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February Psychic Classes

This month we are focusing on Numerology and learning how to use that as a divination tool as well as a method to explore and understand the karmic energies in one's life patterns. Please bring a pen and notebook! Each class will build upon the last, so it's a good idea not to skip any this month.

Future classes are in the works, I just need more time to get them all organized and ready to teach. You can look forward to: energy healing, astrology, tarot, palmistry as well as more practice with the clairs! Check the psychic and paranormal board on the forums for updates.

Psychic Class is held every Friday at 4 pm. It runs from 60 to 90 minutes. All levels welcome. Drop in/Drop out, although for this month, you might not want to miss any as each class will build up on the last. $25 per class. No need to register, just show up 😊

Hope to see you there!


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