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How You Feel Is Your Responsibility

Updated: Mar 24

Has this ever happened to you? You get up in the morning and you’re feeling pretty good and fairly content with things. You start your day with a smile on your face and you’re generally in a decent mood. And then, out of nowhere something or someone does something that immediately snaps you out of your mood. Maybe it’s just a little something like the coffee maker breaking down on you or maybe it’s not a very pleasant story on the news or maybe it’s your significant other’s passing remark that leaves you feeling less than good about yourself. And then before you know it, your good mood is spoiled and you’re blaming something or someone else for it. It’s their fault, you think. If they had just left me alone, I would have been good and happy and just fine. But no, they had to just ruin my good mood and spoil my day. Grumble, grumble, grumble… Fortunately there is a simple solution to this. It is not necessarily easy, but it’s simple and with practice, you will get better and better at learning how to be responsible for your own feelings. So often in our society, we are told time and time again that conditions, other people and life circumstances are the responsible parties for making us feel a certain way. It’s so easy to blame someone or something else for how we feel. It’s a very old program of society and with each new generation, we pass on the old programming to our children without even realizing it. But as we as a species grow and learn and expand our experience, we are beginning to realize that this old programming is not serving us. It’s keeping us stuck in patterns which impinge on our own happiness as individuals. It’s time to change that. The very first thing we must realize is that we are the only ones who can control our own thoughts and moods. It’s our responsibility to be mindful and in charge of our own happiness. It’s not up to anyone else. It isn’t anyone else’s responsibility to make us feel good and it’s time we realized this. Only we can make ourselves feel anything. When we allow other things or people to dictate our happiness levels, we give away our power and we are left floating around, mindlessly bumping into people and things, letting these things determine how we feel. We become victims of circumstance. We become powerless and when people feel powerless, they lash out. But I have good news for you. You do not have to be a victim. You have the freedom to choose differently. It starts with making a simple decision; a decision to feel good. And then it is a matter of practicing your ability to feel good. Do this exercise every day for a week and notice how your ability improves. Try saying, writing or simply just thinking these statements for a while:

  • I am responsible for my own feelings.

  • It is not up to anyone else to make me feel good.

  • No one and nothing can determine how I feel about things but me.

  • I have the ability to choose how I feel at all times.

  • I am in charge of how I feel and today I choose happiness.

Practice these sentences or come up with your own and make them your mantra for however long you need. Write them on post it notes and place them where you will see them often. Remind yourself daily of your power. I recommend practicing it frequently until you really begin to feel a shift. You will notice a shift after just a very short amount of time, I’m talking just a matter of days. This is so very important. Your happiness is very important. YOU are very important. Take back your power and enjoy your freedom from victimhood. Make a decision today that you will no longer hold anyone or anything else responsible for how you feel. This, my friends, is just the beginning of the path to happiness and self-realization. The more you implement this in your life, the more you will grow and the more you will show others the path to happiness as well. This is how we stop the old program and start a new one. This is how we make a better world. Don’t put this off, start today. You won’t regret it.


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