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The Three Universal Truths

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

I spent over forty years searching for meaning in my life, but it wasn’t until I was ready to end that life that I began to discover the meaning behind it. Through my journey from depression to unconditional happiness I discovered three, undeniable truths about the very nature of our being: 1. Freedom Freedom is natural to us. It is our basis of being. Without freedom, we would not be creators. We would be limited, finite. Therefore in order to be the limitless creators that we are, we must be free. We are free to think or do anything we believe is possible. We are free to create and perceive our reality as we make it. We are so free we can even choose bondage in the form of limiting beliefs. There is absolutely nothing holding us back but our own beliefs and a belief is just a thought you keep thinking. And the good news is that thoughts can be changed. 2. Expansion Expansion is the inevitable result of living. No matter which form we take, whether it’s the single cell organism or the complex human body, we cannot live a day without creating a desire for something better, something more. When we desire something more, we expand as creators. The invisible Source Energy from which we come expands with the desire and becomes that expansion. So when we desire more money, Source Energy (or Inner Being as I like to call it when referring to our personal and individual life experience) immediately becomes more prosperous. Source holds no resistance to the expansion and simply becomes more because of our asking. There are three steps to the creation process. Step one is Asking. You in your human form, live here in this physical, material plane of existence, sifting and sorting through the contrast of life and making preferences for a better, more improved life. The asking comes naturally from living our everyday lives. We cannot help but ask. The main problem for us however, is that we get stuck in step one and we don’t do much to move on to step three. Step two is Source Answers. Step two is not your job, it is Source’s and it is where the expansion first happens. In step two, the creation is immediately done for you and waits for you to line up with it. Sometimes we line up with it in step three, and sometimes we don’t. But when we die, we will reemerge with the non-physical part of us and reunite with the whole of who we are and we will line up with it. We will experience the expansion in the non-physical world and we will continue to contribute to all of creation from a non-physical vantage point. Therefore there is no such thing as death in the sense that there is an end to life. Life cannot cease to be. Death is merely a transition from one state of being to another. Life will always continue because life is eternal, we are eternal. Step three is Allowing and this is the most important and the most challenging step for us for allowing involves deliberate focus and an intolerance for negative thinking. When we allow, we can begin to translate the impulses (or inspired action) from Source which will lead us to experiencing the full blown manifestation here in our physical bodies. And that is what we’re doing here, we want to manifest in the material world. The realm of our Inner Being is in the realm of emotions. Whether or not we go with that expansion is up to us as humans. When we go with the expansion we feel good emotions, but when we do not go with the expansion, we feel worse. It’s all about following the emotional guidance from our Inner Being. I’ll get more into this later as this is the key to living happily ever after. 3. Joy Now for the best part. If we are free, limitless creators who will inevitably expand as a result of our creations, then what is it all for? What is the purpose? It is actually very simple, so simple in fact, that most people miss it entirely. The purpose of life is joy. That’s it. We are here because it’s fun to create. We are here because that is what we are - beings of joy who are free to continue to build upon their own creation for the sole purpose of having fun. No big secret really, but an idea that seems elusive to us because we have forgotten the true nature of our being. But look at the little children, look at the animals. They do not concern themselves with anything which might detract from their joyful experience. Sure, they may cry and make a fuss when something untoward happens, as they are reacting to the conditions of their environment but they do not stay there long. They quickly find their way back to feeling good, to the natural well-being which they are, which we all are. They know that feeling good is natural and normal. It is only when we begin to age and believe our parents, teachers, friends, and society when they tell us to “grow up” and “get real” that we lose the knowledge that our natural state is one of joy. Instead we train ourselves out of this, we tolerate negative feelings and begin to think that feeling bad is normal. But it’s not. Abraham and Esther Hicks, brilliant teachers of the Law of Attraction use the cork analogy to explain our natural state of wellness. They say that we are like the cork floating on the waters of well-being. Our natural state is one of ease, where we float peacefully upon the waters, but when we allow conditions to determine our feelings and when negative feelings are tolerated, we hold the cork under the water. All we have to do is stop holding the cork under the water and we automatically rise back up to the surface. It’s just a matter of focusing ourselves back to that natural state and finding the joy inherent in us despite the surrounding conditions. This is what is known as unconditional love or unconditional happiness. This is the state from which we all come and to which we all will return. The meaning of life is to be joyful creators. We are here to experience life in the full blown manifested form of physicality. We are here to eat the food, to watch the sunsets, to dance to the music, to make love, to swim in the waters, to be free and joyous in our creative power! Many of us have forgotten this yet when we hear this message, something resonates within us. Something tells us that this must be true because happiness is indeed what we are all seeking. The secret to happiness is that it’s already present within you, you just have to stop pinching it off, stop holding the cork under the water. Realize that feeling bad is not normal, but feeling good is. Have no tolerance for feeling bad and care enough to soothe yourself into feeling better and you will float right back up. With practice, we can teach ourselves how to be unconditional in our happiness and we can start living our lives on purpose with focused and deliberate intent on living a joyful life.

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