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Your Source of Well-Being

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Photo Credit: Brandon Knight

If you take a closer look at life on our planet, you will begin to see the wondrous way the plants and the animals and the elements interact with one another. There is a beautiful synergy which occurs in nature, one which allows life to flow easily and continuously. The plants thrive within the elements of nature, the sun and water and the nutrients from the earth. Insects and animals live off the plants and other animals live off of the plant eating animals. When those plants and creatures perish, their bodies return to the earth which turns their bodies into nutrients for the soil and plants. Not to mention the wondrous way our climate continues to cycle to aid the elements and all of nature. It’s a beautiful process which works perfectly in alignment with the desires and well-being of all life involved. When one sees this process, one is made aware of an intricate and awe inspiring system which is prevalent in all forms of life. How is such a perfect system of balance and well-being capable of being? Is it just some random result from a giant ball of chaos? Is it a fluke that the energies in the universe came together and formed not only life on this planet, but this very planet itself, not to mention the solar system, the galaxy and beyond? Is it just chance that the planets are spinning in perfect proximity to one another? Is it just chance that Earth happened to be in the perfect spot to be capable of sustaining life? Or did someone or something create it? And if it was someone or something, then why did it create it? And most importantly, what do we do with it? To me, to think that the Universe is the result of some random chaos requires more faith than is required to believe that there is an all prevailing source of life from which all of the universe stems. To me, the idea of a creator is obvious. It is obvious in the natural world, it is obvious in the amazing way our bodies work. It is obvious in the beautiful cycles which nature uses to continue living. Such a system could not be the result of random chance. The odds of something like that happening by sheer luck are beyond astronomical and to me it’s almost ridiculous to assume that the universe came about by chance. No, there is obviously a design to it and if there is a design to it, then there had to be a designer. The designer is the original creator, the energy source from which everything comes. You can call it god if you want to, but I find that the word god is a loaded word for most people. They have their own thoughts and ideas on what that word means. I like to refer to it as Source or Spirit or your Inner Being. I believe that everything ultimately comes from Source and I believe that this Source is pure, positive energy. There is no source of evil, there is only a source of goodness. I believe that the dominant force in the universe is well-being. If it were otherwise, I do not believe we would have gotten this far. We would have killed ourselves off long ago. Thankfully well-being abounds and we continue our cycles of life, always evolving into more through our life experiences. In this regard, the argument of Creationism vs. Evolution is entirely unnecessary for I believe the two work together. They are two sides of the same coin. In some religions we are taught that God is infinite and eternal. We are also taught that God made the world and then rested as if all the work was now done and God is now sitting back, watching us go about our days. But if we believe that God is eternal, it is illogical to assume that God is all done. What if the idea that God is done and complete is a flawed premise? What if God or creation or Source or whatever name you wish to give it, is ever expanding? If we believe that God is eternal then we cannot say that it is complete. Eternal means never ending, no limits, no boundaries. So therefore for it to be eternal, it must always be evolving and becoming more. I propose that this is true as nothing else makes sense. If it were complete, then it would have an ending, it would be finite and life would not continue. But by its very nature, that which is eternal must continue otherwise it would not be eternal. It continues to expand and become more through its own creation, creating and evolving itself as it goes along. It is the very epitome of perpetual motion. We, as humans, as animals and plants and all things in the Universe are contributing to that expansion simply by living our everyday lives. We are always becoming more. Extensions of Source I believe that everything in this vast universe comes from the Source of All That Is. I believe that everything in existence is an extension of this Source. We, as human beings, are on the leading edge of thought as we are an extension of Source Energy. We are the creator. We are out here, in a physical, material world to experience creation on a new level, in a dimension which uses time and space for its manifested reality. I believe that we are here to take life further than it has ever been before. I believe that we are here to create because that is what we are, creators. I believe that we are Source energy in physical bodies, but for the most part, we have forgotten this. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. I believe that we were Source Energy before we got here in our physical bodies and that the larger part of us still is that Source Energy. That is the life force, our soul if you will. I believe that the Source part of us is the older, wiser part which we call intuition or instinct and it is something which we can tune into for clarity and guidance as we walk about here on the leading edge of creation. It can give us this guidance as our Source has the advantage of overview and is aware of all paths available to us. It is our Source and since we came from it, we must be just like it. I believe that our natural state of being is one of pure, positive energy because there is an underlying truth to everyone and everything: we all want to feel good.

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