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Thoughts Are More Powerful Than Action

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Living in a material world where action leads to consequence, we humans tend to forget a very basic, very powerful truth of creation. We forget about our ability to think, to imagine, to feel, to create. We forget about the power of our emotions. We consider them to be embarrassing and unnecessary hindrances to our achievements. We discount our emotions as we set goals and focus on an action plan. If we do not attain our goals, we just come back with more action next time. We get caught up with the actions that will produce results and we neglect the one facet which determines our success more than any other thing we can ever do with our actions. Living in a society that sees action as the best solution, we believe that it is only the action which gets the results we are wanting. But if we are living in only in a world of action, we are living well below our potential. Our thoughts are powerful, more powerful than most people realize. For it is in our thoughts that the creation is born and it is in the emotion that the manifestations first appear. Wherever you look, you can see the evidence of this in our material world. Every man-made thing was once a thought in someone’s mind, an idea that was brought into physical form. Every piece of art was brought forth by thoughts and emotions which swirled around in the artist’s mind. Every brilliant piece of music, every culinary dish, every piece of clothing, every building in the world, was first a thought and that thought was focused upon long enough to inspire action which then produced a manifestation in this timespace reality. This is the full creative force of consciousness. This is the power that created our universe and this is the power which keeps creation going. The same holds true for our bodies. When we are harboring negative feelings for a long enough period of time, our bodies respond to those feelings by producing tangible results. The next time you get a physical ailment, stop and think about how you felt when the incident occurred. What were you thinking at the time, what was the emotional atmosphere? And how does that ailment make you feel emotionally? If you are paying attention to your thoughts and emotions, you will begin to notice how they play a creative part in your physical world. This is not a new concept, but it is one which is not often considered by most of Western society. When you begin to notice the correlation between your thoughts and your body’s response, you are on your way to becoming truly empowered for you begin to see just how powerful your thoughts can be. In his book, The Hidden Messages in Water, Dr. Masaru Emoto, demonstrates the influence thoughts can have on water. Using high-speed photography, Dr. Emoto discovered that the frozen crystals of different types of water revealed changes in structure when specific and concentrated thoughts were directed toward them. When the water was exposed to loving words, the crystals formed beautiful, complex and colorful, snowflake like patterns. But when the water was exposed to negative words, the crystals formed incomplete, asymmetrical, and dull colored patterns. The differences were stark and noteworthy. When one realizes that the human body is mostly made up of water, the implications of his research are life changing. Our western society promotes action and downplays the importance of emotion. Here in my country, we are a left-brain, action orientated type of society which tends to see emotions as messy and not to get sexist, but being in the realm of moody, hormonal women. In the business world, being emotional is seen as a weakness and in fact, is considered to be detrimental to our success. For the most part, emotions are not given much credence and they are certainly not taken very seriously by most of the action-orientated world. We save the “drama” of emotions for our daytime soap operas and our tantrum throwing children. But by labeling our emotions as a low priority, we are doing ourselves a huge disservice. By neglecting the emotional world, we are operating at a fraction of our capacity for we are neglecting the power that creates worlds. Imagine what it would be like when we allow the fullness of ourselves into our material world. Imagine following the good emotions and seeing where they led us. Imagine incorporating our emotional guidance before taking action. Imagine receiving the emotional inspiration to take an action which will lead to wondrous creations. This is how the great works of art are made. This is how the amazing results of focused vision are made. This is how we truly create. Imagine a world full of deliberate thinkers, of emotionally connected creators. No longer would the great achievements be for the masters alone, but for anyone willing to tap into that energy. That’s tapping into the universal, creative power from which we came. That’s true leverage. And that’s where we must all ultimately go as we continue to evolve as beings. Slowly, the world is beginning to wake up to this truth and as we do, it is our responsibility as deliberate creators to create the type of world we all want to live in. The future is ours for the making. Are you up for the task?

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