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Get Your Life Back In Balance Tarot Spread

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Oops! I sent out my October 2023 monthly newsletter with the promise of a tarot spread, and I forgot to link it. I apologize! Download the PDF here.

Are you feeling a little off balance? I created a simple little tarot spread to help you see where you are out of balance in your life and what you need to do to get back in balance.

This is a very simple spread, it is just three cards. The first card in the middle represents the area of life being affected and your current state of awareness to your life imbalance. The second card shows you where you to need to back off or to cut back, in other words, what you need less of in your life. The third card shows where you need to take action or to draw in more energy, or what you need more of in order to restore balance.

With the current Libra season, it seemed an appropriate time to share it. I hope you like it.

Did you find it useful? Let me know in the comments!


Download PDF • 20KB

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1 Comment

Oct 01, 2023

Perfect timing 🙌

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