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Raising Your Vibes Through Meditation

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

As Einstein showed us, everything is energy - even our thoughts and emotions. Energy emits a frequency which gives off vibrations. We are vibrational beings first and foremost and so we can transmit and receive these vibrations easily, sort of like psychic antennas – empaths are especially sensitive to these energies.  We can sometimes store this energy in our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies. If the energy becomes slowed or blocked, our lives suffer, creating lower vibrations which then attract lower energies which can create all sorts of trouble in our daily lives. The lower the vibe, the worse we feel. The good news is that lower vibrations cannot remain around us if we are in a higher vibration. The higher vibration cancels out the lower. Therefore, if we want to feel good, it becomes our personal duty to remain vigilant of our own vibes.  The following are some suggestions on how to raise and keep your vibrations higher.  Daily Tranquility Meditation  Meditation is one of the quickest ways to raise your vibes. It can be as simple as taking a few minutes each day to sit quietly and breathe. The following is a basic meditation for relaxation. If you are new to this, it is recommended to start with just five minutes at first. As you practice, you can extend the time, little by little. I like to take no more than 15 minutes every morning for this. You will find that this meditation is simple, but not necessarily easy. You will sit, breathe and find that a million thoughts seem to come to you. You will squirm to get more comfortable. You will find un-explainable itches. You will find your mind wandering off again and again. All of this is normal. And you will get better in time.  To help with your meditation, there needs to be a focus such as an object, a visual point or your breath. For beginners, using your breath as your focus is recommended, but you want to allow for each breath to occur naturally. Inhale and feel the breath going in. When you exhale, feel the breath going out into the space around you. By following both the inward and outward breath, you are able to maintain a steady focus.  This meditation requires patience, but thankfully patience is one of the key qualities you develop as you practice. Learning to sit still, both in mind and body, requires time. As your meditation skill increases, you will find you are more patient with circumstances and other people in your daily life.  There are many other kinds of meditation, but this one is very effective for training the mind to be still. Be sure to try several different kinds to see what best suits you. If you should find that emotions begin to come up when you do this meditation, that is fine and natural. Many times we unconsciously hide uncomfortable emotions in ourselves and when we finally quiet the mind long enough, these emotions tend to surface. Do not be afraid of the emotions, simply sit with them and let them be felt. They need expression before that energy can be transformed, that is why they are coming up in your mediation. Once you allow them time to be felt by you, you will find that their energy transmutes and you can release it with ease. If this is especially difficult for you, such as in the case of severe trauma, sit with a trusted friend or a professional therapist for support. 1. Sit comfortably. Sit upright, but do not strain to do so. Sitting upright allows you to breathe properly. 2. Place your hands lightly on your thighs. Your arms should not feel any stress. Your elbows will be close to your torso. 3. Focus your eyes about six feet in front of you, looking down toward the floor. Soften your eyes and find a focus point that is easy to maintain without stress.  4. Now pay attention to your breath. Notice how it feels to breathe in and out. Follow your breath out, almost as though you can see the movement of the air. 5. You will naturally breathe in again. Then follow the breath out. 6. As you do this, thoughts will occur naturally. The idea of the meditation is to recognize the thoughts, and then return to following your breath. 7. Label the thoughts “thinking”, check the comfort of your posture, and then follow the breath again. 8. Repeat this for the allotted time. This single pointed mediation can have an object such as a candle for its focus if you like. With practice, you will find that you cease to stare at your focal point, and your eyes become relaxed and perhaps slightly unfocused. You can also do this meditation with your eyes closed if you prefer. Other Ways to Raise Your Vibes In the crazy pace most of us find ourselves in these days, it is vital that we do what we can to raise and keep our vibrations high or else we risk losing our peace of mind which leads to many other life problems. For it is with the perception that we determine our reality and if our perception is skewed by stress, worry, anxiety and fear, then that is the lens from which our reality must be filtered. But if we take the time to actively work on raising our vibrations, we naturally can gain the perspective of our higher self, allowing more peace and serenity into our life and from there, life can flow more smoothly. Meditation is a key factor on your path to inner peace, but the following are other ways to raise your vibes. Enjoy! • Connect daily to your Spiritual Path • Release your trauma if needed (seek professional counseling if needed, it’s time to heal) • Clear your chakras daily  • Spend an hour (or as long as you can) daydreaming in a natural environment every day or as often as possible • Take warm baths with candles, Epsom salt and soft music (engage the senses and relax the body) • Get creative, make art, poetry, music (creating & appreciating beauty raises vibes) • Play more with children and animals (they naturally vibrate higher) • Eat less dense foods (eat more raw, whole foods) • Go for a walk in the woods • Keep a gratitude journal (write three things daily) • Volunteer your time to a charity (or make donations) and don’t tell others about it • Get moving (go for a walk, do yoga, dance) • Read more books (non-fiction for self-improvement, fiction for engaging the imagination) • Don't abuse alcohol/recreational drugs (these may temporarily raise your vibrations but then lower them dramatically, making you susceptible to lower energies)

Take a new route to work/school (this stimulates the brain and awakens new pathways) • Always be learning a new skill (stimulates the brain and gives you satisfaction) • Perform random acts of kindness (engages and uplifts the heart chakras of all those around you) • Stop negativity, practice positivity (listen to your speech) • Avoid escaping through drugs or alcohol (seek professional help if needed) • Spend much, much less time on social media (this is destructive in so many ways) • Pick up trash in public spaces • Go to the park and walk barefoot upon the earth • Carry helpful crystals with you. Some suggestions: onyx, amethyst, labradorite, clear or rose quartz and citrine. • Cut back your cell phone usage (the Wi-Fi signal weakens your nervous system) • Stop or cut back dramatically on television, even the news (too much time around electronics weakens your nervous system). Don’t worry about not being informed; people will alert you to anything really important • Cut back on your sugar intake, seek natural sweeteners instead. Avoid artificial sweeteners! • Take a walk around your neighborhood and talk to or wave to your neighbors as you pass • Notice your consumption habits and donate or get rid of any excess stuff you may have lying around • Start a garden and learn to grow and cook your own food • Walk or take your bike instead of your car whenever the opportunity arises • Accept that you are here with a higher purpose and that you are on the path to your greater good I hope you find this information useful, please share with anyone else who could benefit from this knowledge. For more personal help and guidance on your life path, book your reading with me.  May you find the peace within.

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