Virgo New Moon

Virgo New Moon Magick
This New Moon is happening in the earth sign of Virgo. But not only do we have the Sun and the Moon in Virgo, we also have Mars, Venus and Mercury in this sign, giving us what is called a stellium (when a cluster of three or more planets occupy the same sign or house). This is some powerful Virgo energy going on and the stars are reminding us to take inventory, attend to the details, get organized, make healthier choices and to be of service to others.
If you’ve been meaning to make some changes to your daily routine, this New Moon is giving you an extra boost of energy to make these changes happen. Perhaps you’ve been meaning to start a new diet or a new exercise routine - now is the perfect time to focus on that as Virgo rules healthy routines. It’s a great time for cleaning out old clutter and getting organized too. It is also a good time to do some preventative maintenance such as getting your car serviced, going to the doctor for a check up or stocking up your pantry for the coming months.
The planets Uranus and Saturn, also in earth signs right now are making a beneficial aspect (grand trine) to this Virgo stellium too, giving us the global energy of needing to change our routines, our structures and our systems which are no longer working. With all this earth energy, the focus is on stability, grounding and establishing a firm foundation. And let’s not forget Pluto, hanging around in this same sign grand earth trine, which brings the energy of destruction before the restructuring on the new foundation can take place. In the sign of Capricorn, we just might see some big names fall in the coming months but this makes way for the new foundation.
Finally, with this New Moon in Virgo, it’s a wonderful time for focusing on creating new healthy habits for yourself and the planet. What do you need in order to feel more in tune with your connection to the earth? If you’re not sure yet, know that whatever steps you need to take to fulfill your wishes will be revealed to you as you set your intentions this New Moon. I suggest writing out your intentions on a piece of paper and then lighting it afire (in a fireproof container!) to symbolize the release. When you do so, connect through the heart and release them into the universe with an open mind and an open heart, then wait for your magick to happen!
How this New Moon will affect you personally depends on where it falls in your chart. For help on this, contact me for a reading.
Happy Intention Making!

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