Libra New Moon & New Moon Ritual

This month’s new moon is happening in the air sign of Libra. Libra rules relationships and especially partnerships so we can expect to see the focus more on our personal relationships in the following weeks.
This is an excellent time for re-examining your closest relationships and for making any necessary adjustments to ensure harmony one way or another. Are you spending enough time with your partner? Are you spending enough time on yourself? Sometimes finding harmony may mean letting a relationship go as that person has taught you all they can and it’s time to move on. As painful as this may seem at first, it does us good to remember that there is something to learn from everything and that there is always tomorrow.
Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of desire, love and beauty. This is an excellent time for focusing on your inner and outer beauty and what you can do to help enhance your natural charms. Although it may sound superficial to be concerned with your own beauty, there’s nothing wrong with working on your self-image as it says a lot about how you feel about yourself. You do not need to go overboard, just look for ways to feel as good as you can about yourself and have fun. Finding a healthy balance is key, as Libra reminds us. You can also focus on bringing in more beauty into your home or work space as the Libra energy is refined and comforting in any environment especially when it is expressed through art and music.
Finally, this is an excellent time for having those complicated talks with others as Libra is the sign of the diplomat and knows how to handle the tougher conversations in life. If you need to negotiate with someone, now is the time for taking advantage of the harmonizing energy of Libra. With clear intention and open communication, you will find it easier to come to an agreement with another or to make a compromise when needed.
Just don’t fall into the trap of playing “Mr.” or “Ms.” Nice and not standing up for your own needs for fear of upsetting others. This is a time for equal participation and fair treatment. Speak up if you need to and know that you have every right to renegotiate anything you’re not happy with. Libra wants to see justice and equality and sometimes that means having to confront someone, especially if your needs aren’t being met. Just approach it with an open mind and an open heart and see what happens.
It is all about balance with Libra so this is also a great time for taking a look at your life and seeing where things might need adjusting. How is your work/life balance? Are you spending too much time at the office? Or at home? Are you getting enough social connection? Too much? Is your personal energy in balance or do you need to make some changes? Use the energy of the New Moon to help you affirm to yourself the changes you might need to take and allow yourself to fall back into balance this month.
Here is a quick and easy New Moon ritual for setting intentions in your life. For each new moon, you can focus your intentions around the themes of the zodiac sign for added emphasis.
For this ritual, you will need a piece of paper, a writing utensil, and depending on if you use fire as your element: a fireproof bowl or other type of fireproof container, a lighter or matches. Or depending on if you use earth as your element: a shovel or hand trowel. Optional tools would be: crystals, candles, incense, sage, a way to play music.
Astrologically, the New Moon marks a time of renewal and fresh starts. It lays the groundwork for future manifestations. This is a time for setting your intentions for the coming month, for focusing on improving yourself and for assessing where you are on your life path.
Before you begin, take a few moments to think about what you would like to manifest in your life. Be sure to cover every aspect of your life: home, family, health, work, career, relationships, spirituality and any area where you feel you could use some self‐improvement.
Note: If you are wrestling with an especially emotional issue, you may want to spend some time sitting quietly with the emotions. Do not be afraid to let the emotions be felt, they simply need to be acknowledged and felt by you before they can be released. Sit with it and let it be felt, it will change in a short amount of time and you will feel the relief.
Ask yourself some questions to help you focus. What would you like to see differently? What would you like to draw into your life? What do you need to let go of? What sort of person do you want to become? You can put time limits on your desires, if you like. Be playful about this but keep your manifestations realistic enough to fit into your belief system.
Once you have discovered a desire, write it down in a sentence using the phrase “I intend”. Some examples:
• “I intend to release the need for smoking cigarettes.”
• “I intend to manifest a higher income for myself by the end of the year.”
• “I intend to meditate for fifteen minutes every day.”
Once you have your manifestation sentences written down, read each one again and spend one to two minutes reveling in the feeling of it being true. Visualize it as if it has already happened; imagine what it would feel like and let yourself feel it. This is where the real magick begins, in the emotions, so be sure that you are connecting with your intention through positive emotion and do not let any doubt, worry or fear enter your visualization. Do this for each intention and state them out loud if you can to reaffirm it to the Universe.
When you are done with your list, you have one or two options:
1. Fire: Using the element of fire symbolizes swift action to assist you in manifesting your desires as quickly as possible. Light the piece of paper on fire and allow it to burn in your fireproof container. As it burns, say to yourself or aloud that you are releasing your intentions to the universe as you are consciously making room in your life for new and better things to come.
2. Earth: Using the element of earth symbolizes a slow but steady growth of something that will last. Bury the piece of paper in the ground and as you do so, say to yourself or aloud that you are planting your intentions to the universe as a firm foundation for future growth.
Once the paper has completely burned or is buried, thank your spiritual entities for attending and spend some time reflecting on the idea of opening up space in your life for the new things to come.
If you used fire, dispose of the ashes as you please and if it was an especially emotional time, ground yourself in a manner that feels best to you. Some suggestions: eat good food, have good sex, take a hot bath, meditate, walk barefoot upon the earth or go to sleep.
Now for the following moon cycle, watch as the universe works with you to see your intentions come to life. Remember you are an active participant in this, so your emotional alignment is important – do your best to keep in a positive state of mind when it comes to your intentions and let the universe work out the details for you.
Happy Manifesting!

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