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The Anxiety Frequency

Updated: Mar 24

We humans are far more telepathic than many would have us believe. We communicate way beyond our spoken words and written language. We communicate visually, physically, emotionally and psychically. Many of us feel an unspoken communication with our pets or plants and some even claim they can tap into the consciousness of inanimate objects. Not to mention that we are empathetic by nature, capable of wincing in pain simply by witnessing someone else get hurt. It is almost as though we are all connected by an unseen, wireless network of telepathic energies. 

Well, maybe we are.

Most of us understand how a radio works. A radio station transmits a sound signal, which is broadcast as radio waves. These radio waves have unique frequencies which transmit out. Miles away, someone with a radio receiver tunes into that frequency and they can hear the sound signal sent by the station.  I dare to postulate that we, as humans do the same with emotional energies. We are like biological, emotional and psychic radios.

The Anxiety Broadcast

At some level of our being, we know that this flesh and bone body we live in is only one dimensional aspect of ourselves because we understand that we are multidimensional beings. Just look at the fact that we have dreams when we sleep. Where is our physical body in that reality? It is in the mind, as are all things ultimately, and in the realm of consciousness. When we consider this, we can open ourselves up to the idea that we are so much more than our physical selves and we can toy with the idea that we are like radios, transmitting and receiving signals 24 hours a day.

Take the fact that many people today experience anxiety attacks. It seems that more and more people are suffering from them every day. Why do you suppose that is? I believe it is because it is our nature to tune into emotional energies. Since we have social media nowadays, more and more people are tuning into the energy of anxiety (which is just another mask for fear) at a faster and faster rate than ever before.

Thanks to The Law of Attraction, the more we talk about it and the more we broadcast it, the more anxiety we create, and it loops back again, becoming a stronger signal each time. But just because it is in our nature to be empathetic, it does not mean we need to be at the mercy of the radio waves being sent out by others. We just need to learn how to tune ourselves to the frequencies we wish to receive. And once we realize that we are the ones tuning our own radios, we no longer need to tune into the frequency of anxiety or anything else unwanted for that matter.

It’s easy to blame someone or something else for making us feel bad, but when we begin to accept the fact that we are the ones creating our own reality and thus, the ones choosing how we wish to experience life, we come to a point where we can no longer blame anyone or anything for how we feel. This is how we learn to tune ourselves. This is how we take back our power and deliberately tune ourselves to the frequencies of things which are wanted. This is how we create a life more in line with our heart’s desires and it is ultimately, the secret to happiness.

Anxiety is a horrible thing to live with, I know because I suffered from it for many, many years. I had enough of my own fears and worries going on, I certainly didn’t need to tune into other people’s. But I didn’t know I was doing that, not until I made the decision to feel better (rather than kill myself), then taught myself to meditate on a daily basis. Once I did that, all kinds of new things began to open up to me. I discovered that the reason I would sometimes suffer from crippling panic attacks in public spaces was because I was going in totally unaware of the energies I had allowed into my energy field. Since everything is energy and we are capable of sending and picking up on those energies, it is imperative that we let go of our prejudices about what is real and what isn’t in order to allow ourselves to be fully present in our own being.

Meditation helps with this. When you meditate on a regular basis, you begin to see just how powerful you are.  You see, we are infinite beings having a human experience. The mind is powerful, the heart is powerful and since we are creators, we create through our thoughts and emotions (which could also be called energy). But in order to master the understanding and use of this, we need to be more mindful of the energies we allow into our energy field and we need to learn how to control our emotional output.

Be Aware of Your Emotional Input

We are faced with a myriad of different energies coming at us on a daily basis, many of them so subtle that we are not conscious of their influence until they manifest into a tangible experience. In our modern society, the media and electronic devices are the greatest influences on our energies, but thankfully they are also the easiest influence to control.

Movies, television, social media, websites, music, books, newspapers, magazines, graphic novels, even art all carry their own energy or consciousness, if you will. In addition, because everything is ultimately consciousness, every thought that has ever been thought still exists. Each thought carries its own frequency signature, and there are many, many thoughts tied into our media. You can unwittingly tap into these at any time, especially if you are unaware of their influence on you. 

These all have a major impact on how you feel emotionally because when you engage with this media, what you are essentially doing is taking that energy into your personal energy field and carrying it around with you. And as we learned from Law of Attraction, like attracts like so the more energy like this you carry, the more you will attract. 

If you are at all empathetic, then you are even more sensitive to these energies and it can severely hinder your ability to feel good, as it did me. And if you are like me, it can add to your already going frequency of anxiety too, making you susceptible to anxiety attacks among other things.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to spend less and less time around media which makes you feel anything less than good. This isn’t easy in our society, where we are bombarded with ghastly images on a daily basis, not to mention the continued reminder of the decline of humanity brought to you by the fear and anxiety of those mindlessly participating in social media. But I promise you, the less time you spend engaged in it, the better you will feel and the better you feel, the better you can learn how to tune into the things which you do want to see and the more you will be moving in the direction of your dreams.

Being away from electronics in general is also beneficial because our bodies are constantly being assaulted by invisible frequencies thanks to our electricity, radios, microwaves, cell phones, automobiles, computers, tablets and wifi. All of these energy frequencies weaken our energy field both physically and psychically. Not to mention the fact that inventors of the technological devices capable of transmitting these frequencies designed them specifically for the purpose of manipulating the body’s magnetic field so that it is easier to manipulate our emotional bodies. 

Sound outrageous? I thought so too until I looked into the actual patents themselves and saw with my own eyes how companies openly admit that they are creating devices designed to control us. They understand that, without proper mindfulness, we are susceptible to this kind of manipulation and therefore are open to suggestion, if not outright mind control. This makes us easier to control as a society, especially if the frequencies are broadcasting from a place of fear. It makes us consumers of things we don’t really need, let alone want, because we are attempting to appease the fear that somehow we are not enough by ourselves. Advertisers are well aware of this and they use it to their advantage. I used to be in marketing, I know. 

It also narrows our perceptions so that we are forced into a certain way of thinking and acting which inevitably fits someone else’s agenda, whether that be for economic power or political power or just power in general. This, if for no other reason, should be enough for most people to want to spend more and more time away from such devices.

Take Control of Your Emotional Output

If you want to be in charge of your own frequency and have a better chance against negative influences, then it is imperative that you take back control of your emotional output. Take back your power and stop giving it away to every person, news story, television show or whatever has got you distracted, by blaming them for how you feel. 

You feel how you feel because of what you are focused on and because you are multidimensional, you experience an emotional response to whatever you are focused on in that moment. If you feel anything but good, then you are focusing on the energies not in alignment with your highest truth, your heart’s desires. If you feel anything but good, you simply have a different opinion on the matter than your higher self does.  

Let’s say for example, that you have recently broken up with your boyfriend. Things ended badly between you two and the thought of him just makes you angry now. The anger you feel is an indication that your higher self sees it differently. Your higher self focuses only on things which are wanted, in this case, a better relationship for you next time. 

The anger you feel is like a signpost on your journey through life, letting you know that your desired destination does not lie down that path so it’s time to change your focus. Your desired destination lies down the path that feels better and that is where your higher self is pointing you. Hence the emotional communication from your higher self. To you, the relationship went all wrong and although you may not be able to be in agreement with it, your higher self sees it as though nothing has gone wrong. 

Because nothing has. 

Nothing ever goes wrong in the grand scheme of things because all things contribute to the wholeness of who you are, of who we are, of who All That We are all one, you see and as we experience life, we grow and learn and become more. The higher self becomes that “more” because of your experience, because of your asking for something better and if we go with the better feeling thoughts, then we get to experience that becoming something better which your higher self has already created.   

This is why it is so important to learn about your emotions and what they mean for you, for when you begin to see them as signposts, gently guiding you toward your desired destination, you value them and use them to help you in your everyday life. 

Many people fear the painful emotions, but this can cause repression. Repressed emotions can wreak havoc on your psyche not to mention on your physical body. And the worst thing is, the more you repress, the more susceptible you are to physical and mental illness, emotional manipulation and of course, anxiety and all the other negative emotions out there. This is because you are actively carrying around all of these heavy energies in your energy field, attracting more of it everywhere you go. 

I lived with repressed emotions for nearly thirty years. Let me tell you, it sucks. Thankfully, it doesn’t need to be this way.

The trick is to let yourself feel the painful emotion, no matter how scary it may seem. You have to just let it come and let yourself feel it. You might have to cry, you might have to shout, you might have to punch a pillow, like I did. Once you allow these emotions to have expression, you will see that the emotion will leave just as quickly. This is how you gain control of your emotional output. And this is how I overcame my anxiety and depression. It wasn’t easy, but it was simple in technique; you gotta feel it to heal it. 

My pain was so repressed, that I had to use EFT (also called Tapping) to help me become consciously aware of the emotions I hide inside. I probably would have had an easier time if I had gone to a professional therapist because I was processing some very heavy emotions, but that’s ok. I learned how to clear myself of those energies and more importantly, I learned how to process my emotions so that I need not feel overwhelmed by them again. 

Take Back Your Power

You no longer need to be a mindless victim against the frequencies coming at you and you no longer need to be a victim of your own habit of negative thought. Anxiety does not need to be an everyday thing for you. You have the power to decide what you focus on and how you wish to feel about it. And should the negative emotions pop up, let them come so you can let them go. 

Don’t be afraid to seek the help of a friend or a professional should you need it. Getting help is not a sign of weakness for it takes great courage to even ask for it. If you need it, let yourself get it. You do not have to do this alone. 

Most importantly, stop giving your power away by blaming others for how you feel. Choose your battles and choose where you will place your focus for you are more powerful than you let yourself believe. Take charge of your power and honor your emotions for they are guiding you to your greatest good. The more you practice this, the more you will learn that you are powerful and the more you will learn that you can do anything you set your mind to do. 

You are free and you are sovereign for you are the creator of your life. Don’t let anyone or anything else tell you otherwise, especially the frequency of negative influences. This is your life and it’s a short one so stop wasting your time - your most precious commodity - tuning into negative broadcasts. And instead, tune yourself to the frequency of your Source, to the frequency of your higher self, which is the frequency of love and joy.  Do more of what makes you happy and less of what makes you not happy and you will tune to the frequency of your heart. Tune into that and you can never go wrong.

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1 Comment

Brilliantly spoken Rachelle 😍

I would also like to interject here about reiki energy healing and how this little known healing modality is FANTASTIC for easing anxiety and managing the frequency of panic attacks!

We are spiritual beings having a human experience & reiki works on the energetic body or aura/chakras. It is this energy field that makes the flesh body function, our heart beat ect.

Our prana/chi is the vital force in all living things. It is the "force" of all life and creation.

I like to think of it as "THE FORCE" because im a huge syfy nerd ☺

In reiki we believe that all dis-ease begins in this energetic body FIRST.

When it can no longer handle…

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