May 2020 Astrological Forecast

May 2020 Astrological Forecast

We are living in some interesting times, aren’t we? And just when the world seemed at its craziest, things got even weirder. Well, hang on to your hats because 2020 isn’t even halfway done and there’s more to come! So how are things looking for the month of May? Well, with the shifting of dimensional energies and so many planets going retrograde, it’s getting harder and harder to say what to expect. So let’s focus on how to best use these shifting energies and do our best to stay healthy in body, mind and soul. What an exciting time to be alive!

We start things off with a Full Moon on May 7th at 17 degrees Scorpio while the Sun is in Taurus. This full moon packs an emotional punch and for some of us, we just might find we are dealing with some intense inner turmoil as we face those things that threaten our security and sense of wellbeing. Scorpio often deals with the shadow side of things, the dark underbelly that we like to pretend doesn’t exist and this can sometimes mean facing difficult truths. Scorpio is a water sign and can therefore carry a lot of emotional weight, especially for those who need to make some personal changes in their lives. It’s the sign of transformation, of transition and of releasing and what better time to release than during the Full Moon? So if you have been doing any sort of Shadow work or if you are at a point in your life where you need to go within and make a change, this Full Moon is here to support your efforts in releasing and transforming. See my post on an Easy Full Moon Release Ritual for guidance on how to use the energy of the Full Moon to help you release unwanted energies.

May 2020 is the month of retrogrades! On May 10th, Saturn goes retrograde until the end of September and this could mean seeing some karma played out as Saturn is the Lord of Karma. Saturn retrograde can be a time of limitation, restriction, anxiety, and fear - sounds a bit like what we’ve already been dealing with in 2020! This retrograde could become a lot more personal for you if you happen to have personal planets in the later degrees of Capricorn or early degrees of Aquarius. Issues of responsibility and duty are prevalent when Saturn is active in your chart and you will need to be sure that you are applying yourself to reap the rewards of any Saturn transit.

What makes this more significant is the fact that Pluto went retrograde on the 25th of April, so now we have two planets retrograding back through the later degrees of Capricorn. When we consider that these two planets in conjunction earlier this year created quite the stir in the global situation, it will be interesting to see how the retrograde plays out. With Pluto in retrograde, we are looking at the power and control in our lives, with Saturn we are looking at rules, traditions and structures of society. This is the perfect opportunity for people to look closer and discover more about the power structures in this world to see what needs to go and what needs to be refined.

On May 12th, Venus goes retrograde until June 24th through the sign of Gemini. Because Venus does not retrograde as often as other planets, we often feel the retrograde of this planet more significantly especially in our personal charts. During a Venus retrograde your love life and your financial life are highlighted because this planet rules both love and money. Giving and receiving love during this time can sometimes be more challenging especially if you find yourself dealing with the karma of the Saturn retrograde! Since Venus also rules money, it’s not a good time for investing or for purchasing luxury items. Use this time for introspection and reassessment. Use it to improve your self image and to find self love. Find what truly brings you pleasure and look for ways to increase your joy. Also use this time to rethink your finances and look for ways that you can improve your life with what resources you already have.

On May 14th, Jupiter goes retrograde until mid September. This is a time for philosophical reflection and spiritual introspection. Issues dealing with personal growth and development, happiness and success become the focus. Sometimes this period comes with tests to see if we are ready for the things we are asking for and sometimes that means that we must change ourselves in order to receive. This can sometimes be uncomfortable especially if it’s a bad habit we need to break, but if we are willing to put our own development as a high priority, then we can make room for the improvements we’ve been asking for once we realize how we are the only ones blocking our success.

On May 20th, the Sun enters the air sign of Gemini and the pace quickens as our minds are more active with this energy as is our need for social stimulus. The New Moon at 2 degrees Gemini on May 22nd makes that even more so. If we are still under quarantine during this time, we might find that some of us are going stir crazy with this active social energy which demands that information be shared! I recommend taking up journaling, writing or blogging to help you with this energy and to help you channel this intellectual wave, especially if you are prone to anxiety as the Gemini energy can be quite restless when it is undirected. The New Moon in Gemini is a great time for writing out your intentions and releasing them into the universe. For a quick New Moon Intention Ritual, check out my post here.

On May 28th, Mercury enters the water sign of Cancer and while Mercury is here, our thoughts turn more toward home and family. This is an excellent time for having family meetings, discussing home renovations or otherwise making changes in your domestic life.

In numerology, May 2020 is a number 9 universal month and I am hopeful that this will mean that some things will ease up a little. The number 9 is a very humanitarian number, a number of healing, of connection and unity. This is energy many of us desperately need right now as more and more people wake up and discover what’s really been going on in the world. It is important for us to remain hopeful, peaceful and kind in our hearts as things are just going to keep getting weird as the year progresses. It’s a time of great change and we are all so fortunate to be here during this time!

So do your best to stay grounded in knowing who you really are - a powerful co-creator in this universe, capable of great things if you just allow it. And do your best to spread hope, love and good cheer during these times as you just might be the light in the darkness someone else needs.

Astrology and numerology are both universal and personal so planetary transits and numerical influences like the ones described above will affect each one of us differently according to our own personal charts. To see how it affects yours, book your appointment with me and I’ll be happy to read it for you. I am doing phone and online readings right now. For more details, click the button below or reply to this email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Stay strong and may the stars guide you,

The Laughing Gypsy


The following are the rewarding and challenging days of April 2020 for each sun sign. Generally speaking, on rewarding days you can expect things to go a little smoother for you and in your favor more often. On challenging days, you might find your patience wearing thin and that others don’t quite get you. If you don’t know your sun sign, reply to this email with your birthday and I’ll be happy to help you!

ARIES: Rewarding 17,18,19. Challenging 4,5,31

TAURUS: Rewarding 20,21. Challenging 6,7

GEMINI: Rewarding 22,23,24. Challenging 8,9

CANCER: Rewarding 25,26. Challenging 10,11

LEO: Rewarding 1,27,28. Challenging 12,13,14

VIRGO: Rewarding 2,3,29,30. Challenging 15,16

LIBRA: Rewarding 4,5,31. Challenging 17,18,19

SCORPIO: Rewarding 6,7. Challenging 20,21

SAGITTARIUS: Rewarding 22,23,24. Challenging 8,9

CAPRICORN: Rewarding 10,11. Challenging 25,26

AQUARIUS: Rewarding 12,13,14. Challenging 1,27,28

PISCES: Rewarding 15,16. Challenging 2,3,29,30

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