March 24, 2018

Quantum Physics and the World of Possibilities

I’m going to get a little scientific here, so if you are not scientifically minded, please bear with me. I merely wish to convey the reasoning and speculation behind some of my beliefs.

From what we know and have experienced so far in Quantum Physics, we know that the simple act of observing a wave-particle (tiny bits of matter) affects the behavior of it. This was proven in the famous double-slit experiment, which for the sake of brevity, I won’t get into here. However, I do recommend researching it a little as the quantum world is truly fascinating and it opens your mind to new thoughts. Suffice it to say, science has proven that we play a role in the outcome of an event (whether we want to or not) simply by the act of observing it.

Quantum Physics also shows us that matter holds within itself infinite possibilities for any state of being. In other words, it holds possibilities of being anywhere in space and time and it holds possibilities of being in any state, e.g. alive or dead, working or broken, thick or thin, etc. This was famously calculated by Nobel prize winning physicist Erwin Schrodinger and is best understood in his thought experiment known as Schrodinger’s Cat, another subject I won’t get into much here as this isn’t intended to be a scientific case study. This experiment illustrates the concept of quantum superposition, a fundamental principle of quantum mechanics. It states that, similar to waves in classical physics, any two or more quantum states can be added together and the result will be another quantum state; and conversely, that every quantum state can be represented as a sum of two or more other distinct states. In other words, all things are connected and anything is possible.

This has huge implications when it comes to understanding the nature of reality. At the subatomic level, when matter is in the wave state, it abides in a state of all possibilities (superposition). However, when it is observed by something which can measure it, i.e. us humans, it collapses on only one of those possibilities and becomes a particle. In other words, the nature of matter at the subatomic level suggests that all possibilities are present when we are not observing it, but once we do, it collapses into one possibility which we then call reality.

Which gives rise to some questions: if our simple observation of something can affect the behavior of matter, then what could happen when we deliberately focus our attention on it? What if we applied intention? What happens then? And this is where we must make the leap from scientific reasoning to spiritual understanding.

Perception and The Vibrational Reality

Have you ever played with a tuning fork? I remember doing some experiments in my high school physics class using tuning forks. Tuning forks are very interesting in that they demonstrate the nature of not only sound but of vibration. We know that when two tuning forks are in agreement, that is, at the same frequency, we get resonance between the two. We see resonance when one of the tuning forks is struck and the other one begins to vibrate at the same tone. We also know that when two tuning forks are not in agreement, that is, at different frequencies, we get what we call interference when the tuning forks are struck, producing a disharmonious effect.

We also know that sound vibrations affect the way in which things are perceived visually. When struck and placed in front of a strobe light for example, the two tines of the tuning fork appear to move back and forth, seeming to bend. Although logic tells that the tines cannot actually move like that, our eyes tell us that they do. The light also emits a frequency and when the sound frequency interacts with it, the results are palpable. This demonstrates how frequency can affect our perception.

So what if everything in the universe were actually made up of sound vibrations? Since we know that all things in the universe are made up of energy and energy emits vibration then it is not so far out there to consider that everything in this universe is actually sound emitting vibrations. For it is our ability to perceive which determines that which we experience. This can be understood by the thought experiment, if a tree falls in a forest and nobody's around to hear it, does it still make a sound? Quantum physics is telling us that the answer is no, it does not. There must be a receiver to perceive it. In other words, the observer’s presence has a direct effect on the experience.

Through scientific experimentation, we have discovered that sound can actually emit light. This process is called Sonoluminescence. While this is still being tested and scientists do not completely agree on what causes this phenomenon, I feel that it is enough for us to play with the possibility that everything we perceive is actually because of sound frequencies.

The idea that the universe is made up of sound waves is not entirely new. In fact, it has been suggested in some of the ancient religious texts and practices. In the Christian religion, the Bible says that God spoke the universe into existence. In the Hindu religion, the Upanishads say that the sound of all creation is Om (pronounced AUM). “Om” is a mantra as is “Amen” and “Shalom” along with many others. Mantras are believed to be words of power which are listened to or recited to achieve resonance with specific attributes of divine energy. We find use of such words of power in many different spiritual practices such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and many Native American tribes. In fact, these sacred sounds can be found at the roots of practically every major religious practice today.

Imagine each person as a tuning fork. With our understanding of resonance and interference, it makes sense why we seem to just click with some people and we seem repelled by others. When we are with someone who’s at a similar frequency, we get along very well and we seem to be “in tune” with one another as we resonant in our communications. Other times we may find ourselves with someone who is not of the same frequency and we immediately feel uncomfortable as together we create interference, unable to communicate clearly with one another.

This video here shows some wonderful demonstrations on the nature of sound vibrations and how they effect the natural world:

So what if we went with this idea and accepted that the Law of Attraction was real? This might mean that we ourselves are like the tuning forks, each one of us vibrating at different frequencies and attracting to us those which are like the frequencies we are emitting. But we have an advantage over the tuning fork because we can deliberately change our frequency. We do so by controlling our emotional output, in other words, our mood. When we can focus deliberately on emitting a frequency through our emotional energy, we can control the things which we attract into our experience. So if your mood is one of time shortage, frustration and feeling hurried, you emit a frequency which attracts more of that energy. While you are moving about, emitting this frequency, you find yourself knocking things over, breaking things or perhaps other people get in your way. All of these things came about from and contribute to the emotions you are emitting. Like attracts like after all and the more focused we are, the greater the momentum of energy and the sooner the manifested reality comes about. Is it so far fetched to think that perhaps this is the way all energy in the universe works?

Our study of sound is still in its infancy and we certainly need to conduct further studies in order to explore the possibilities only suggested by this idea. But I feel that the more we understand the world of sound, the more we will understand about the nature of reality and our vital role in the making and perception of it.

You Create Your Own Reality

So if it is real that all things are possible and if it is true that the Law of Attraction exists, what does that mean for our everyday existence as human beings?

Quantum Physics suggests that it means that we are the creators of what we call reality and I have to concur. I believe that each one of us has a unique, individual experience of reality based on our individual point of attraction. In other words, we experience reality based on our perspective and our perspective is determined by our thoughts and beliefs. What I experience as reality may not necessarily be the same as what you experience. We can see this in cases where multiple eyewitnesses of an event have different stories of what actually took place. This is because each one of us has our own lens of perception through which we experience the world. And this is a good thing as the diversity and the contrast created by that diversity allows us to continuously evolve, but more on that later. It also means that we can learn how to apply deliberate intent in order to change the lens to be one of our conscious choosing.

Taking this further, we can begin to examine and explore the idea of multiple universes which is currently only a scientific theory. But what if each one of us is actually living in our own version of the universe, experiencing life through the lens of our unique perspective? What if our realities could blend together, allowing us to interact, respond and co-create with one another? This is where we would have certain agreed upon attributes such as the earth and its gravity. But for the most part, we are each creating and living in our own, unique universe.

Even though this is just a theory and scientists are just beginning to explore this idea, imagine if this is how reality actually works. This would mean that anything is possible and what we call “reality” is really just the perspective of the perceiver. This would also mean that truth is relative as what we believe, we perceive. If this were so, then the Law of Attraction would continue to bring to us evidence of our beliefs, therefore proving to ourselves what we believe to be true. This is why each religion believes that it is right, this is why people believe what they saw actually happened and this is why we can make anything true for ourselves as truth is individual and based on our unique perspective.

As lofty and as far out as that may seem to you, I believe that this is the true nature of reality. And if it is true, then it becomes paramount that we learn how to become more prudent in our focus. Simply stated, it is a matter of either being a deliberate creator of our lives or creating our lives by default. The more we understand our role in our own creation/evolution, the more we can focus deliberately to create a more satisfying and thrilling life experience for ourselves. And that, is what life’s all about.


March 17, 2018

Thoughts Are More Powerful Than Action

Living in a material world where action leads to consequence, we humans tend to forget a very basic, very powerful truth of creation. We forget about our ability to think, to imagine, to feel, to create. We forget about the power of our emotions. We consider them to be embarrassing and unnecessary hindrances to our achievements. We discount our emotions as we set goals and focus on an action plan. If we do not attain our goals, we just come back with more action next time.

We get caught up with the actions that will produce results and we neglect the one facet which determines our success more than any other thing we can ever do with our actions. Living in a society that sees action as the best solution, we believe that it is only the action which gets the results we are wanting. But if we are living in only in a world of action, we are living well below our potential.

Our thoughts are powerful, more powerful than most people realize. For it is in our thoughts that the creation is born and it is in the emotion that the manifestations first appear. Wherever you look, you can see the evidence of this in our material world. Every man-made thing was once a thought in someone’s mind, an idea that was brought into physical form. Every piece of art was brought forth by thoughts and emotions which swirled around in the artist’s mind. Every brilliant piece of music, every culinary dish, every piece of clothing, every building in the world, was first a thought and that thought was focused upon long enough to inspire action which then produced a manifestation in this timespace reality. This is the full creative force of consciousness. This is the power that created our universe and this is the power which keeps creation going.

The same holds true for our bodies. When we are harboring negative feelings for a long enough period of time, our bodies respond to those feelings by producing tangible results. The next time you get a physical ailment, stop and think about how you felt when the incident occurred. What were you thinking at the time, what was the emotional atmosphere? And how does that ailment make you feel emotionally? If you are paying attention to your thoughts and emotions, you will begin to notice how they play a creative part in your physical world. This is not a new concept, but it is one which is not often considered by most of Western society. When you begin to notice the correlation between your thoughts and your body’s response, you are on your way to becoming truly empowered for you begin to see just how powerful your thoughts can be.

In his book, The Hidden Messages in Water, Dr. Masaru Emoto, demonstrates the influence thoughts can have on water. Using high-speed photography, Dr. Emoto discovered that the frozen crystals of different types of water revealed changes in structure when specific and concentrated thoughts were directed toward them. When the water was exposed to loving words, the crystals formed beautiful, complex and colorful, snowflake like patterns. But when the water was exposed to negative words, the crystals formed incomplete, asymmetrical, and dull colored patterns. The differences were stark and noteworthy. When one realizes that the human body is mostly made up of water, the implications of his research are life changing.

Our western society promotes action and downplays the importance of emotion. Here in my country, we are a left-brain, action orientated type of society which tends to see emotions as messy and not to get sexist, but being in the realm of moody, hormonal women. In the business world, being emotional is seen as a weakness and in fact, is considered to be detrimental to our success. For the most part, emotions are not given much credence and they are certainly not taken very seriously by most of the action-orientated world. We save the “drama” of emotions for our daytime soap operas and our tantrum throwing children. But by labeling our emotions as a low priority, we are doing ourselves a huge disservice. By neglecting the emotional world, we are operating at a fraction of our capacity for we are neglecting the power that creates worlds.

Imagine what it would be like when we allow the fullness of ourselves into our material world. Imagine following the good emotions and seeing where they led us. Imagine incorporating our emotional guidance before taking action. Imagine receiving the emotional inspiration to take an action which will lead to wondrous creations. This is how the great works of art are made. This is how the amazing results of focused vision are made. This is how we truly create.

Imagine a world full of deliberate thinkers, of emotionally connected creators. No longer would the great achievements be for the masters alone, but for anyone willing to tap into that energy. That’s tapping into the universal, creative power from which we came. That’s true leverage. And that’s where we must all ultimately go as we continue to evolve as beings.

Slowly, the world is beginning to wake up to this truth and as we do, it is our responsibility as deliberate creators to create the type of world we all want to live in. The future is ours for the making.

Are you up for the task?


March 10, 2018

Everything is Energy

We once believed that everything in the universe was solid and that all matter behaved in predictable and calculable ways. The Newtonian Physics model was believed to be the heart of scientific knowledge and all things acted in accordance to these laws of physics. But around the turn of the twentieth century, scientists started to study energy and the old worldview was turned on its head. As we devised better and better scientific instruments, we began to explore the relationship between energy and the structure of matter and we discovered that the solid world as we perceive it to be is actually an elaborate illusion of solidity.

The fascinating world of Quantum Physics tells us that at the minute, subatomic level everything in this universe is actually made up of energy. Quantum physicists have discovered that physical atoms are made up of tiny vortices of energy that are constantly fluctuating and vibrating, each one emitting its own unique energy frequency or signature. And if we are to say that the Big Bang was the birth of the universe, it also tells us that each and every particle of the universe is somehow entangled (or connected) by an invisible force. In a sense, Quantum Physics is telling us that we are all made up of the same stuff and we are all connected at some level.

It is easy to conclude then that this is true even of our physical bodies, but we also innately know that we are more than just our bodies. We know that we have a consciousness which is present, a pilot of our body and we know with our thinking minds that we are capable of much more than just driving around a pile of bones and flesh. We have the ability to dream, to think, to imagine, to visualize, to reason and to contemplate. Science tells us that our thoughts are also energy which emit a frequency just like everything else in this universe. But if our thoughts are energy, then what is that energy? When we begin to perceive the world as energy fluctuating at different frequencies, we open our minds up to the idea that there must be something managing and maneuvering that energy. What is that something? Is it possible that we can control the frequencies of this energy? Where did it come from? And why? What is it all for?

These are the questions which have plagued mankind for centuries, and the driving force behind our scientific and spiritual investigations. Through my own living of life and the many different books I have studied, I have developed my own theories and explanations for what it is all about and how it all works. Mine is an ever expanding understanding of the nature of our being and I by no means claim to be an authority on the nature of reality, but I do feel that in my experience, I have discovered my own truth and most importantly, I have discovered how to live a joyful and meaningful life because of it. I invite you to explore some of these concepts with me and to develop your own ideas and beliefs based on your own unique life experience. Do not just take what I have to say as is, question it, play with it and test it for yourself.

It is my hope that you will find my discoveries to be beneficial for your life and that you will be inspired to explore your own truth and to find your own path to unconditional happiness. That is the purpose of this blog and I am happy to share the message.

New to these ideas? I have some suggested reading material for you!

The Holographic Universe

The Universe in a Single Atom: The Convergence of Science and Spirituality

E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

The Self-Aware Universe: How Consciousness Creates the Material World


March 3, 2018

Learning Gratitude

I used to get so frustrated with people who would tell me “Count your blessings.” When I was in the midst of a negative feeling, the last thing I wanted to do was to count my blessings! I wanted to whine and complain and grumble - I didn’t want to fake gratitude when it wasn’t there. I used to think people like that were fools who didn’t know how to deal with reality.

But the more I practiced self-improvement and personal growth, the more things shifted for me and one day I started counting my blessings. “Let’s just give it a shot,” I thought. “What I’ve been doing isn’t working, so it’s time to try something else. Why not gratitude?” So I started a gratitude journal.

Now I see that I was the fool all along.

It’s true what they say about gratitude. It’s not happiness that brings us gratitude. It’s gratitude that brings us happiness. When we take the time to appreciate what is all around us, no matter in what form, we begin to see things differently. We begin to cultivate gratitude and we begin to see the abundance all around us. It’s just a matter of changing focus.

So if you’re dealing with the negative emotions and wanting to grumble and complain about what is, I encourage you to try something different for a change. Try finding something, anything at all to be grateful for. And then find something else. And then something else. Practice this again and again and again and see how things begin to shift.

It’s amazing what an attitude of gratitude can do. You can begin today by starting your own journal. And then make a promise to yourself that you are going to write down at least three things for which you are grateful or you appreciate every single day. Take your time when you do this, give it some thought and be sure to really feel the emotion of gratitude. Decide right now to be in a state of gratitude more often and then just see what happens.

It is my promise to you that if you do this and stay faithful to it, you will begin to experience a shift in yourself. Something truly magical happens when you write it out. When you declare your appreciation to the world, the world shows you more and more to appreciate. Have fun!


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