing you down and getting in your way. Then you end up burning your breakfast because your attention was drawn to something else and now you’ve run out of time to make another breakfast so you skip it altogether and now you’re beyond grumpy. You’re really annoyed and you’re dealing with the fear of being late. Then you get in your car to get to work when you’d much rather be at home sleeping, but before you can get too far, you realize that you left your wallet back at your house. Grumbling, you go back to your house to get your wallet and by the time you’re back on the road, you find yourself in traffic. And now you’re really annoyed because now you know you’re going to be late. You’re in a rotten mood and your day is ruined and you haven’t even made it to your destination yet! This is law of attraction at work. Although that little scenario doesn’t sound like it's coming from a source of well-being, the law of attraction doesn’t take sides. It always plays fair because it always gives you what you are putting out. In this sense, karma is true as what you put out, you get back. It is the law of creation and it is how all things in this timespace reality come to be. A better word for it might be momentum. The law of attraction is the force which builds momentum of energy based on a point of attraction which results in a full blown manifestation of that energy. So if you are emitting a signal of frustration, you will attract more things into your experience that will frustrate you. Similarly, if you are emitting a signal of joy, you will attract more things into your experience that will bring you joy. The key point to this is that you are a point of attraction. You are a powerful creator and you created the scenario whether it seems that way to you or not. But the good news is that you have the ability to control your point of attraction. This is a universe of inclusion. Nothing is excluded. Whatever you put your attention on will become more because that is how the creative forces work. This includes things which are unwanted. The more you push against something unwanted, the more it shows up in your life. Your attention makes it more so. This is why it’s so important to support and promote that which you want more of rather than fight against that which you do not want. If you hate what is happening to our food with all of the pesticides, the solution does not lie in protesting or fighting against the pesticide companies. Your attention on their practices will only increase your experiences of it. Rather, the solution lies in focusing on what it is you are wanting. In this example, this may mean promoting and supporting local, organic farmers and what they do, for what you focus upon increases. In order to stop building upon the unwanted, we must learn to turn our attention toward something wanted instead. We cannot say no to something and exclude it from our attention, for when we say no to something we are actually saying yes to it simply by having our attention upon it. Nothing can be excluded. So we must divert our attention or we must distract ourselves by focusing upon something else, preferably upon the things which are wanted. Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction or not doesn’t matter. It is still working regardless. You can test this out for yourself. All you have to do is notice how you’re feeling and then watch what comes to you. Watch others and listen to their words, in time you can see how they create situations for themselves based on their focus and their beliefs. This is creating by default. The fact that you create your own reality is not always an easy concept to accept especially when it seems to you that something has happened to you because of someone or something else. But in truth, nothing is ever happening to you, it is happening for you. There is a huge difference between the two and if this concept is new to you, it may take some time before you can really see it working in your life. I know it took me a long while. Feel free to test it and see for yourself because it isn’t the words that you are reading here that will teach you, it is your life experience that will teach you. But don’t worry, if you continue to look for evidence of it, you will find it. That’s the way it works.

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