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The #1 Reason Couples Fall Apart

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

A client asked me the other day what I thought was the number one reason why couples break up. I know that she was looking for an astrological and metaphysical reason, but the truth is, no astrological placement can make or break a couple without their involvement. In my opinion, the number one reason couples break up has nothing to do with astrological placements, but everything to do with a serious misunderstanding of our own power as emotional beings. We spend most of our time operating from the mind. When we fall in love, our focus shifts to the heart because it is the heart that feels. When we operate from the heart, we are home for that is the energy of who we truly are - love. You may think that it is the other person who is making you feel so good, but the truth is, it is actually YOU who is doing that. Happiness is self-made. Your joy is simply because you use them as a reason to engage with the world through the heart. But if we are not mindful of this, we place the responsibility for our happiness on the other person. This can come at a price because this is too much for any one person to maintain for another. It is OUR responsibility to cultivate our own happiness, but our society tells us that this ability is outside of ourselves, taking away our power. And so after a while, the mind kicks back in and it begins to analyze and to nitpick. It sees areas for improvement and we begin to once again operate from the mind and we lose our heart connection. Then we think that we have fallen out of love with the person because they no longer bring us happiness but in fact, we have just fallen out of the heart center and have forgotten that happiness is an inside job. You can maintain a healthy, happy and loving relationship with anyone when you consciously choose to operate from the heart. This may take practice, but it can be done. And after a while, you will begin to see that the only person you can every truly be in love with is yourself for that is your most important relationship. And if you cannot love yourself, you cannot truly love another. Think from the heart, speak from the heart, view the world through the heart and the love that you seek will well up inside you, ready to pour on to others and upon the world. After all, love is what makes life worth living and is the reason that we are all here. Here is a guided meditation to help you refocus yourself and open your heart to love:

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