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October 10, 2019

Full Moon in Aries

Full Moon at 20 degrees Aries - Sunday, October 13, 2019.

This month we are handling the intense energies of Aries being expressed through the emotional energies of the Moon as it reflects back to us our own personal needs and the sensitive side of the ego. This can be a time of passionate emotions and selfish displays of personal drama for some. This usually happens when we have been neglecting our own needs for too long and suddenly we find ourselves crying out for much needed change. But in explosive Aries, this can sometimes be expressed much like a volcanic eruption as we tend to act before we think.

If this is you, beware the urge to burn it all to the ground in a fit of rage as Mars, ruler of Aries is also making an opposition to Chiron in Aries, a solar system body known as the “wounded healer”, which can trigger some sensitive areas in your life, especially in your relationships. And let’s not forget Pluto in Capricorn, making an unpleasant T-square between the Sun and the Moon. This heightens the intensity and sometimes demands the need to change the structure of your life. Pluto often brings great change to our personal lives, sometimes violently, which forces us to accept change but it does this in order to make way for something new. After all, transformation is the name of the game with Pluto. And as the caterpillar shows us, personal transformation can be messy but very much worth the effort in the end.

Should you find yourself in the middle of this, keep in mind that Chiron brings along with it the energy of healing, so these changes might be necessary for your soul’s ascension. This time denotes an opportunity for soul growth if you so choose it. This can be a time of healing at a deep level and sometimes it requires drastic adjustments. Chiron shows us our spiritual strengths at the same time and allows us the chance to use them if we can keep our heads...and that can be a real challenge with all this Aries energy going on.

In Aries, we are being asked to be true to ourselves while at the same time not to become so self-involved that we neglect the needs of others. Libra, Aries’ opposite sign, rules relationships and whenever we are dealing with a Full Moon, we are dealing with balancing opposite energies. Libra, being the sign of balance and equality, demands justice and fair treatment in your relationships, but sometimes we get lost in that either by becoming too strong willed and selfishly focused or by becoming too weak willed and neglecting our own personal needs. Now is the time for putting this back into balance, just try to do it without losing your cool by applying the diplomatic strength found in the sign of Libra which sees all sides of an issue.

But don’t let all this Full Moon energy scare you as we are all being asked to release to allow for more growth in our lives. If something is hindering your personal growth, now is the time to examine it and evaluate its place in your life. Does it really need to continue to hinder you or is it time to let it go? Release and expand, that is the message with any Full Moon and this one asks you to look at yourself closely and see what adjustments you need to make in order to allow for your personal growth and to find more harmony in your relationships.

Those most likely affected by these energies are those born in the middle to later half of the cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn or with personal planets in these signs near 20 degrees. If you need help deciphering this in your chart, contact me for a reading and I’ll give you all the juicy details. And don’t forget, I am running a special this month: $20 off readings of 30 minutes or longer when booked during the month of October. This also applies to phone/video chat readings!

Locals, come meditate with me this Full Moon! I will be at the local metaphysical shop,
Avebury Mystikals on Saturday, October 12th at 6 pm. Located at 544 4th Street in Bremerton, WA
where I will conduct a short guided meditation. Afterwards, we will socialize over snacks with like minded
individuals. Come make new friends and enjoy a special full moon discount at the store!

Message me for more details on any of this. Happy Full Moon!

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September 28, 2019

Libra New Moon & New Moon Ritual

This month’s new moon is happening in the air sign of Libra. Libra rules relationships and especially partnerships so we can expect to see the focus more on our personal relationships in the following weeks.
This is an excellent time for re-examining your closest relationships and for making any necessary adjustments to ensure harmony one way or another. Are you spending enough time with your partner? Are you spending enough time on yourself? Sometimes finding harmony may mean letting a relationship go as that person has taught you all they can and it’s time to move on. As painful as this may seem at first, it does us good to remember that there is something to learn from everything and that there is always tomorrow.
Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of desire, love and beauty. This is an excellent time for focusing on your inner and outer beauty and what you can do to help enhance your natural charms. Although it may sound superficial to be concerned with your own beauty, there’s nothing wrong with working on your self-image as it says a lot about how you feel about yourself. You do not need to go overboard, just look for ways to feel as good as you can about yourself and have fun. Finding a healthy balance is key, as Libra reminds us. You can also focus on bringing in more beauty into your home or work space as the Libra energy is refined and comforting in any environment especially when it is expressed through art and music.
Finally, this is an excellent time for having those complicated talks with others as Libra is the sign of the diplomat and knows how to handle the tougher conversations in life. If you need to negotiate with someone, now is the time for taking advantage of the harmonizing energy of Libra. With clear intention and open communication, you will find it easier to come to an agreement with another or to make a compromise when needed.
Just don’t fall into the trap of playing “Mr.” or “Ms.” Nice and not standing up for your own needs for fear of upsetting others. This is a time for equal participation and fair treatment. Speak up if you need to and know that you have every right to renegotiate anything you’re not happy with. Libra wants to see justice and equality and sometimes that means having to confront someone, especially if your needs aren’t being met. Just approach it with an open mind and an open heart and see what happens.
It is all about balance with Libra so this is also a great time for taking a look at your life and seeing where things might need adjusting. How is your work/life balance? Are you spending too much time at the office? Or at home? Are you getting enough social connection? Too much? Is your personal energy in balance or do you need to make some changes? Use the energy of the New Moon to help you affirm to yourself the changes you might need to take and allow yourself to fall back into balance this month.
Here is a quick and easy New Moon ritual for setting intentions in your life. For each new moon, you can focus your intentions around the themes of the zodiac sign for added emphasis.
For this ritual, you will need a piece of paper, a writing utensil, and depending on if you use fire as your element: a fireproof bowl or other type of fireproof container, a lighter or matches. Or depending on if you use earth as your element: a shovel or hand trowel. Optional tools would be: crystals, candles, incense, sage, a way to play music.
Astrologically, the New Moon marks a time of renewal and fresh starts. It lays the groundwork for future manifestations. This is a time for setting your intentions for the coming month, for focusing on improving yourself and for assessing where you are on your life path.
Before you begin, take a few moments to think about what you would like to manifest in your life. Be sure to cover every aspect of your life: home, family, health, work, career, relationships, spirituality and any area where you feel you could use some self‐improvement.
Note: If you are wrestling with an especially emotional issue, you may want to spend some time sitting quietly with the emotions. Do not be afraid to let the emotions be felt, they simply need to be acknowledged and felt by you before they can be released. Sit with it and let it be felt, it will change in a short amount of time and you will feel the relief.
Ask yourself some questions to help you focus. What would you like to see differently? What would you like to draw into your life? What do you need to let go of? What sort of person do you want to become? You can put time limits on your desires, if you like. Be playful about this but keep your manifestations realistic enough to fit into your belief system.
Once you have discovered a desire, write it down in a sentence using the phrase “I intend”. Some examples:
• “I intend to release the need for smoking cigarettes.”
• “I intend to manifest a higher income for myself by the end of the year.”
• “I intend to meditate for fifteen minutes every day.”
Once you have your manifestation sentences written down, read each one again and spend one to two minutes reveling in the feeling of it being true. Visualize it as if it has already happened; imagine what it would feel like and let yourself feel it. This is where the real magick begins, in the emotions, so be sure that you are connecting with your intention through positive emotion and do not let any doubt, worry or fear enter your visualization. Do this for each intention and state them out loud if you can to reaffirm it to the Universe.
When you are done with your list, you have one or two options:
1. Fire: Using the element of fire symbolizes swift action to assist you in manifesting your desires as quickly as possible. Light the piece of paper on fire and allow it to burn in your fireproof container. As it burns, say to yourself or aloud that you are releasing your intentions to the universe as you are consciously making room in your life for new and better things to come.
2. Earth: Using the element of earth symbolizes a slow but steady growth of something that will last. Bury the piece of paper in the ground and as you do so, say to yourself or aloud that you are planting your intentions to the universe as a firm foundation for future growth.
Once the paper has completely burned or is buried, thank your spiritual entities for attending and spend some time reflecting on the idea of opening up space in your life for the new things to come.
If you used fire, dispose of the ashes as you please and if it was an especially emotional time, ground yourself in a manner that feels best to you. Some suggestions: eat good food, have good sex, take a hot bath, meditate, walk barefoot upon the earth or go to sleep.
Now for the following moon cycle, watch as the universe works with you to see your intentions come to life. Remember you are an active participant in this, so your emotional alignment is important – do your best to keep in a positive state of mind when it comes to your intentions and let the universe work out the details for you.
Happy Manifesting!

August 29, 2019

Virgo New Moon

Virgo New Moon Magick
This New Moon is happening in the earth sign of Virgo. But not only do we have the Sun and the Moon in Virgo, we also have Mars, Venus and Mercury in this sign, giving us what is called a stellium (when a cluster of three or more planets occupy the same sign or house). This is some powerful Virgo energy going on and the stars are reminding us to take inventory, attend to the details, get organized, make healthier choices and to be of service to others.
If you’ve been meaning to make some changes to your daily routine, this New Moon is giving you an extra boost of energy to make these changes happen. Perhaps you’ve been meaning to start a new diet or a new exercise routine - now is the perfect time to focus on that as Virgo rules healthy routines. It’s a great time for cleaning out old clutter and getting organized too. It is also a good time to do some preventative maintenance such as getting your car serviced, going to the doctor for a check up or stocking up your pantry for the coming months.
The planets Uranus and Saturn, also in earth signs right now are making a beneficial aspect (grand trine) to this Virgo stellium too, giving us the global energy of needing to change our routines, our structures and our systems which are no longer working. With all this earth energy, the focus is on stability, grounding and establishing a firm foundation. And let’s not forget Pluto, hanging around in this same sign grand earth trine, which brings the energy of destruction before the restructuring on the new foundation can take place. In the sign of Capricorn, we just might see some big names fall in the coming months but this makes way for the new foundation.
Finally, with this New Moon in Virgo, it’s a wonderful time for focusing on creating new healthy habits for yourself and the planet. What do you need in order to feel more in tune with your connection to the earth? If you’re not sure yet, know that whatever steps you need to take to fulfill your wishes will be revealed to you as you set your intentions this New Moon. I suggest writing out your intentions on a piece of paper and then lighting it afire (in a fireproof container!) to symbolize the release. When you do so, connect through the heart and release them into the universe with an open mind and an open heart, then wait for your magick to happen!
How this New Moon will affect you personally depends on where it falls in your chart. For help on this, contact me for a reading.
Happy Intention Making!

August 15, 2019

Announcing My New Silverdale Office!

I am very pleased to announce the opening of my new office in Silverdale!

I am available here for walk-ins on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 12 pm to 4 pm. Other times are availabe by appointment. Come and see me inside the Fillabong & Glass shop located at 2843 NW Kitsap Place in Silverdale, WA 98383. Please note you must be 18+ yrs old to enter!

On Fridays you can still find me inside Avebury Mystikals located at 544 4th St in Bremerton. Walk in hours are from 12pm to 4pm.

Set up an appointment by messaging me here or by sending me a text at (313) 327-2262 or take your chances and stop on by.

And don't forget, I am still offering online readings via video chat for those who cannot see me in person!

For details on the types of readings and coaching I offer, please see my website: https://www.laughing-gypsy.com/

August 14, 2019

Full Moon in Aquarius August 2019

This month the Full Moon coincides with an opposition with Venus and Mars. Combined with the Sun, this brings in a lot of Leo heart energy up against the Aquarius mental energy. It is a balance of the personal and the transpersonal energies.

Aquarius teaches us the importance of not becoming too attached to things or ideas or people. It reminds us of the need for honoring our individual selves but its energies can sometimes come off as too detached and somewhat cold. If we are not careful, we find that we have alienated ourselves. This is where the balance of the heart energy of Leo comes in to help us. Leo energy reminds us that it is the joyful engagement with others that gives us the spark we are all longing for in this life. This Full Moon is a call to celebrate our unique individuality within the collective.

This Full Moon ask yourself where you may be feeling stuck or “fixed” in your life as Aquarius and Leo are both fixed signs. This is the time to shake things up and get unstuck! Full Moons are about releasing. In order to properly release, ask yourself some tough questions.

Are you spending too much time in your head and not enough in your heart? Are you being stubborn about something that really doesn’t require it? It’s also a good time to reevaluate the people in your life; are you spending enough time with the right people for you and your life goals?

This Full Moon, release those negative, limiting thoughts/beliefs you have that are clouding your ability to create the kind of life you want to live right now. Get that energy moving by releasing the blocks you have placed upon your own manifestations and embrace life with open arms as the Leo energy working with the Sun, Venus and Mars is asking us to do right now. It’s telling us to open your heart to life and let your unique light shine bright!

August 5, 2019

Announcing Spiritual Life Coaching and Psychic Mentoring


After several requests for these kinds of services, I went and got myself certified as a Life Coach and a Psychic Healer. In addition to my energy readings, I am now offering two types of mentoring:

SPIRITUAL LIFE COACHING: Begins with a thorough 90 minute energy reading. Follow up appointments entail: identifying your life goals and core values, developing action plans to help you achieve your goals, discussion of spiritual principles and the basis of energy work including understanding and using the Law of Attraction, how to meditate, how to integrate the Shadow self and guidance on healing past trauma if necessary, the art of affirmations and effective positivity, chakra energy check up readings, how to raise your vibrations with my 30 step vibe raising plan, and the art of manifesting a more magickal and rewarding life for yourself. Also free access to all of my workshops. Typically 90 minutes per session.

PSYCHIC MENTORING: Begins with a thorough 90 minute energy reading. Follow up appointments entail: identifying your psychic strengths (clairvoyance, clairsentience etc), designing a plan to develop each “clair”and exercises to practice each clair, learn about psychic protection, how to raise your vibrations with my 30 step vibe raising plan, how to clear and charge your chakras, how to meditate, how to use oracle cards for psychic readings, how to use the pendulum for divination, how to use a crystal ball for clairvoyant visions, how to lucid dream and how to communicate clearly with your spirit guides. You will also gain access to my Facebook group for Psychic Development for Empaths, a place to practice your psychic skills, ask questions and get support. Also free access to all of my workshops. Typically 90 minutes per session.

Also, I now work in time increments, no matter if it's a reading or mentoring:
15 minutes - $20*
30 minutes - $40
45 minutes - $60
60 minutes - $80
90 minutes - $100**
* Best for specific topic readings and repeat customers.
** Best for life coaching or psychic students.
Please note: exact birth time is needed for accuracy in astrology.
For Locals Only...until my internet situation improves 😉
For more info see my website: https://www.laughing-gypsy.com/p/readings.html

July 30, 2019

Black New Moon in Leo July 2019

Tomorrow is the New Moon in Leo and I'm not gonna lie, it's one of my favorites! Why? Because it's a time for focusing on the joy of life and enhancing it wherever you can! And that's what I'm all about, I am the Laughing Gypsy after all - I love to laugh and to feel good! It's what makes life fun 

Not only do we have a New Moon but Mercury, the planet of communication, mental thought processes and all things tech, is going direct once more and we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief.

The previous hectic energy of the past moon cycle is coming to a close and it's time we turn our focus on the areas and those people in our lives that make life worth living. Where can you be more generous with your time and energy? Where can you be more loving?

It's also a time for relaxing a bit and lightening up. Where in your life could you be a little less serious? Where do you need to have more fun? Perhaps you've been so focused on fixing everything from the last moon cycle that you've neglected the kid inside you. Relax, be playful and look on the bright side. Leo is ruled by the Sun after all and it's the perfect season for relaxing in the sun! Camping trip anyone?

It's also good energy for setting intentions for enhancing your creativity! If you've been itchy to get crafty and artistic or think in new, innovative ways, now is the time for focusing yourself in that direction. The creative energies of the New Moon will support your efforts, so go and enjoy your creativity!

While you're doing all the above, why not include a little indulgence too? Go on, pamper yourself and your loved ones. Life is short and you may never get another opportunity, just know and honor your limits and you'll be fine.

Most of all, the energy of the Leo Moon says "have fun!" so make that a higher priority in your life and let the magick happen. 

July 16, 2019

July Full Moon in Capricorn - Embracing the Shadow Self

It's the Full Moon in Capricorn today; it's also a partial Lunar Eclipse. This is some powerful energy to work through. While sitting in meditation last night, I received the inspiration to share this message:

At the time of this powerful Full Moon, the collective is asking us to face our Shadow selves and fully integrate them into ourselves with acceptance and appreciation. When we take the time to acknowledge our darkness and honor it for what it teaches us, we can live in a more harmonious and complete state of being.

Are there parts of yourself that you do not fully love? That you wish did not exist? Do you find yourself judging others? Wishing they would be different? This is your shadow self, those parts that we do not like within ourselves and those parts we do not like to see in others. What we often don’t recognize is that the other people are merely reflections of our own beliefs and if we see something we do not like, it is the part of ourselves that we do not accept and have not integrated into ourselves.

This Full Moon is the perfect opportunity for us to release this reluctance to face the Shadow self as the Sun shines brightly upon the Moon’s surface, revealing hidden truths. Do not be afraid of the Shadow, but bring Light upon it - that is, intelligent thought - so that you may see its value fully and embrace the wholeness of Self. This Shadow helps you in understanding all that you are capable of being and helps you to define who it is you want to become. You are creating You and as you learn more about who it is you wish to Be, you are given opportunities to Be it, to embody it. Embrace the fullness of You and then choose whom you wish to Be from there. But one cannot do this with integrity if one does not first accept the Shadow for just like in photography, without the shadows, we cannot see the whole image.

On a global scale, this Full Moon also symbolizes the Shadow on the level of the Collective. We are at the stage of revelation right now in the cosmic timeline, where many hidden truths are being made known. The Shadow is being exposed. Many of the people we thought we could trust and even idolized are going to be showing their true colors over the coming years and this may leave some of us feeling very raw and confused. Many unpleasant truths will be revealed and their secrets can no longer hide in Shadow. 

But do not let the drama on the world stage scare you, we are all in this together and as you work on yourself, you help Heal the world. Focus on you and really the only thing within your personal control – that is, your response to Life.

Remember that you always have a choice in any given circumstance: do you respond from Fear or do you respond from Love? Choose Love if for no other reason than that it feels better than Fear. For that is the only thing that truly matters in this life – how you feel right here, right now. Choose Love and you not only help yourself, but you help Heal the world.

Much Love to You,


“I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.” – The Beatles

June 20, 2019

Raising Your Vibes Through Meditation

As Einstein showed us, everything is energy - even our thoughts and emotions. Energy emits a frequency which gives off vibrations. We are vibrational beings first and foremost and so we can transmit and receive these vibrations easily, sort of like psychic antennas – empaths are especially sensitive to these energies. 

We can sometimes store this energy in our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies. If the energy becomes slowed or blocked, our lives suffer, creating lower vibrations which then attract lower energies which can create all sorts of trouble in our daily lives. The lower the vibe, the worse we feel. The good news is that lower vibrations cannot remain around us if we are in a higher vibration. The higher vibration cancels out the lower. Therefore, if we want to feel good, it becomes our personal duty to remain vigilant of our own vibes. 

The following are some suggestions on how to raise and keep your vibrations higher. 

Daily Tranquility Meditation 

Meditation is one of the quickest ways to raise your vibes. It can be as simple as taking a few minutes each day to sit quietly and breathe. The following is a basic meditation for relaxation. If you are new to this, it is recommended to start with just five minutes at first. As you practice, you can extend the time, little by little. I like to take no more than 15 minutes every morning for this.

You will find that this meditation is simple, but not necessarily easy. You will sit, breathe and find that a million thoughts seem to come to you. You will squirm to get more comfortable. You will find un-explainable itches. You will find your mind wandering off again and again. All of this is normal. And you will get better in time. 

To help with your meditation, there needs to be a focus such as an object, a visual point or your breath. For beginners, using your breath as your focus is recommended, but you want to allow for each breath to occur naturally. Inhale and feel the breath going in. When you exhale, feel the breath going out into the space around you. By following both the inward and outward breath, you are able to maintain a steady focus. 

This meditation requires patience, but thankfully patience is one of the key qualities you develop as you practice. Learning to sit still, both in mind and body, requires time. As your meditation skill increases, you will find you are more patient with circumstances and other people in your daily life. 

There are many other kinds of meditation, but this one is very effective for training the mind to be still. Be sure to try several different kinds to see what best suits you.

If you should find that emotions begin to come up when you do this meditation, that is fine and natural. Many times we unconsciously hide uncomfortable emotions in ourselves and when we finally quiet the mind long enough, these emotions tend to surface. Do not be afraid of the emotions, simply sit with them and let them be felt. They need expression before that energy can be transformed, that is why they are coming up in your mediation. Once you allow them time to be felt by you, you will find that their energy transmutes and you can release it with ease. If this is especially difficult for you, such as in the case of severe trauma, sit with a trusted friend or a professional therapist for support.

1. Sit comfortably. Sit upright, but do not strain to do so. Sitting upright allows you to breathe properly.
2. Place your hands lightly on your thighs. Your arms should not feel any stress. Your elbows will be close to your torso.
3. Focus your eyes about six feet in front of you, looking down toward the floor. Soften your eyes and find a focus point that is easy to maintain without stress. 
4. Now pay attention to your breath. Notice how it feels to breathe in and out. Follow your breath out, almost as though you can see the movement of the air.
5. You will naturally breathe in again. Then follow the breath out.
6. As you do this, thoughts will occur naturally. The idea of the meditation is to recognize the thoughts, and then return to following your breath.
7. Label the thoughts “thinking”, check the comfort of your posture, and then follow the breath again.
8. Repeat this for the allotted time.

This single pointed mediation can have an object such as a candle for its focus if you like. With practice, you will find that you cease to stare at your focal point, and your eyes become relaxed and perhaps slightly unfocused. You can also do this meditation with your eyes closed if you prefer.

Other Ways to Raise Your Vibes

In the crazy pace most of us find ourselves in these days, it is vital that we do what we can to raise and keep our vibrations high or else we risk losing our peace of mind which leads to many other life problems. For it is with the perception that we determine our reality and if our perception is skewed by stress, worry, anxiety and fear, then that is the lens from which our reality must be filtered. But if we take the time to actively work on raising our vibrations, we naturally can gain the perspective of our higher self, allowing more peace and serenity into our life and from there, life can flow more smoothly. Meditation is a key factor on your path to inner peace, but the following are other ways to raise your vibes. Enjoy!

Connect daily to your Spiritual Path
Release your trauma if needed (seek professional counseling if needed, it’s time to heal)
Clear your chakras daily 
Spend an hour (or as long as you can) daydreaming in a natural environment every day or as often as possible
Take warm baths with candles, Epsom salt and soft music (engage the senses and relax the body)
Get creative, make art, poetry, music (creating & appreciating beauty raises vibes)
Play more with children and animals (they naturally vibrate higher)
Eat less dense foods (eat more raw, whole foods)
Go for a walk in the woods
Keep a gratitude journal (write three things daily)
Volunteer your time to a charity (or make donations) and don’t tell others about it
Get moving (go for a walk, do yoga, dance)
Read more books (non-fiction for self-improvement, fiction for engaging the imagination)
Take a new route to work/school (this stimulates the brain and awakens new pathways)
Always be learning a new skill (stimulates the brain and gives you satisfaction)
Perform random acts of kindness (engages and uplifts the heart chakras of all those around you)
Stop negativity, practice positivity (listen to your speech)
Avoid escaping through drugs or alcohol (seek professional help if needed)
Spend much, much less time on social media (this is destructive in so many ways)
Pick up trash in public spaces
Go to the park and walk barefoot upon the earth
Carry helpful crystals with you. Some suggestions: onyx, amethyst, labradorite, clear or rose quartz and citrine.
Cut back your cell phone usage (the Wi-Fi signal weakens your nervous system)
Stop or cut back dramatically on television, even the news (too much time around electronics weakens your nervous system). Don’t worry about not being informed; people will alert you to anything really important
Cut back on your sugar intake, seek natural sweeteners instead. Avoid artificial sweeteners!
Take a walk around your neighborhood and talk to or wave to your neighbors as you pass
Notice your consumption habits and donate or get rid of any excess stuff you may have lying around
Start a garden and learn to grow and cook your own food
Walk or take your bike instead of your car whenever the opportunity arises
Accept that you are here with a higher purpose and that you are on the path to your greater good

I hope you find this information useful, please share with anyone else who could benefit from this knowledge. For more personal help and guidance on your life path, book your reading with me

May you find the peace within.

June 16, 2019

Easy Full Moon Release Ritual

In astrology, the Moon represents our feelings and emotions. During the Full Moon, the Moon reflects back those parts of ourselves (represented by the Sun) that we do not always notice and may not always like about ourselves. This is our time to recognize those things in our life that no longer serve our greatest good and to consciously release them.
The Full Moon in Sagittarius is happening early tomorrow morning! Release and prepare for the new with the coming New Moon in July which is also a Solar Eclipse - those things can pack a punch!
Easy Full Moon Releasing Ritual
For this ritual, you will need a piece of paper, a writing utensil, a fireproof bowl or other type of fireproof container, a lighter or matches. Optional tools would be: crystals, candles, incense, sage, a way to play music.
  1. Prepare your environment for relaxation. Some ideas: light candles, put on some soft music, burn some incense or smudge the room. Or go outdoors and prepare a comfortable setting.
  2. Meditate for a brief period of time to relax, unwind and prepare for releasing. Three to five minutes is fine but take longer if needed and if you'd had an especially rough day.
  3. Depending on your spiritual beliefs, you may call on your deity/spirit guides/elementals/angels/ascended masters as appropriate for your spiritual beliefs. Ask them to be with you during this time of releasing and thank them for their protection and guidance.
  4. Take a few moments to reflect on the areas of your life that you would like to release. Examples: releasing the need for acceptance from others, releasing anxiety over something, releasing the pain from a recent argument, releasing anger over an issue that's been bothering you.
    1. If you are wrestling with an especially emotional release, you may want to spend some time sitting quietly with the emotions. Do not be afraid to let the emotions be felt, they simply need to be acknowledged and felt by you before they can be released. Sit with it and let it be felt, it will change in a short amount of time and you will feel the relief.
  5. On a piece of paper, write down those things you wish to release. Give each item its own sentence. As you write, consciously and emotionally connect with the act of releasing the item.
  6. When you are done, light the piece of paper on fire and allow it to burn in your fireproof container. As it burns, repeat to yourself or aloud that you are releasing these things from your life and consciously making room in your life for new and better things to come. The fire symbolizes the release of these energies in a swift and final manner.
  7. Once the paper has completely burned, thank your spiritual entities for attending and spend some time reflecting on the idea of opening up space in your life for the new things to come.
  8. Dispose of the ashes as you please and if it was an especially emotional release, ground yourself in a manner that feels best to you. Some suggestions: eat something, have sex, take a bath, go to sleep, meditate, walk barefoot upon the earth.
Once you have completed your Full Moon releasing, you have approximately two weeks before the next New Moon. During these two weeks, pay attention to how the things you released with this Full Moon are changing or ending and make note of areas in your life where you would like to set new intentions for personal growth during the coming New Moon.
The next New Moon is on July 2nd and it is happening in the sign of Cancer. This is also a Solar Eclipse which can sometimes trigger big changes for people, depending on their personal charts. If you would like to know more about how the New Moon is going to affect you personally, contact me for a reading.
Happy Full Moon Releasing!

June 15, 2019

New Walk-In Hours in Bremerton

Announcing my new Walk-In Hours at Avebury Mystikals in Bremerton!

My walk-in hours at the local metaphysical shop are now Fridays and Saturdays from 12 pm to 4 pm. Other times are available by appointment.

And don't forget, I also do ONLINE READINGS for those who cannot see me in person!
Come see me at Avebury Mystikals at 544 4th St., Bremerton, WA

Or book an appointment for another time by texting me at 313-327-2262 or messaging me on my business page: http://www.laughing-gypsy.com/

April 25, 2019

Psychic Development and Protection for Empaths

For my local clients, I am conducting a workshop out of the local metaphysical shop!


Are you an Empath? An empath is someone who is highly sensitive to the energies around them. They can easily absorb other people's emotions and/or physical symptoms as well as soak up the energy in the room like a sponge. They are often used as energy sources for those who cannot replenish their own, leaving the Empath feeling mentally drained, emotionally tired and sometimes physically ill.

The number of Empaths is growing rapidly on this planet as humanity's consciousness Awakens. For Empaths to survive in today's world, it is vital to know the proper protection techniques to help them to remain strong and yet still connected to the Universal wisdom within. This is why we have decided to produce this workshop!

In this workshop you will learn how to:

-identify and develop your natural psychic abilities
-use psychic tools to enhance your skills
-meditate for clarity and direction
-properly ground and center yourself
-properly shield and replenish yourself

Join us for this 90 minute workshop led by Rachelle Barron Knight, AKA The Laughing Gypsy and hosted by Avebury Mystikals.  Friday, May 24th at 6:30 p.m. Cost is $40 per person.
Only 15 seats are available.

If you're interested, you can purchase your ticket online athttps://squareup.com/store/avebury-mystikals or in person at Avebury Mystikals located at 544 4th St. Bremerton, WA. Cost is $40. Tickets are non-refundable.

March 19, 2019

Full Moon in Libra - March 20, 2019

We have the Full Moon in Libra tomorrow on top of the Spring Equinox - a significant time in astrology. This is the beginning of a new astrological year and we are starting it off with the power of the Full Moon!

In Libra, the focus is on our relationships and our ability to appreciate the need for beauty in the world. You can get the best use out of this time by finding the balance between what you need personally and what you need to do for others. It’s about harmony and peaceful negotiations. Remember, you do not need to neglect your own needs in order to have peace in a relationship. In fact, if you do, that is when your relationship will suffer. With the Aries energy of the self and the Libra energy of the other, right now it’s about finding the healthy balance between you and another.

It is also a wonderful time for adding beauty to your body and your environment. Be sure to appreciate the beauty you find around you, and not just for those things (or people) who have aesthetic value, but also the beauty found in words, ideas and personality traits. Look for and expand upon the beauty in your environment by adding in some artwork, a plant or some new colors to the places you find yourself in most often. Celebrate and cultivate the beauty of our earth by spending time appreciating the wonders of the land around you, perhaps in a park or other natural environment.

And finally, remember that the Full Moon time is often a time of extra emotional tension so practice patience, especially if it is needed in your personal relationships. And as always with a Full Moon, it is a time for releasing those things that no longer serve your greatest good, that may include habits, attitudes and sometimes, even people. Just remember to keep your cool should that pesky ego get in your way – it’s often not worth the emotional effort to engage in conflict on a Full Moon!

March 4, 2019

Pisces New Moon 2019: Awakening to the New Earth

Are you feeling the shifting energies lately?  That’s most likely because we have some major planetary motion going on right now!

Mercury goes retrograde today in the final degree of Pisces. In addition, we also have the New Moon in Pisces tomorrow morning. And let’s not forget that Uranus, the planet of the unexpected will settle into the sign of Taurus tomorrow and will remain there for the next seven years! There are also some very powerful solar waves emitting their frequencies into our atmosphere at this time. To say that things are emotionally intense right now is putting it lightly!

Although Mercury Retrograde usually gets all the attention due to its bad reputation, and that has its own energy (see my last post), the bigger news today is Uranus making an ingress into Taurus. This denotes significant changes coming to our planet over the next seven years in terms of what we value as individuals, as families, as communities, as citizens of our country, as societies, and as humans.

Taurus is an earth sign and some of its rulership includes money, possessions, and valuables such as land and property. With Uranus, the planet of revolutionary change entering the sign, we are likely to see some major earth changes coming our way (think earthquakes, volcanoes, mudslides, etc.) as well as major changes in our financial systems and institutions. Not to mention changes to our own personal value systems, such as how we value our way of living and the value we place on human life and the planet itself.

One could hope that this would mean that more people and major corporations will finally put an end to environmental pollution and make way for cleaner technologies once and for good.

This is because major advancements in green technology are likely as well as new and innovative ways of solving our humanitarian problems such as hunger and access to clean drinking water. Being that Uranus has rulership of both technology and humanitarian issues, this is likely and greatly anticipated.

We are also likely to see political upheaval play out on the world stage. Uranus has a way of revolutionizing systems and with the help of both Saturn and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn, applying for an aspect with Uranus, we could possibly see the fall and rise of some governmental systems in the coming years.

And let us not forget the significance of the New Moon acting as the trigger for this Uranus energy in the sign of Pisces. Pisces, being a water sign, is an emotional and spiritual sign; one that seeks unity and connection through empathy and compassion. When the Moon is here, our intuition is heightened as is our ability to tune into others, including animals.

There is a unifying energy to Pisces, as it wants to blur all boundaries and become one with the energy of the universe. But we must be careful not to lose ourselves completely when seeking this union, as we each have an important role to play in the entirety of the universe and our unique perspectives are valued by all of consciousness. Like drops of water in the ocean, we are individual yet part of the All.

Pisces is also a sign that seeks union with the divine or god for lack of a better word. Some of us may experience some very profound spiritual awakenings with this transit as our thoughts around god, religion and spirituality may come into focus at this time. This could indeed lead to existentialism and some serious soul searching, which may ultimately lead us to a new understanding and concept of what god is and who we really are as members of this universe.

This is the time of the Great Awakening and many are being called at this time by the energy of the universe to let go of their outdated beliefs and ideas on who and what god is and embrace the unity consciousness that celebrates all life.

Right now many of us feel the call of our planet, Mother Gaia, asking us to release our fears and our limiting beliefs, to make way for a New Earth by replacing fear and the illusion of separation with forgiveness, compassion and the realization that we are all One. We are making way for a New Earth where humanity is unified and free from our old systems that kept us from the magnificent beings we are capable of becoming. As this energy of the New Moon comes into focus, many more will begin to feel the call and it is only a matter of time before we are making our dream a reality.

With this Pisces New Moon energy, it is a time best utilized by tuning in to your inner wisdom and intuition, having compassion for yourself and for others, and most of all, by following your heart and allowing yourself to dream for a better future.

Photo Credit: I do not know who made this, but I love it and wanted to share it. Thank you to whoever made this image. If you know who made it, please contact me so I can give proper credit.

February 28, 2019

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

Mercury goes Retrograde on March 5, 2019 at 29 degrees of Pisces and will turn direct once again on March 28, with the post-shadow period ending on April 16. We entered the pre-shadow period on February 19th. It is during the pre-shadow time that we often see the conditions set up for the retrograde phase that follows, where we may have skipped important details, made false assumptions or made errors in our communication. It also sometimes shows trouble with traveling and transportation.

During the retrograde phase, we see the consequences of our inattention to detail and our desire to take the easy way out. Any wrong assumptions we have made are also revealed as well as errors in communication and transportation may come up for some. This is the crucial time to pay attention, practice due diligence and to check and recheck the details of important matters. I always advise making backup plans.

Mercury Retrograde has gotten a bad reputation over the years, although it doesn't really deserve it. The retrograde cycle, while sometimes inconvenient and annoying, is actually a time for us to discover what is not working properly in our lives. It is a good time for revealing the real issues in our lives that need our attention in order to resolve them. It is also a good time for attending to those things you have put on the back burner, a time for reflective thought, inner work, spiritual work and finding yourself.

On the mundane level, Mercury retrograde can add to the confusion, delays, errors in communication and transportation we see all around us and there isn't much we can do about that. But we can prepare for any bumps by taking the time to double check things and to plan ahead.

On the personal level, we can manage the retrograde period by being centered; conscious and aware of what is going on around us. Most importantly, we can manage this time best when we are acting from the heart.

If we instead react from our needs, our hurts, our fears or our personal triggers, then we are acting from our shadow self. But this is what Mercury retrograde is all about. It is a time to clear your tendencies to react to life from the shadow self and the shadows of others. It is a time to re-group, review, rejuvenate and to renew. And most importantly, it is a time to realign yourself to your Spirit.

Depending on your chart, this Mercury retrograde will effect you differently. Look for 29 degrees of Pisces in your chart to know which house it is happening in for you. If you need help discovering this information, contact me with your birth day, year, time and place and I will run a quick chart for you and let you know where this is occurring in your personal chart.

Remember to practice patience during this period and be sure to be prepared with backup plans. For some extra tips, here is my quick survival guide!

February 3, 2019

New Moon in Aquarius 2019

Tomorrow, February 4th, 2019 at 1:04 pm PST, the New Moon is happening at 15 degrees Aquarius. Today, tomorrow and the next day is your window for setting New Moon intentions!

What this Aquarius Sun/Moon energy signifies in general is a time for shaking things up! If you’ve got anything holding you back from being your true self or if you have an unhealthy habit that you need to break, now is the time to release those things without emotional attachment, embrace the changes and move forward in the spirit of re-inventing yourself!

This is also a wonderful time for doing something to help your fellow humans such as volunteering or donating to a cause. It is also an excellent time for hanging out with your tribe. Remember, Aquarius is actually an air sign, despite its name as the water bearer, which means it likes social engagement! This energy likes to think, talk, share ideas, and invent new ways to solve the world’s problems.

What it could mean for you personally all depends on your birth chart, which is unique to you. If you would like some help on that, contact me for a reading. I’ll need your accurate birth time to cast your chart. I’m happy to help you understand your own personal chart and how to use this knowledge for you to live a more fulfilling and heartfelt life. After all, that is what makes life worth living!

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