April 2020 Astrological Forecast

Wow...just wow. What a month March turned out to be, eh? Ok, so just what the heck is going on in the world? Well, there’s a lot of different explanations and a great many different viewpoints on what is going on, but as for me, I look to the stars and I follow my intuition. Check out what I have to say about the New Earth (below) for my general viewpoint on it. But first, here are some things going on in the sky in April.

On April 3, Venus will enter the sign of Gemini, shifting the energies once more as the planet of love, money and desire moves into the mutable and short attention span sign of Gemini. On a personal level, this could bring some intellectual energy to your relationships and it can bring in some flirty energy too. For some, it could have you juggling multiple issues having to do with your resources and material goods. On a global scale, this could highlight our financial systems and increase the information coming in around it, creating a flurry of talk around the subject of money.

On April 7th, the Full Moon in Libra could create quite the kerfuffle in our personal relationships if we are not balancing our needs well with others. Especially since we have been increasing our time spent with those closest to us in quarantine! Be sure that you are standing up for yourself but also willing to compromise where you need to in order to make the best use of this energy. Recognize those areas where you have been too selfishly focused (Aries) which caused you to throw your relationships out of balance (Libra). Or recognize those areas where you need to stand more firmly in your personal needs and perhaps need to create a firmer boundary around (Aries) so that you do not lose yourself in the care of others (Libra). This goes for all of your relationships. Through the power of your intention, you can energetically release anything that needs to go now and make more room in your heart for the care and support of both yourself and others.

Mercury moves into the fast moving sign of Aries on April 11th and this is like a fresh burst of energy for the planet of communication. Considering that there is a possibility of losing or experiencing restricted internet access as an effect of the quarantine as I write this, this movement into the cardinal fire sign of Aries looks to be a positive influence should it turn out to be the case. Aries is very quick moving and it gets things into action right away, so if we do see the internet being effected, I believe that Mercury moving into Aries on the 11th will help us quickly get back on track. In addition, this creates an impetus of energy geared toward our global communication so we may see some major news stories come at us during the planet’s journey through the sign. It moves into Taurus on the 27th so this is a short journey through Aries for Mercury. In Taurus, Mercury slows down and considers things more carefully as its focus is more on the long term rather on the quick fix energy of Aries.

On April 19th, the Sun will enter the sign of Taurus and once again, we shift gears as we move into the fertile spring season and we are reminded of the need to slow things down, to appreciate the little things and to take the time to plan for the future.

The future is an interesting subject for the times as we are on the brink of a new age and a time where the future of the planet  is based on growth, unity and expansion. And wouldn’t you know it? The New Moon in Taurus just happens to fall on April 22nd, Earth Day. How apropos!  Add to that, Pluto, the planet of transformation, will go retrograde on April 25th. This might trigger some people’s shadow work as well as the world’s as we prepare for a future that is vastly different than what we have known before...

The New Earth

We are all being forced to go within right now, both literally and figuratively. And to be honest, if the internet does go down, I see that as a good thing as so many people are disconnected from their inner worlds. Losing the internet will be one way of reconnecting to that world within them. This can be a frightening thought for some people though as up until now, they have been able to suppress their true feelings just so they could survive this life. Through the distractions of modern life, they avoided looking within to address those things that are holding them back from being their true selves, that is, their happiest selves. But as more and more people are having to turn inwards, they are discovering those buried thoughts and feelings, the shadow self and it's a messy process.

This can be a scary experience as this often means seeing things about ourselves that are shameful, painful or completely beneath our conscious thinking that it’s a real shock to come face to face with them! If you’ve already integrated your shadow, this time is going to be easier on you and your experience and wisdom will surely be of help to others during this scary time. Don’t be afraid to share your story. It just might be the thing someone needs to hear to find that little bit of hope they need right now. Your role now is to be here for the planet, shining your Light so that others can find their way through the darkness that will come upon us as we face the collective shadow of humanity.

It is time now to take a hard look at ourselves and how we have treated our home planet and its inhabitants in the past. We must face up to our responsibility as a species. This is a time now to make new choices, to unite as humans, as earthlings and to change our course so that we are operating from a place of love rather than a place of profit. This is what we’ve been waiting for, the time of great change is upon us as more and more are experiencing their Awakening.

As we face these rough times, it is important for you to know just how powerful you are in the making of the reality you are living. We now know through the understanding of quantum physics and the Law of Attraction, that your thoughts, your focus and your emotions are creating the magnetic vibrations emitting from your energetic field. Those vibrations act as antennas, drawing in and attracting other things that match the frequencies you are emitting so that you experience like vibrations in thought form as well as in manifested physical form. The creative force of the universe of which you are a part, responds to your vibrations by creating the blueprints, if you will, of those things you are attracting from the quantum field. It doesn’t matter if those things are wanted or not by you, the universe simply responds to your focus as a neutral co-creator in your life experience.

This is why I say that focus is your superpower. You create through your focus, this is why it is imperative that you are mindful about where you place it. You cannot afford to be sloppy in your focus, especially now. Your thoughts are literally turning into things. Many people claim that they understand this as they say they understand the Law of Attraction, but I wonder how many people actually utilize this for themselves? You are only as limited as you believe you are but the funny thing about beliefs is, you can change them.

Now think about this on a global scale. What if everyone suddenly knew just how powerful we are? What if we focused on a better future, a brighter future, a future based on love, equality and unity? As John Lennon said, “Imagine all the people, living life in peace.” This is what we must do now, this is our greatest work - to remain hopeful and faithful in a brighter future. Imagination is the first stage of creation. Worry is a misuse of imagination. Use your imagination to create a future that is wanted. This means turning away from what the masses are doing. This means developing your discernment skills and learning to think independently. This means daring to think differently than others and it means questioning everything you thought you knew to be true. The more people Awaken to their power, the more we create the future the planet desires and is calling us toward now.

We must understand and respect the fact that our planet is a living, breathing consciousness and she is shifting into a new phase of her evolution.This is why we are being faced with our shadows now, because the Ascension to the New Earth is upon us. This is why we must first see the truth of what’s really going on in the world before we can create a new one. It is going to be painful as we learn more, as our illusions are shattered and as we wipe the sleep from our eyes and discover what’s been going on with humanity’s consciousness. But fear not because this is the very thing we need before we can move forward in love, peace and forgiveness. It is going to be tempting to be judgmental and to want justice. It is going to be tempting to sink into the lower energies but I encourage you to stand strong in the knowing that lies deep within your heart; that this is a time of great change upon our planet and love is the only answer that will bring us the kind of world we want to live in. We must be centered in the heart, we must be grounded in peace and we must be cloaked in courage as we pour our love out upon the planet during these hard times.

The world has been asleep but it is getting quite the wake up call right now and the alarm is only to grow louder as the planets and the beings in our solar system work with us to bring about this Ascension and assist us as a species in our evolution. Our DNA is awakening and just as other species on our planet evolve, we are being called to change or to become extinct. The planet wants us to evolve with her but the only way to this New Earth is through love. So hold hope, keep faith and spread kindness whenever you can for the Earth needs the Light of your Love right now.

There are layers and layers to this Awakening. I by no means claim mastery over this subject, but I was fortunate enough to have a slow and gentle Awakening several years ago. I’m afraid the time for slow and gentle will soon be over so when and if you are interested, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to discuss more with you to the best of my abilities.

The most important thing for you to know right now is that your focus is what is going to create your future so take charge of that and be sure that you are focused on what you want to attract. If you have shadow work yet to do, do not be afraid, it is always darkest before the dawn of a new day. Use this as a time to purge yourself of all those things you need to let go of and forgive. Holding on has only hurt you, you are ready now to learn what it is they are here to teach you. You cannot carry these things into the New Earth so let them go with gratitude for what they taught you and love others and love yourself anyway. Everything is going to be Ok if you just let it.

Develop your intuition, learn to trust it and you cannot go wrong. For your intuition is your higher self and it is that part of you that is guiding you through this life. Be strong, my friends and let love be your future.

Love & Light,

The Laughing Gypsy


The following are the rewarding and challenging days of April 2020 for each sun sign. Generally speaking, on rewarding days you can expect things to go a little smoother for you and in your favor more often. On challenging days, you might find your patience wearing thin and that others don’t quite get you. If you don’t know your sun sign, reply to this email with your birthday and I’ll be happy to help you!

ARIES: Rewarding 20,21,22. Challenging 7,8

TAURUS: Rewarding 23,24. Challenging 9,10

GEMINI: Rewarding 25,26,27. Challenging 11,12

CANCER: Rewarding 1,2,28,29. Challenging 13,14

LEO: Rewarding 3,4,30. Challenging 15,16,17

VIRGO: Rewarding 5,6. Challenging 18,19

LIBRA: Rewarding 7,8. Challenging 20,21,22

SCORPIO: Rewarding 9,10. Challenging 23,24

SAGITTARIUS: Rewarding 11,12. Challenging 25,26,27

CAPRICORN: Rewarding 13,14. Challenging 1,2,28,29

AQUARIUS: Rewarding 15,16,17. Challenging 3,4,30

PISCES: Rewarding 18,19. Challenging 5,6


For many this is a time of financial stress and heartache, but it's never been a more crucial time for people to be in touch with their personal power and spiritual connection! The spiritual well-being of my clients is a high priority for me therefore during this COVID-19 situation, I have decided to implement a Pay What You Want system for my psychic readings and life coaching sessions. Psychic mentoring sessions are on hold right now.

During this time, I am doing readings and life coaching sessions over the phone or internet and will be limited to 60 minutes per client. Working from home, my hours are quite flexible.

Thank you & stay safe!


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