April 2020 Astrological Forecast

Wow...just wow. What a month March turned out to be, eh? Ok, so just what the heck is going on in the world? Well, there’s a lot of different explanations and a great many different viewpoints on what is going on, but as for me, I look to the stars and I follow my intuition. Check out what I have to say about the New Earth (below) for my general viewpoint on it. But first, here are some things going on in the sky in April.

On April 3, Venus will enter the sign of Gemini, shifting the energies once more as the planet of love, money and desire moves into the mutable and short attention span sign of Gemini. On a personal level, this could bring some intellectual energy to your relationships and it can bring in some flirty energy too. For some, it could have you juggling multiple issues having to do with your resources and material goods. On a global scale, this could highlight our financial systems and increase the information coming in around it, creating a flurry of talk around the su…

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