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I'm opening up my own Psychic Boutique!

I am so excited, I had to share - I'm opening up my own retail shop! It's been a dream of mine for many years and now it's finally happening, you guys! Yay!

My shop will be a bit quirky because of its size and shape, but it matches my energy perfectly - quirky, small and odd! :-P Anyway, my husband, Brandon and I will be running the shop and we sure hope you can come say hi once our doors are open!

Our vision is to create an environment that is friendly and open to spiritual seekers. In addition to a retail shop, we seek to form a spiritual community with people genuinely seeking to improve their lives through spiritual insights. We will sell a lot of our own handmade arts and crafts as well as other local artists' work. We will also sell unique, imported clothing and gifts from around the world. We will sell items related to psychic development, spiritual growth and healing. We will also have independent psychic readers (my students) and astrologers available for customers. I will still be giving psychic readings and life coaching as well as conducting classes, workshops and meditations because our new space has room for this!

For now I just wanted to share the big news and give you all a heads up! My new shop is located at:

Laughing Gypsy Psychic Boutique

2326 Wheaton Way, Suite 140

Bremerton, WA 98310

We're near the old Harrison Hospital and the YMCA, for reference. I will be making the transition in the follow two weeks so I will not be doing many readings from July 23rd to August 9th. Brandon and I hope to have our shop open by the Lions Gate (August 8th), but that's tentative so stay tuned. And of course, there will be a Grand Opening at some point, but I haven't done the astrology on that yet, so I'll get back to you.

One more thing, we just got our new sign today. Check it out below. We're so excited and we can't wait to serve the community in this way!

Stay tuned for more!


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