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New Class! Intro to The Craft

Do you believe in magick? Awaken the witch inside you and join me, a twenty year solitary practitioner of magick, occult studies and the psychic arts, as your personal teacher in all things witchy! Designed for beginners, this weekly class will cover all you need to know to get started in the exciting world of witchcraft!

This new course will be a weekly 2 hour class with over 19 different lessons planned over the course of four months. Class size is limited so be sure to register ASAP!


Intro to the Craft Course

This course is designed to give you a thorough introduction to Witchcraft with a focus on studies for the solitary practitioner. Learn everything you need to know to get started using The Craft in your everyday life such as:

  • ancient customs and holidays

  • ethical practices and pagan philosophy

  • deities from days of old

  • basic moon magick

  • craft magickal items

  • effective and safe ritual and spellwork

  • meditation and mind power

  • beginner magick techniques

  • basic divination - tarot, pendulum, runes, etc.

  • basic astrology

  • herbalism, oils and elixirs

  • spirit communication

  • astral projection

  • and so much more!

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