Cosmic Love Match

Cosmic Love Match

Cosmic Love Match: Your Guide to Romancing the Zodiac!


How do you get that sexy Scorpio to notice you? What about that shy Virgo in the office? And will that Sagittarius ever commit?


Let’s face it. Love isn’t always easy and people certainly aren’t simple. Setting out on the journey to find love is a bit like walking down a dimly lit path. You know generally where it is you want to go, but there is a surprise around every corner. It sure would be nice if someone would put up some signs to follow.


Well, as it turns out, someone did. And it’s called astrology.


Now you too can learn how to read the signs. This book will teach you all you need to know about using astrology to your advantage in the dating world. Get clued in on what makes each zodiac sign tick, what turns them on and how to win them over. In addition, learn the basics of astrology and how to use the Moon to help you plan your daily life!




Rachelle Barron Knight has studied astrology for over twenty five years. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two cats. 


She is a psychic reader, spiritual life coach, artist and author. She offers private readings employing such methodologies as astrology, numerology, palmistry and the tarot. 

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