Full Moon in Libra - March 20, 2019

We have the Full Moon in Libra tomorrow on top of the Spring Equinox - a significant time in astrology. This is the beginning of a new astrological year and we are starting it off with the power of the Full Moon!

In Libra, the focus is on our relationships and our ability to appreciate the need for beauty in the world. You can get the best use out of this time by finding the balance between what you need personally and what you need to do for others. It’s about harmony and peaceful negotiations. Remember, you do not need to neglect your own needs in order to have peace in a relationship. In fact, if you do, that is when your relationship will suffer. With the Aries energy of the self and the Libra energy of the other, right now it’s about finding the healthy balance between you and another.

It is also a wonderful time for adding beauty to your body and your environment. Be sure to appreciate the beauty you find around you, and not just for those things (or people) who have aesthetic value, but also the beauty found in words, ideas and personality traits. Look for and expand upon the beauty in your environment by adding in some artwork, a plant or some new colors to the places you find yourself in most often. Celebrate and cultivate the beauty of our earth by spending time appreciating the wonders of the land around you, perhaps in a park or other natural environment.

And finally, remember that the Full Moon time is often a time of extra emotional tension so practice patience, especially if it is needed in your personal relationships. And as always with a Full Moon, it is a time for releasing those things that no longer serve your greatest good, that may include habits, attitudes and sometimes, even people. Just remember to keep your cool should that pesky ego get in your way – it’s often not worth the emotional effort to engage in conflict on a Full Moon!

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