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How to Do Your Own Numerology Forecast

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Introduction Numerology is a spiritual tool used for self‐analysis and personal growth. It centers upon the belief that we chose our lives in order to grow as a soul and so that we may eventually become enlightened. Reincarnation is a major factor in numerology as is karma. On our spiritual journey, we make decisions and take actions, creating karma along the way. In each lifetime, we are dealing with karma from our past lives as well as from our current life. Numerology helps you explore the various aspects of yourself and your environment so that you can better understand your soul’s journey. The actions which we take in this lifetime can help us grow as a soul. By knowing your numerology profile, you are better informed about your natural strengths and weaknesses which can assist you in making wiser decisions. You don’t have to believe in reincarnation or karma in order to benefit from numerology, you can still gain valuable information without adopting that philosophy. Numbers have their own language, their own energy. Along with astrology, I like to think of numerology like the programming code of the universe. When we learn to read the code, we learn how better to play the game of life. Numbers do not have power over you ‐ you always have free will. However, it’s important to realize there’s more at work in a person’s life than just what you see on the surface. Numbers contain two major elements: a vibrational frequency that attracts certain energy like a magnet, and a potential for spiritual attraction and connection. Your personal numbers create a template for the energy in your life. Numerology can help you understand how to live in accordance with your own natural energy or how to change it. Once you become aware of the principles of numerology and the meanings behind your numbers, you’ll have the code to change the energy surrounding your life to a harmonious vibration that allows you to be more successful and reach your highest potential. Numerology can work hand in hand with astrology and the tarot as well, which is why I include a general overview of it, along with astrology, when I perform general readings for clients. These three branches of metaphysical knowledge are wonderful tools for gaining a greater understanding of what we are all doing here in this life. How to Calculate Your Life Path Number (Birth month + Birth day + Birth year = Life Path) Your Life Path number is much like the sun in your astrology chart, it shows the dominating energy behind your life’s path. Knowing your path helps you to keep your soul’s mission in mind throughout your life.  To calculate your life path, all you need to know is your birthday. Then add each number together until you get to a single digit, that is unless you arrive at 11, 22, or 33 before reducing it to a single digit. These are the Master Numbers and should not be reduced further.  Let’s do some examples: So a birthday of 11/1/1982 would be added together as such: 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 2 = 23 And then break that down into a single digit: 2+3 = 5 That life path number is 5. A Note on Master Numbers: Master numbers denote a soul who has been around the spiritual block a few times. This person is here to take on more challenges in order to facilitate greater soul growth. They amplify the energies of the single number and can bring it to a new level. However, not everyone with a master number will operate at that higher frequency all of the time. The master number vibration is more like their potential and their free will decides how they use it. If they are not living up to their potential, they will often operate at the lower vibration (of the two numbers added together) instead of utilizing the master number. This is why sometimes you will see it expressed as 11/2, 22/4 or 33/6. For example, a 22 person who is not living in the higher frequency will operate from the 4 vibration instead. These souls can choose from which level they wish to operate in their lives and it can change daily.  Another life path example but with a Master Number: So a Birthday of 3/15/1973 would be added together as such: 3 + 1 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 3 = 29 And then break that down: 2+ 9 = 11/2 Now that you know your life path number, use the chart below to understand the energy behind the number better. Life Path Keywords in Numerology 0 - A clean slate,debt has been paid,choose your own adventure 1 - Beginnings, individual, independent, leadership, determination, strong‐willed, innovative, courageous 2 - Compromise, sensitive, receptive, harmonious, balanced, patient, loving, cooperative 3 - Self‐expression, joy‐bringer, creative, enthusiastic, imaginative, inspirational, gift of words, optimism 4 - Planner, manager, solid, stable, security, traditional, practical, hard work, systematic, cautious 5 - Freedom, change, variety, unconventional, rebellious, progressive, resourceful, magnetic, sexual, quick-thinking 6 - Nurturing, responsibility, family, duty, marriage, divorce, love, romance, service, community, beautification 7 - Solitary, loner, mystical, deep, philosophical, analytical, intuitive, perfectionist, specialization, skeptical 8 - Power, mastery, money, materialism, success, abundance, the Boss, authority, vision, organization, recognition, achievement 9 - Completion, perfection, compassion, brotherhood, spirituality, forgiveness, multi‐talented, reward 11/2 - Master Number: very bright, inspirational, uplifts humanity, brings light to others, nervous energy, visionary, love the spotlight, seeks spiritual truth, leader, spiritual teacher, peacemaker, negotiator, highly intuitive 22/4 - Master Number: master organizer, organizes large undertakings, spiritual, practical idealism, brings dreams into reality, ambitious, intuitive, inspired, methodical, disciplined, natural leader, confident, wise, hard‐working, honest, competent, creative 33/6 - Master Number: visionary, sensitive, selfless service, ministering, avatar, altruistic, caring, nurturing of the spirit, mystical, sympathetic, tenderhearted, emotional, protective, forgiving How to Calculate Your Personal Timing Numbers Any Time of the Year By following some basic math, you can determine your personal number vibrations for the year, the month and the day. This gives you an idea of what to expect each year, month and day or better yet, gives you guidance on how to time and plan things in order to work in accordance with your personal numbers.  Need to balance your checkbook? Look for a number 4 or a number 8 day. Want to plan your wedding? Look for a number 6 year and/or a number 6 month and/or a number 6 day! Use the table below to see the keywords for each number, this will give you guidance for every day of the year! Calculating numbers in Numerology is pretty easy. Just add all the numbers together to find the answer (remember to reduce all numbers to a single digit unless the final answer is a master number: 11, 22 or 33). Let's use my birthday, March 15 as an example to see exactly how this is done. Don't worry, after a little practice you'll get it down pretty quick. Using this information in combination with your astrology chart will really give you an advantage in planning your activities! How to Calculate your Personal Year (birth month + birth year + calendar year) You can calculate your personal year by adding your birth month to your birth day plus the calendar year. So using March 15 as the birthday and 2019 as the calendar year, it is calculated as such: 3 + 15 + 2019 = 3  (remember to reduce all numbers to a single digit unless the final answer is a master number; 11, 22, 33) Let's break it down so you can see how this is done: 3 + 1+5 + 2+0+1+9 = 21 (2+1) = 3 or if you prefer, break it down by each component as such: 3 + 6 + 3  = 12 (1+2) = 3 Personal Month (personal year + calendar month) You can calculate your personal month by adding your personal year number to the calendar month. So using March 15 as the birthday still for the year 2019, the month of December is calculated as such: Personal Year + Calendar Month = Personal Month 3 + 12 = 1 Let's break it down: 7  + 1 + 2 = 19 1+9 = 10 1+0 = 1 or if you prefer break it down by each component as such: 7 + 3  = 1 Personal Day (personal month + calendar day) You can calculate your personal day by adding your personal month number + the calendar day. Continuing with March 15 as the example birthday, the day of December 1, 2014 is calculated as such: 1 + 1 = 2 This one's pretty simple, right? Knowing your personal numbers for any time of the year can give you an advantage in planning for your life, not to mention give you greater understanding of your personal journey. Numerology is an easy yet fascinating tool. I encourage you to start using it in your everyday life and see for yourself. Have fun! Using Numerology to Plan Your Activities Number and Corresponding Keywords/Activities

1 Start a new project, take the lead, be assertive, do something for yourself, be an individual, show your best side, go for a job interview, go on a first date, take risks, be brave

2 Work with others, negotiate, compromise, look for solutions, offer support to others, do something with your significant other, partnerships, find ways to bring more balance into your life

3 Communicate, write, speak, do creative/artistic work, party, socialize, play games, have fun and express yourself 

4 Organize, clean up, get things in order, pay bills, balance your checkbook, make preparations, make a schedule/plan, stick with routines

5 Be active, get outdoors, take some time for you, try something new, travel to a new location, variety, expect the unexpected, be open to change

6 Home, family, love & romance, responsibility, be of service to others, do preventative maintenance such as oil changes, go on a date, get married, beautify your home or your body

7 Go within, retreat, turn off the phone and seek tranquility, relax, pamper yourself, research, reflect, visualize, read something inspirational, get things in order, read the fine print, recheck your work, develop a special skill, alone time

8 Take initiative, make decisions, be proactive, dress for success, improve yourself as well as your net worth, roll with the punches, balance your checkbook, focus on goals, make financial plans, invest wisely

9 Emotional, helping others, try not to take things personally, volunteer, donate, generosity, travel, experience new cultures, attend events, go to museums, be creative and artistic, broaden your horizons, be willing to listen

11/2 Spiritual strength, illumination, expand the mind, share your message, seek spiritual connection, psychic skills, public speaking, taking charge, looking at the big picture

22/4 Building and organizing, visionary, bringing things and people together, starting big projects, negotiating, focusing on long term goals

33/6 Healing, emotions, love for mankind and the world, working with animals, spiritual healing, meditation, empathy, volunteer, give to charity, beautify the world


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