Full Moon in Aries

Full Moon at 20 degrees Aries - Sunday, October 13, 2019.

This month we are handling the intense energies of Aries being expressed through the emotional energies of the Moon as it reflects back to us our own personal needs and the sensitive side of the ego. This can be a time of passionate emotions and selfish displays of personal drama for some. This usually happens when we have been neglecting our own needs for too long and suddenly we find ourselves crying out for much needed change. But in explosive Aries, this can sometimes be expressed much like a volcanic eruption as we tend to act before we think.

If this is you, beware the urge to burn it all to the ground in a fit of rage as Mars, ruler of Aries is also making an opposition to Chiron in Aries, a solar system body known as the “wounded healer”, which can trigger some sensitive areas in your life, especially in your relationships. And let’s not forget Pluto in Capricorn, making an unpleasant T-square between the Sun and the Moon. This heightens the intensity and sometimes demands the need to change the structure of your life. Pluto often brings great change to our personal lives, sometimes violently, which forces us to accept change but it does this in order to make way for something new. After all, transformation is the name of the game with Pluto. And as the caterpillar shows us, personal transformation can be messy but very much worth the effort in the end.

Should you find yourself in the middle of this, keep in mind that Chiron brings along with it the energy of healing, so these changes might be necessary for your soul’s ascension. This time denotes an opportunity for soul growth if you so choose it. This can be a time of healing at a deep level and sometimes it requires drastic adjustments. Chiron shows us our spiritual strengths at the same time and allows us the chance to use them if we can keep our heads...and that can be a real challenge with all this Aries energy going on.

In Aries, we are being asked to be true to ourselves while at the same time not to become so self-involved that we neglect the needs of others. Libra, Aries’ opposite sign, rules relationships and whenever we are dealing with a Full Moon, we are dealing with balancing opposite energies. Libra, being the sign of balance and equality, demands justice and fair treatment in your relationships, but sometimes we get lost in that either by becoming too strong willed and selfishly focused or by becoming too weak willed and neglecting our own personal needs. Now is the time for putting this back into balance, just try to do it without losing your cool by applying the diplomatic strength found in the sign of Libra which sees all sides of an issue.

But don’t let all this Full Moon energy scare you as we are all being asked to release to allow for more growth in our lives. If something is hindering your personal growth, now is the time to examine it and evaluate its place in your life. Does it really need to continue to hinder you or is it time to let it go? Release and expand, that is the message with any Full Moon and this one asks you to look at yourself closely and see what adjustments you need to make in order to allow for your personal growth and to find more harmony in your relationships.

Those most likely affected by these energies are those born in the middle to later half of the cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn or with personal planets in these signs near 20 degrees. If you need help deciphering this in your chart, contact me for a reading and I’ll give you all the juicy details. And don’t forget, I am running a special this month: $20 off readings of 30 minutes or longer when booked during the month of October. This also applies to phone/video chat readings!

Locals, come meditate with me this Full Moon! I will be at the local metaphysical shop,
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Message me for more details on any of this. Happy Full Moon!

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