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New Monthly Subscription Service

I am happy to announce a new service for my customers! Starting in April, I will offer an audio file only version of my Monthly Subscription service. Now you can get a personalized horoscope, numerology and tarot reading for just $25 without ever leaving the comfort of your home! 

What is my Monthly Subscription service, you ask? It’s something I’ve offered for a few years now but I’m not sure how many people know about it. Keep reading to learn more.

Monthly Subscription Service Details

Meet with me monthly for 60 minutes or 90 minutes either in person or online. Minimum three month commitment required. 

For 60 minutes, you receive a monthly astrology, numerology and psychic tarot reading to help you plan for the month ahead, plus the audio file and two card pulls (see below). Cost: $100

For 90 minutes, in addition to the 60 minutes services, you also receive spiritual life coaching as needed during your session which may include: psychic counseling and healing, psychic development exercises, creative visualizations, spirit guide communication, manifestation coaching, crystal attunement and much more! Cost: $150

All monthly subscribers also receive an audio file of their personalized horoscope, numerology and tarot advice card emailed to them every month. They also get two free tarot card pulls via text or email throughout the month should they need it for non-emergency issues. 

Knowing your monthly horoscope can be a great help when it comes to life planning and knowing the metaphysical energies you are working under for the month will help you make the most of your time. We are designed to follow the flow of the creation but we can easily fall out of sync in this mundane reality. Knowing your natural patterns will help you find your rhythm as a deliberate creator so you can live your best life. After all, that’s what we came to planet Earth for in the first place even though many of us seem to have forgotten that. 

Anyway, I hope life is treating you well and you are finding your joy. The world can seem like a scary place sometimes, but I assure you there are other ways of living. If we can be of help, contact us or come to the shop. We’re happy to help. We’re here to serve. 




In case you haven’t heard, Brandon, my amazing husband, is a certified Past Life Regression Specialist. So if you’re curious at all about your past lives, why you feel the way you do about certain people, places or things, what it is your soul has to teach you and much more, then come see Brandon and discover the history of your soul. Book your appointment today!

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