Black New Moon in Leo July 2019

Tomorrow is the New Moon in Leo and I'm not gonna lie, it's one of my favorites! Why? Because it's a time for focusing on the joy of life and enhancing it wherever you can! And that's what I'm all about, I am the Laughing Gypsy after all - I love to laugh and to feel good! It's what makes life fun 

Not only do we have a New Moon but Mercury, the planet of communication, mental thought processes and all things tech, is going direct once more and we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief.

The previous hectic energy of the past moon cycle is coming to a close and it's time we turn our focus on the areas and those people in our lives that make life worth living. Where can you be more generous with your time and energy? Where can you be more loving?

It's also a time for relaxing a bit and lightening up. Where in your life could you be a little less serious? Where do you need to have more fun? Perhaps you've been so focused on fixing everything from the last moon cycle that you've neglected the kid inside you. Relax, be playful and look on the bright side. Leo is ruled by the Sun after all and it's the perfect season for relaxing in the sun! Camping trip anyone?

It's also good energy for setting intentions for enhancing your creativity! If you've been itchy to get crafty and artistic or think in new, innovative ways, now is the time for focusing yourself in that direction. The creative energies of the New Moon will support your efforts, so go and enjoy your creativity!

While you're doing all the above, why not include a little indulgence too? Go on, pamper yourself and your loved ones. Life is short and you may never get another opportunity, just know and honor your limits and you'll be fine.

Most of all, the energy of the Leo Moon says "have fun!" so make that a higher priority in your life and let the magick happen. 

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