Pisces New Moon 2019: Awakening to the New Earth

Are you feeling the shifting energies lately?  That’s most likely because we have some major planetary motion going on right now!

Mercury goes retrograde today in the final degree of Pisces. In addition, we also have the New Moon in Pisces tomorrow morning. And let’s not forget that Uranus, the planet of the unexpected will settle into the sign of Taurus tomorrow and will remain there for the next seven years! There are also some very powerful solar waves emitting their frequencies into our atmosphere at this time. To say that things are emotionally intense right now is putting it lightly!

Although Mercury Retrograde usually gets all the attention due to its bad reputation, and that has its own energy (see my last post), the bigger news today is Uranus making an ingress into Taurus. This denotes significant changes coming to our planet over the next seven years in terms of what we value as individuals, as families, as communities, as citizens of our country, as societies, and as humans.

Taurus is an earth sign and some of its rulership includes money, possessions, and valuables such as land and property. With Uranus, the planet of revolutionary change entering the sign, we are likely to see some major earth changes coming our way (think earthquakes, volcanoes, mudslides, etc.) as well as major changes in our financial systems and institutions. Not to mention changes to our own personal value systems, such as how we value our way of living and the value we place on human life and the planet itself.

One could hope that this would mean that more people and major corporations will finally put an end to environmental pollution and make way for cleaner technologies once and for good.

This is because major advancements in green technology are likely as well as new and innovative ways of solving our humanitarian problems such as hunger and access to clean drinking water. Being that Uranus has rulership of both technology and humanitarian issues, this is likely and greatly anticipated.

We are also likely to see political upheaval play out on the world stage. Uranus has a way of revolutionizing systems and with the help of both Saturn and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn, applying for an aspect with Uranus, we could possibly see the fall and rise of some governmental systems in the coming years.

And let us not forget the significance of the New Moon acting as the trigger for this Uranus energy in the sign of Pisces. Pisces, being a water sign, is an emotional and spiritual sign; one that seeks unity and connection through empathy and compassion. When the Moon is here, our intuition is heightened as is our ability to tune into others, including animals.

There is a unifying energy to Pisces, as it wants to blur all boundaries and become one with the energy of the universe. But we must be careful not to lose ourselves completely when seeking this union, as we each have an important role to play in the entirety of the universe and our unique perspectives are valued by all of consciousness. Like drops of water in the ocean, we are individual yet part of the All.

Pisces is also a sign that seeks union with the divine or god for lack of a better word. Some of us may experience some very profound spiritual awakenings with this transit as our thoughts around god, religion and spirituality may come into focus at this time. This could indeed lead to existentialism and some serious soul searching, which may ultimately lead us to a new understanding and concept of what god is and who we really are as members of this universe.

This is the time of the Great Awakening and many are being called at this time by the energy of the universe to let go of their outdated beliefs and ideas on who and what god is and embrace the unity consciousness that celebrates all life.

Right now many of us feel the call of our planet, Mother Gaia, asking us to release our fears and our limiting beliefs, to make way for a New Earth by replacing fear and the illusion of separation with forgiveness, compassion and the realization that we are all One. We are making way for a New Earth where humanity is unified and free from our old systems that kept us from the magnificent beings we are capable of becoming. As this energy of the New Moon comes into focus, many more will begin to feel the call and it is only a matter of time before we are making our dream a reality.

With this Pisces New Moon energy, it is a time best utilized by tuning in to your inner wisdom and intuition, having compassion for yourself and for others, and most of all, by following your heart and allowing yourself to dream for a better future.

Photo Credit: I do not know who made this, but I love it and wanted to share it. Thank you to whoever made this image. If you know who made it, please contact me so I can give proper credit.

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