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The Coronavirus and the Current U.S. Astrology

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

I’ve been looking at the stars again, thinking about current events here in my country and I thought I’d share some of my thoughts. Keep in mind, I am by no means an expert at mundane astrology (the branch that predicts world events) but I still like to see what I can discover on my own. That being said, don’t take any of my predictions as gospel truth, but rather as a study and speculation of an astrologer and a psychic. As always, I remind you to question everything and form your own conclusions and opinions. Planetary Movements Looking at the United States’ natal chart (for my fellow astrologers, I am using July 4, 1776 at 4:50 p.m. in Philadelphia, PA and the Placidus house system), I believe there are several factors at play here. First of all, Neptune rules viruses and isolation. Currently in Pisces, it is sextile to the Capricorn and Taurus energies, which influences it. But when looking at the chart of the U.S., we need to remember that the modern planets were not known at the time to astrologers so we should look at the traditional rulers too for additional insight. Pisces is traditionally ruled by Jupiter, which happens to be the planetary ruler of the U.S. natal chart. Jupiter in Capricorn is currently making things bigger under its influence! This includes the spread of the virus and the spread of the misinformation regarding it (Pisces and soon Jupiter opposite natal Mercury). That Capricorn stellium though! I believe that the Saturn-Pluto conjunction which started earlier this year, is using the virus to break down old society structures. However, I also feel that there is more to the story than what we are being told by the mainstream media (due to the illusory nature of Neptune). This is just one use of this conjunction’s energies, I am sure we will see more as the year progresses. I feel that there are layers of truth here and more will be disclosed in time. In a meditation earlier this year, I saw the Hollywood sign on fire. I did not think it was a literal fire, but more so that it was under fire. Looking at the U.S.’s chart, I feel that we have been hypnotized by the glamour of celebrities and giving them way too much influence over us (Neptune in Virgo conjunct the midheaven). I feel that soon we will learn some harsh truths that will shatter these illusions as we watch the stars fall from grace. Just a speculation, but Mercury in Pisces moving into opposition to the U.S.’s midheaven could trigger this (around April 6th) and Jupiter’s opposition to natal Mercury (in the 8th house of death and taxes) could bring us some dire news about our celebrities. The lesser malefic, Mars in Capricorn brings in that extra tension and the base drive of survival is being triggered as it sits right next to transiting Pluto. It will also be conjunct the natal Pluto placement in the second house (the house of finances) soon in the U.S.’s chart around the same time as the upcoming New Moon. We could see some major shifts in our economy, which will come as no surprise given the state of things. Although Mars is exalted in Capricorn, this adds to the stress because of the ego being triggered and we see several people having to control their tempers and some not succeeding at that. Mercury, ruler of the media, currently in Pisces is in a sextile with Uranus, which many consider to be a higher octave of Mercury. I feel that this could signal a change in our media as more and more people realize that our mainstream media has been manipulating the information to influence us. And we can see a rise in social media and independent journalists, where the majority of our “real” news will be coming from independent sources. Uranus in Taurus supports the uprising changes and the need to bring the power structures back to the people. This includes our financial system and I believe we are in for some major overhauls in that area in the coming years. Remember, Uranus is a generational planet and its main area of concern is what is best for society as a whole so the changes it brings is ultimately for the greater good. Chiron currently in Aries adds healing through painful experiences, a sort of "forged by the fire" type of energy to the mix. I believe many people are being called now to heal their past traumas to be ready to move ahead with the coming earth changes. This can be a painful wake up call for those who have been reluctant to face their shadows until now. Saturn, moving into Aquarius for a short while on March 21st, is applying for a square with Uranus (the modern ruler of Aquarius), possibly bringing unexpected upheaval and radical change. We could be in for some shocking news as well. I believe that this is only going to be a preview of more changes yet to come to the world as Saturn moves back into Capricorn later in July. It will go into Aquarius for good in December, which I believe will really herald worldwide change. The New Moon in Aries coming up on Tuesday (ruled by Mars) will be conjunct Chiron in the U.S.’s 4th house, this may trigger a larger response and it’s possible we will see a nationwide quarantine here in the U.S. as people are driven to stay in the home (4th house). The good news here is that Aries is the fastest moving fire sign in the zodiac, so perhaps we will see the quarantine lifted swiftly. However, we must also remember that Aries rules the survival instinct and the “every man for himself” attitude is common with those who have not moved beyond survival mode. On the 30th, Mars enters Aquarius (conjunct Saturn) and we could possibly see a rise in military action, perhaps even Martial Law in some areas as Mars rules the military and Saturn rules authority. In addition, this is happening in the U.S.’s 3rd house, the house of our daily habits and routines. The two malefic planets here could signal a major restriction, if not an all out halt put on our daily routines. One thing that comes to mind when I tune in psychically is the possibility of the Internet being limited or completely shut down for a short while. But do not panic, this might actually be a good thing as many people will be forced to go within and reconnect with their hearts. Conclusion All of this is just the current and upcoming astrological events for March 2020. As the year progresses, we are sure to see many more changes coming, some shocking events and the dissolving of illusions which will shake things up big time. I will post more on that as I can. In my opinion, this change is a very good thing because changes are needed and they have been needed for a very long time in my country. In my opinion, all of these changes will give the illusion (Neptune) of dark and scary times but underneath the deep waters of Pisces, there is major healing being done and all of these changes will bring us into a new age, the Age of Aquarius. Do not let any of the strange things happening in the world (with more to come) scare you. Do not give in to the illusion of fear perpetuated by the media, but follow your heart and follow your intuition. We are being called now to heal and to help others through our connection, empathy and compassion (the higher vibes of Pisces). It is time now for some major renovations in how we operate as humans in this world. We mustn’t forget our wonderful, creative power as spiritual beings living in human bodies. We mustn’t forget the power we have when we join together. For it is always in the darkest times that the light shines the brightest and we see people coming together to help one another in times of crisis. We must realize that we are undergoing major evolution on both a physical and non-physical level. Our DNA is being upgraded, our hearts and our minds are being called to open in new ways. We humans are being forced to remember our spiritual connection to ourselves and to our planet. We are waking up to realize that we are all part of the human collective as well as the Earth collective. And just as other species undergo their evolution, our planet Earth is calling us now to change or go extinct. As we are forced to stay home, I see this as a very good thing as this allows for us to step away from the many distractions that plague our daily lives. Our society, our world, has become so disconnected from the heart and soul of humanity not to mention from the soul of the planet! If we engage in the typical daily life, we are bombarded with distractions on a regular basis. Many of us are overworked and too stressed out to pay enough attention to our inner world and to question what is really going on. But this has thrown our world out of balance and now is our opportunity to restore it. Now we won’t be so distracted and we can begin to question things and discover what has really been going on in this world (this is what I refer to as the “red pill effect”). I was fortunate enough to step out of the rat race six years ago and I had time to slowly awaken and leave the “Matrix”. Unfortunately the time for a slow awakening is over, and some people are being forced to Awaken now. This can seem scary to some, but it has various degrees as much of it depends on your own spiritual maturity.  If you’re curious about this, feel free to message me and I’ll explain more (not everyone is ready for that level of Awakening yet). Some of these discoveries will be most unpleasant but we must not let that distract us either, instead we must look for the changes we want to see and we must keep our focus there. For as the law of magnetic attraction teaches us, where focus goes, energy flows. So if you want a better world, mind your focus and direct your energy towards those things that are wanted so that they may manifest. Resist the temptation to operate out of fear. Remember, you cannot really control anything in life except your response to it. The way to the new world is through the heart and love is the key to its door. Go within, heal your trauma if you haven’t already and reconnect to humanity and the planet. Stay strong, stay grounded and go within for answers. Let your heart guide you. What makes sense to you personally? What changes are needed in your life to make way for the new? Embrace the changes, understanding that just like in home renovation, in order to build a new world, we must first demolish the old. Be brave and follow the guidance that comes naturally from within your heart. Be anchored in love, my fellow humans and remember who you truly are, for love is always the answer.

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