Full Moon in Taurus November 2019

Full Moon at 19 degrees Taurus

This month we’re dealing with the fixed energy of Scorpio and Taurus as the Moon moves into opposition to the Sun. Typically the full moon time can be an emotional time for many people, this is because the Moon represents our emotional nature and how we respond instinctively to the world around us. When it is full, we may experience the full blast of any emotional energy we have not processed as these energies are exposed in the light of the Sun, no matter how much we may try to repress them. But this full moon, the planets are giving us a little break.

This Full Moon is includes a Yod between Jupiter and Mars with the Taurus Moon at the apex. This can be a powerful energy to work with, especially when it comes to following your soul’s purpose so if you have some personal work to commit yourself to, now is a favorable time for releasing anything holding you back from living your purpose! Mercury, currently retrograde in Scorpio, is actually assisting this energy and helps to bring a greater understanding of any past situations so that we may let go and move on. 

More than anything, this Full Moon is reminding us to slow down, to ground ourselves and to comfort ourselves without going overboard into indulgence. Connecting through the heart and reminding ourselves that life is meant to feel good will help us to find our centers once again, but we must remember to slow down enough to recognize this need in ourselves. Mercury retrograde is a good but brutal teacher for this lesson as this time period is often littered with events and circumstances that will test our patience and our resilience. Take the advice of the Taurus energy and slow things down a bit so that you remember what is most important and of value to you in your life. 

Life is short; we have to remember to look for the good things and celebrate them when we can - otherwise, what’s the friggin’ point? In this crazy world, it’s easy to get lost in useless battles and waste our energy on things not serving our highest good. We need to remember to stop and smell the roses once in a while and this Full Moon is a good reminder of that!

As one of my childhood crush’s famously said: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” - Ferris Bueller


Locals, come meditate with me this Full Moon! I will be at the local metaphysical shop, Avebury Mystikals on Tuesday, November 12th at 6 pm. Located at 544 4th Street in Bremerton, WA where I will conduct a short guided meditation designed to help uplift the energies of our surrounding community. Afterwards, we will socialize over snacks with like minded individuals. Come make new friends and enjoy a special full moon discount at the store!

Message me for more details on any of this. Happy Full Moon!

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