July Full Moon in Capricorn - Embracing the Shadow Self

It's the Full Moon in Capricorn today; it's also a partial Lunar Eclipse. This is some powerful energy to work through. While sitting in meditation last night, I received the inspiration to share this message:

At the time of this powerful Full Moon, the collective is asking us to face our Shadow selves and fully integrate them into ourselves with acceptance and appreciation. When we take the time to acknowledge our darkness and honor it for what it teaches us, we can live in a more harmonious and complete state of being.

Are there parts of yourself that you do not fully love? That you wish did not exist? Do you find yourself judging others? Wishing they would be different? This is your shadow self, those parts that we do not like within ourselves and those parts we do not like to see in others. What we often don’t recognize is that the other people are merely reflections of our own beliefs and if we see something we do not like, it is the part of ourselves that we do not accept and have not integrated into ourselves.

This Full Moon is the perfect opportunity for us to release this reluctance to face the Shadow self as the Sun shines brightly upon the Moon’s surface, revealing hidden truths. Do not be afraid of the Shadow, but bring Light upon it - that is, intelligent thought - so that you may see its value fully and embrace the wholeness of Self. This Shadow helps you in understanding all that you are capable of being and helps you to define who it is you want to become. You are creating You and as you learn more about who it is you wish to Be, you are given opportunities to Be it, to embody it. Embrace the fullness of You and then choose whom you wish to Be from there. But one cannot do this with integrity if one does not first accept the Shadow for just like in photography, without the shadows, we cannot see the whole image.

On a global scale, this Full Moon also symbolizes the Shadow on the level of the Collective. We are at the stage of revelation right now in the cosmic timeline, where many hidden truths are being made known. The Shadow is being exposed. Many of the people we thought we could trust and even idolized are going to be showing their true colors over the coming years and this may leave some of us feeling very raw and confused. Many unpleasant truths will be revealed and their secrets can no longer hide in Shadow. 

But do not let the drama on the world stage scare you, we are all in this together and as you work on yourself, you help Heal the world. Focus on you and really the only thing within your personal control – that is, your response to Life.

Remember that you always have a choice in any given circumstance: do you respond from Fear or do you respond from Love? Choose Love if for no other reason than that it feels better than Fear. For that is the only thing that truly matters in this life – how you feel right here, right now. Choose Love and you not only help yourself, but you help Heal the world.

Much Love to You,


“I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.” – The Beatles

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