February 2020 Astrological Forecast

Phew! How was January for you? Did you feel the intensity of the Pluto/Saturn conjunction in your chart? I know I did and it was definitely a turning point for me but February looks to be a little milder...well, that is until Mercury goes retrograde.

On February 3rd, Mercury enters the sign of Pisces, where it is in its detriment, meaning it doesn’t express itself well or comfortably. Communication becomes more emotional, creative and artistic which is quite the opposite of Mercury’s preferred way of operating. It goes retrograde on the 16th, back through Pisces. But remember there is about a 10 day shadow period prior to the retrograde, which often gives us a preview of any personal issues to come during the upcoming retrograde. So keep your antennas out and if you’re in tune, you will be ahead of the game. 

After the retrograde (which ends on the 9th of March), there is a post-shadow period where you see any personal issues that might have come up during the retrograde coming to a conclusion of some sort. This is often an opportunity for introspection and personal growth; this is a part of every planetary retrograde. In traditional western astrology, it was often believed that the 7 traditional planets acted as teachers for our soul’s journey on earth and that each planet provides different lessons and opportunities according to our life’s path. After studying astrology for as long as I have, I find that I agree.

The retrograde period has a rather bad reputation in modern astrology, but really there is nothing to be feared. It refers to the motion of the planet’s orbit where it appears to be moving backwards in our sky here on earth. Astrologers of old noted that certain things seemed to occur during this period for each of the planets. For Mercury, the fastest moving planet in our solar system, this happens about three to four times each year. During its retrograde, it was noted that things of a Mercurian nature were most affected: communications & messages, technology, buying, selling & trading, short term travels, and mental tasks requiring logic & reasoning. Often times anything of this nature seems to go awry during the retrograde, requiring much more planning and patience from us unsuspecting earthlings. 

So it is always wise to be prepared for a Mercury retrograde period with a backup plan and sometimes a back up plan to your back up plan - especially when traveling! Be advised not to engage in any serious business ventures during this time without careful and thorough analysis first. Also, it is generally ill advised to buy or sell a house or property during this time. When it comes to the Mercury retrograde period, I remind people of the prefix re - as in review, renew, redo. Use this time to go over any past projects, issues or situations and see where they need reviewing and renewing. This is the perfect time for cleaning out clutter and for any house renovating you wish to do. 

It’s become popular opinion that the reappearance of an ex be it girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, or even just a friend or an old boss is often a result of a Mercury retrograde period. I find that this isn’t always true but it can come up for some of us, especially if you didn’t learn an important lesson from the last time you were with them! So if they do pop up again, ask yourself what it is you are supposed to be learning from this before making any big decisions. Despite all the hype, Mercury retrograde season needn’t be scary. Most of all, have patience and be prepared for plans to fall through and you should get by just fine. 

Also happening this month is Venus, the planet of love and money entering Aries, the sign of the warrior. Some of us may be feeling more assertive in our personal relationships and in our finances during this time, but Venus in Aries energy tends to burn bright and quick, like a firework, before losing interest and moving on to the next conquest. Be advised that relationships started under this influence tend to take on that flavor too and sometimes people’s spending habits do too!

We have a Full Moon at 20 degrees Leo on the 8th and this could be a little dramatic for some of us. Anyone with personal planets near 20 degrees of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo or Scorpio may be feeling this one harder than others. There is sometimes a pull between the desire to remain emotionally detached (and therefore safe) with the Aquarius Sun energy and the desire to engage the heart (and therefore feel more alive despite the pain of it) with the Leo Moon. Best advice is to allow yourself to be alright with your unique approach to life while still remaining open to new and unknown experiences. These are fixed signs and therefore sometimes we find ourselves butting heads with those who would oppose our individuality but we mustn’t let that stop us from engaging in life and experiencing all it has to offer. There’s no need to get all dramatic about it, unless of course, that’s your thing. Wink.

On the same day that Mercury goes retrograde, Mars enters the hardworking sign of Capricorn. This is some good energy for applying discipline to any projects that need your reviewing during the retrograde. Mars in Capricorn is exalted, meaning it works very, very well here and it loves to keep busy and focused, although it does not suffer fools gladly so do your best to have patience!

On the 18th the Sun enters Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac. While the Sun is here, it is a good time for daydreaming, for visualizing and for believing in the impossible. On the 23rd, we have the New Moon in Pisces and the Pisces energy is in full force! It is a highly sensitive and empathic sign, so be sure to practice self-care should you find yourself being more emotional than usual. Pisces is also the sign of dreams, so if you’ve been wanting to work more with your dreams, now is a good time for starting a dream journal!

The positive side of Pisces reminds us to have faith, to look at the spiritual side of things and to remember that we are all connected and deserving of compassion. This is a good time for opening your heart and mind to others, volunteering your time and energy to help those in need and for remembering what’s truly important in our lives as life really is a journey of the soul. After all that is the only thing we take with us when the final curtain falls. 

In numerology, February is a number 6 universal month, denoting a time for focusing on service, duties & responsibilities, and the home & family. The number 6 wants everyone to be comfortable and safe but it also knows the value of hard work and the need for following through on responsibilities so there’s no slacking off with this number! This is also a good number for bringing more beauty to your home and office such as artwork, flowers and other decorations - and be sure to enjoy the beauty in your everyday life too. Just because the chores need to be done doesn’t mean you can’t stop and smell the roses every now and then!

Astrology and numerology are both universal and personal so planetary transits and numerical influences like the ones described above will affect each one of us differently according to our own personal charts. To see how it affects yours, book your appointment with me and I’ll be happy to read it for you. I offer both in person and online/phone readings. For more details, click the button below or reply to this email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. 

I hope February and the Mercury retrograde treats you well! 

May the stars guide you,

The Laughing Gypsy


As a treat for sticking with me and reading all this, the following are the rewarding and challenging days of February 2020 for each sun sign. Generally speaking, on rewarding days you can expect things to go a little smoother for you and in your favor more often. On challenging days, you might find your patience wearing thin and that others don’t quite get you. If you don’t know your sun sign, reply to this email with your birthday and I’ll be happy to help you!

ARIES: Rewarding 26, 27. Challenging 12,13

TAURUS: Rewarding 1,2, 28, 29. Challenging 14,15

GEMINI: Rewarding 3,4,5. Challenging 16,17

CANCER: Rewarding 6,7. Challenging 18,19,20

LEO: Rewarding 8,9. Challenging 21,22

VIRGO: Rewarding 10,11. Challenging 23,24,25

LIBRA: Rewarding 12,13. Challenging 26,27

SCORPIO: Rewarding 14,15. Challenging 1,2,28,29

SAGITTARIUS: Rewarding 16,17. Challenging 3,4,5

CAPRICORN: Rewarding 18,19,20. Challenging 6,7 

AQUARIUS: Rewarding 21, 22. Challenging 8,9

PISCES: Rewarding 23,24,25. Challenging 10,11

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