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How to Interpret Your Dreams with Law of Attraction

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Do you remember your dreams? From an early age, I was able to ascertain meaning behind many of my nighttime adventures and gain valuable insight about myself in the process. I have become so accustomed to using dreams to help me now that I almost take them for granted, but the importance of paying attention to your dreams shouldn’t be overlooked. Quantum physics tells us that we are all just made of energy and energy is made up of vibrations. I believe that we are vibrational beings and I believe that thoughts and dreams are also vibrations. We interpret these vibrations through our physical senses, our extra sensory perceptions (intuition) and through our dreams. I believe that dreams are actually interpretations of your current vibrations around specific topics going on in your life. In my opinion, they are not mindless movies that play every night when you sleep, but they are in fact a reflection on how you are feeling and on the vibrations you are currently sending out. When viewed this way, you can gain valuable insight on how your energies are being focused, most likely unconsciously, by you. And better yet, it makes you aware of what you need to focus on in your life when things aren’t going so well. Take this scenario… Alice heard a rumor that her company is going to start laying off employees soon. She worries briefly for her job safety, but realizes that she is a very valuable employee so she feels fairly certain that she has nothing to worry about. However she can’t help but have this gnawing feeling of unease around it. She considers vamping up her resume just in case, but then shakes it off. She tells herself she’s being silly and continues as usual. In the meantime, Alice has dreams of someone breaking into her house. It scares her awake, making her fearful enough to maybe turn on an extra light outside then she goes back to sleep. But over a couple of days, the nightmares get a little worse and Alice begins to ponder if she should get a dog or get a security system installed. What Alice doesn’t realize is that her recurring dream of someone breaking into her house is actually an interpretation of her emotional vibrations she is sending out. Her dream is telling her that she is putting out vibrations of feeling unsafe. She is worried over her job security. Her dreams reflect that feeling. And here is where studying dreams can be extremely valuable. If Alice pays attention to her dreams and the message they are bringing, she can do something to help her feel more secure and stop those nightmares. Perhaps she could listen to her intuition and revise her resume or make preparations for a layoff in some way in order for her to feel more secure. However, if she does nothing like that but continues putting out the vibrations of feeling unsafe and refusing to do anything to make herself feel better, then she will continue to attract other things which evoke that same feeling of insecurity. This will increase over time because whatever you decide to focus on only increases, like a snowball running downhill. This is called momentum. Before long, if she doesn’t do anything to correct that vibration, she may find herself the victim of a burglary or something equally unpleasant. Like attracts like after all. So having that extra insight into your dreams is definitely something I recommend to everyone. The trick is to reach for the key emotion being evoked by your dreams and then look to what is currently going on in your everyday life which evokes the same emotion in you. That is how you can see what vibrations you are putting out and then relate it to other things which are happening in your life which bring up similar emotions. Then you can do things to help change those vibrations. If you’ve never been much for paying attention to your dreams, I challenge you to rethink their purpose and start a dream journal. By taking five to ten minutes every morning to write out your dreams, you can begin to see patterns emerge and you can look for the messages in your dreams. What emotions are active in the dream? What else in your life makes you feel the same way? What can you do to change that? Or if your dreams are going well, what can you do to increase those good feelings? After some practice, this will become second nature to you. And soon you may want to take your dreams even further, perhaps even into lucid dreams or even astral projection. I do this on a regular basis now and it has given me incredible insight into my life and my purpose for living. Don’t be afraid to explore what your dreams are telling you and what you can learn from your very own subconscious, you never know what fun adventures await you. Sweet Dreams! To learn more about dream interpretation and lucid dreaming, I offer the following as suggested reading:

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