December 30, 2017

The Three Universal Truths

I spent over forty years searching for meaning in my life, but it wasn’t until I was ready to end that life that I began to discover the meaning behind it. Through my journey from depression to unconditional happiness I discovered three, undeniable truths about the very nature of our being:

1. Freedom

Freedom is natural to us. It is our basis of being. Without freedom, we would not be creators. We would be limited, finite. Therefore in order to be the limitless creators that we are, we must be free. We are free to think or do anything we believe is possible. We are free to create and perceive our reality as we make it. We are so free we can even choose bondage in the form of limiting beliefs. There is absolutely nothing holding us back but our own beliefs and a belief is just a thought you keep thinking. And the good news is that thoughts can be changed.

2. Expansion

Expansion is the inevitable result of living. No matter which form we take, whether it’s the single cell organism or the complex human body, we cannot live a day without creating a desire for something better, something more. When we desire something more, we expand as creators. The invisible Source Energy from which we come expands with the desire and becomes that expansion. So when we desire more money, Source Energy (or Inner Being as I like to call it when referring to our personal and individual life experience) immediately becomes more prosperous. Source holds no resistance to the expansion and simply becomes more because of our asking.

There are three steps to the creation process. Step one is Asking. You in your human form, live here in this physical, material plane of existence, sifting and sorting through the contrast of life and making preferences for a better, more improved life. The asking comes naturally from living our everyday lives. We cannot help but ask. The main problem for us however, is that we get stuck in step one and we don’t do much to move on to step three.

Step two is Source Answers. Step two is not your job, it is Source’s and it is where the expansion first happens. In step two, the creation is immediately done for you and waits for you to line up with it. Sometimes we line up with it in step three, and sometimes we don’t. But when we die, we will reemerge with the non-physical part of us and reunite with the whole of who we are and we will line up with it. We will experience the expansion in the non-physical world and we will continue to contribute to all of creation from a non-physical vantage point. Therefore there is no such thing as death in the sense that there is an end to life. Life cannot cease to be. Death is merely a transition from one state of being to another. Life will always continue because life is eternal, we are eternal.

Step three is Allowing and this is the most important and the most challenging step for us for allowing involves deliberate focus and an intolerance for negative thinking. When we allow, we can begin to translate the impulses (or inspired action) from Source which will lead us to experiencing the full blown manifestation here in our physical bodies. And that is what we’re doing here, we want to manifest in the material world.

The realm of our Inner Being is in the realm of emotions. Whether or not we go with that expansion is up to us as humans. When we go with the expansion we feel good emotions, but when we do not go with the expansion, we feel worse. It’s all about following the emotional guidance from our Inner Being. I’ll get more into this later as this is the key to living happily ever after.

3. Joy

Now for the best part. If we are free, limitless creators who will inevitably expand as a result of our creations, then what is it all for? What is the purpose? It is actually very simple, so simple in fact, that most people miss it entirely. The purpose of life is joy. That’s it. We are here because it’s fun to create. We are here because that is what we are - beings of joy who are free to continue to build upon their own creation for the sole purpose of having fun.

No big secret really, but an idea that seems elusive to us because we have forgotten the true nature of our being. But look at the little children, look at the animals. They do not concern themselves with anything which might detract from their joyful experience. Sure, they may cry and make a fuss when something untoward happens, as they are reacting to the conditions of their environment but they do not stay there long. They quickly find their way back to feeling good, to the natural well-being which they are, which we all are. They know that feeling good is natural and normal. It is only when we begin to age and believe our parents, teachers, friends, and society when they tell us to “grow up” and “get real” that we lose the knowledge that our natural state is one of joy. Instead we train ourselves out of this, we tolerate negative feelings and begin to think that feeling bad is normal. But it’s not.

Abraham and Esther Hicks, brilliant teachers of the Law of Attraction use the cork analogy to explain our natural state of wellness. They say that we are like the cork floating on the waters of well-being. Our natural state is one of ease, where we float peacefully upon the waters, but when we allow conditions to determine our feelings and when negative feelings are tolerated, we hold the cork under the water. All we have to do is stop holding the cork under the water and we automatically rise back up to the surface. It’s just a matter of focusing ourselves back to that natural state and finding the joy inherent in us despite the surrounding conditions. This is what is known as unconditional love or unconditional happiness. This is the state from which we all come and to which we all will return.

The meaning of life is to be joyful creators. We are here to experience life in the full blown manifested form of physicality. We are here to eat the food, to watch the sunsets, to dance to the music, to make love, to swim in the waters, to be free and joyous in our creative power! Many of us have forgotten this yet when we hear this message, something resonates within us. Something tells us that this must be true because happiness is indeed what we are all seeking.

The secret to happiness is that it’s already present within you, you just have to stop pinching it off, stop holding the cork under the water. Realize that feeling bad is not normal, but feeling good is. Have no tolerance for feeling bad and care enough to soothe yourself into feeling better and you will float right back up. With practice, we can teach ourselves how to be unconditional in our happiness and we can start living our lives on purpose with focused and deliberate intent on living a joyful life.


December 23, 2017

Change Your Default Setting

I have been studying astrology for over 23 years now, and through the years I have developed a philosophy which I find beneficial. I would like to share that with you this week. I believe that many people who are not quite aware of themselves spiritually tend to live in what I call "default mode", meaning not being mindful of the power they possess and simply going through the motions of living. I used to live this way too, until one day I began to wake up. Astrologically speaking, this was during my Saturn Return and it meant a time for me to "grow up" and become accountable for my own actions. We each experience this in different ways, but for me, it was a deeply spiritual time and it's when I decided to stop living by default.

I discovered that my passion in astrology took on a different aspect. I saw astrology in a new light, it no longer was just a fascination with the stars and their influence on us humans. It was seeing the benefit of knowing this influence and applying it to my life in order to live a deeper, more meaningful life where I felt more in control and less at the mercy of the planets. I used to say things such as, "Oh, I acted like that because of my Leo Moon! What can I do?" but then I realized that was just my "default" setting. I realized that I had a choice to select a new setting for myself.
Because I knew of the tendency to act a certain way thanks to my natal horoscope, I was more mindful of that behavior and if I didn't like that in myself, then I could choose differently. This was eye opening for me! It is now an active decision to choose my responses rather than reacting by default. It is a constant job and I don't always succeed, though it is becoming easier and easier to choose the more I practice.

There comes a time in our lives when we are challenged with this choice - continue to live by default and be at the mercy of our surroundings, our family, the planets, what have you or to actively choose our emotions and be in control of our emotional lives. It may not come about through astrology as it did for me, but no matter what form the challenge takes, I encourage you to take it. This may be a radical step for some of us, and we may simply choose to ignore the challenge and go on living by default. But if you are feeling this challenge right now, then I encourage you to look at things differently.

When you learn to use astrology to assist you rather than let it dictate how you are going to feel, you have the advantage over those who are still in their default setting. When everyone else around you is acting crazy and childish because of a Full Moon in Aries, you can choose to stop being influenced by this. You can take an emotional step back and look at it from a different angle. After practice, it will become easier and easier to stop taking things personally and so seriously all the time. The joy of life is much easier to feel when we can do this and then we can begin to see that joy is our natural state of mind!

We have the power to choose happiness because true happiness cannot come from outside ourselves. That choice doesn't belong to anyone else, or to your surroundings or to the planets. The choice is entirely yours because only you have the power to control your emotions. So if you're living by default, then I challenge you today to change your setting and begin to actively live your life. You can feel how you choose or you can let other things tell you how you feel. The choice is yours.

December 16, 2017

The One Decision That Will Change Your Life

This post was originally posted in December 2015. 

A lot can happen when you finally get fed up with feeling bad.

It’s hard to believe that just a couple of years ago I was a completely different person than I am now. I was suffering from depression and anxiety which the doctors prescribed meds for (but I refused, much to their dissatisfaction). I was working at a job where I felt overworked, under-appreciated and unfulfilled. I felt so uncomfortable in public; I would suffer panic attacks whenever I was in crowds. I never left the house except to run errands and I rarely did anything with the few friends I had. I kept gaining weight and feeling horrible about my aging body. I numbed myself by binging on TV shows and playing video games because I didn’t know how to deal with my negative feelings. I wasn’t really living, I was merely surviving. Life was passing me by and I knew it.

But now, just a couple of years later my life has completely turned around. Ever since making the decision to be happy and live life my way, everything has changed. I am now traveling full time with the love of my life (and my two adorable cats) in our RV, seeing our beautiful country, making new friends and feeling great!

“Change your thoughts and you change your world. ” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

In the past 6 months: I have cured myself of my depression and anxiety (without pills!), I have lost 15 pounds without diet or exercise, I have made several new friends, I go out in public without any hint of a panic attack, I speak happily to strangers and make new friends easily, I’ve fallen even more in love with my husband (going on 13 years soon), I am running a successful online business simply by talking about what I love and teaching others how they can do it too and most importantly, I’m living life my way.

Sometimes all it takes is a decision to feel good and to work every day toward feeling better than you did the day before. I had a realization one day that the world wasn’t doing all this to me, I was. I realized that I had the power and the freedom to choose differently. Frankly, I was tired of feeling bad. It wasn’t doing me or anyone else any favors to feel bad. Believe it or not, it was Facebook that opened my eyes to what I was doing to myself. I wrote an article on it about here if you’re curious.

The Facebook realization was a real eye opener and the catalyst for great change in my life. I faced my demons and I dealt with the negative emotions I had repressed for so many years (that’s a whole other story). After several months of learning how to live without depression, new realizations came to me. I realized that life really is too short and that it was time I started doing the things I used to dream about when I was a starry-eyed teenager.

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” ~ Willie Nelson

For decades, I had dreamed of traveling by RV across our big country, but I never knew how to make that happen. After the start of my online blogging business, I realized something. I could make my dream come true thanks to the internet! I didn’t need to be tied down to a certain location. So Brandon quit his job and we dedicated ourselves to learning all we could about having a successful blogging business. Within 6 months we had built a lucrative online business and we were finally ready to take the plunge. We sold or donated practically everything we owned, bought an RV and hit the road.

It’s now been another 6 months and here I am in Miami, Florida in the middle of December. It’s 79 degrees outside and sunny. I have a tan for the first time in over 20 years. I spend my time doing all the things I told myself I would get around to one day. I’m reading all the books on my list (there’s a lot and I mean, a lot), Brandon and I are learning Spanish (Rosetta Stone), I’m sketching and drawing again, I’m learning the ukulele, I’m writing everyday (currently I’m working on my first non-fiction book), I’m walking a mile or more every day just for fun and I’m socializing with people, learning more about life and having fun at the same time. I have complete freedom to live how I want to now. Life is good and it just keeps getting better.

But it never would have happened if I hadn’t realized my ultimate freedom – the freedom to choose how I felt. Life is meant to be good and somewhere deep inside us, we all know this. Children know what life is supposed to be about. When we are children, we have this innate ability to have fun, to feel good and to live life as if every day is a new experience. But as we grow older and we adjust to our society, we slowly train ourselves out of this knowing. We begin to tolerate negative feelings and we teach ourselves to accept that feeling bad is normal. We say that we are just being realistic. “Life is hard, I’m just telling it like it is,” we say. “It’s nice to dream, but at some point, we have to face reality.”

But I have good news for you.

As Quantum Mechanics is teaching us, reality is relative. Your observation of something affects it, changes it. You can change your own personal reality by using your ability to focus. You can focus your attention on anything you want, which means that you have the freedom to choose your response to any situation. You are not a slave to conditions. Conditions do not have to define your feelings. You define your feelings by choosing what you focus on. All you need to do is care enough about how you feel.

 “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

In any given situation there really are only two responses available to you. No matter how you want to label the feelings, you always have the choice to focus on what makes you feel worse or on what makes you feel better. If you care enough about how you feel, and you have the desire to feel good, then the choice is simple.

It may seem unrealistic to some, but that’s kind of my point. Reality is what you make of it. And only you can change your own reality. The more you practice reaching for the better feeling thoughts, the easier it will get and the better you will feel. And the better you feel, the more you can allow better feelings into your experience. After a while of practicing this, you will begin to realize that conditions no longer have their hold over you as they once did because now you are not looking at conditions to determine your level of happiness. Instead you are learning what it means to be unconditional in your own experience; you are learning that you control your responses and ultimately your own reality.

It starts with the simple desire to stop feeling bad and to start feeling good. It is your ultimate freedom to be able to choose this for yourself, nobody can decide this for you and nobody can take this away from you. So if you’re like I was and you’re fed up with feeling bad then I challenge you today to make a new choice. It’s time you stopped tolerating feeling bad. I challenge you to use your ability to focus and to make the conscious decision to feel good now.

You can and will feel good if you choose it. And the more you make that choice, the more good you will allow into your life and the more you will find yourself moving in the direction of your dreams. Pretty soon you will look back on your life and realize that you have become the person you always wanted to be. In fact, you always were.

“The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.” ~ William James

December 13, 2017

How to Interpret Your Dreams

Do you remember your dreams? From an early age, I was able to ascertain meaning behind many of my nighttime adventures and gain valuable insight about myself in the process. I have become so accustomed to using dreams to help me now that I almost take them for granted, but the importance of paying attention to your dreams shouldn’t be overlooked.

Quantum physics tells us that we are all just made of energy and energy is made up of vibrations. I believe that we are vibrational beings and I believe that thoughts and dreams are also vibrations. We interpret these vibrations through our physical senses, our extra sensory perceptions (intuition) and through our dreams.

I believe that dreams are actually interpretations of your current vibrations around specific topics going on in your life. In my opinion, they are not mindless movies that play every night when you sleep, but they are in fact a reflection on how you are feeling and on the vibrations you are currently sending out. When viewed this way, you can gain valuable insight on how your energies are being focused, most likely unconsciously, by you. And better yet, it makes you aware of what you need to focus on in your life when things aren’t going so well.

Take this scenario… Alice heard a rumor that her company is going to start laying off employees soon. She worries briefly for her job safety, but realizes that she is a very valuable employee so she feels fairly certain that she has nothing to worry about. However she can’t help but have this gnawing feeling of unease around it. She considers vamping up her resume just in case, but then shakes it off. She tells herself she’s being silly and continues as usual.

In the meantime, Alice has dreams of someone breaking into her house. It scares her awake, making her fearful enough to maybe turn on an extra light outside then she goes back to sleep. But over a couple of days, the nightmares get a little worse and Alice begins to ponder if she should get a dog or get a security system installed.

What Alice doesn’t realize is that her recurring dream of someone breaking into her house is actually an interpretation of her emotional vibrations she is sending out. Her dream is telling her that she is putting out vibrations of feeling unsafe. She is worried over her job security. Her dreams reflect that feeling.

And here is where studying dreams can be extremely valuable. If Alice pays attention to her dreams and the message they are bringing, she can do something to help her feel more secure and stop those nightmares. Perhaps she could listen to her intuition and revise her resume or make preparations for a layoff in some way in order for her to feel more secure.

However, if she does nothing like that but continues putting out the vibrations of feeling unsafe and refusing to do anything to make herself feel better, then she will continue to attract other things which evoke that same feeling of insecurity. This will increase over time because whatever you decide to focus on only increases, like a snowball running downhill. This is called momentum. Before long, if she doesn’t do anything to correct that vibration, she may find herself the victim of a burglary or something equally unpleasant. Like attracts like after all.

So having that extra insight into your dreams is definitely something I recommend to everyone. The trick is to reach for the key emotion being evoked by your dreams and then look to what is currently going on in your everyday life which evokes the same emotion in you. That is how you can see what vibrations you are putting out and then relate it to other things which are happening in your life which bring up similar emotions. Then you can do things to help change those vibrations.

If you’ve never been much for paying attention to your dreams, I challenge you to rethink their purpose and start a dream journal. By taking five to ten minutes every morning to write out your dreams, you can begin to see patterns emerge and you can look for the messages in your dreams. What emotions are active in the dream? What else in your life makes you feel the same way? What can you do to change that? Or if your dreams are going well, what can you do to increase those good feelings?

After some practice, this will become second nature to you. And soon you may want to take your dreams even further, perhaps even into lucid dreams or even astral projection. I do this on a regular basis now and it has given me incredible insight into my life and my purpose for living. Don’t be afraid to explore what your dreams are telling you and what you can learn from your very own subconscious, you never know what fun adventures await you.

Sweet Dreams!

To learn more about dream interpretation and lucid dreaming, I offer the following as suggested reading:

December 9, 2017

Your Emotional GPS

Somewhere deep inside you, you know that life is meant to be good. When you were a little child, you knew this intrinsically. You knew that life was meant to be a joyous exploration. You knew this until the world started telling you otherwise. You knew this to be true until your parents, your guardians, your teachers, society, slowly trained you to believe that feeling bad was just a part of life. But I’m here to tell you that feeling bad isn’t normal.

Although you may be trained into thinking that one must grow up and face “reality”, that you can’t spend your time with your head in the clouds, that you must, one day become a responsible adult, there is still the truth living inside you that life is meant to be good. And your heart knows this still.

In the world of Law of Attraction, there is a belief that your emotions are your own personal guidance system, your emotional GPS, if you will. They represent the relationship that you have with your higher self or inner being or God or Spirit or Source or whatever name you want to give it. Your higher self is the part of you in the non-physical realm, the soul essence of who you really are and it is here to guide you along your path to living the life you have set out to live.

Basically it comes down to this: you come from a Source of pure, positive energy and whenever you are in an emotional state of positive feelings such as love, joy, appreciation, fun, etc. you are in resonance with that Source. Whenever you experience negative emotions, you are pinching yourself off from your Source. Although you can never be disconnected from your Source, when you are in a particularly negative spot emotionally, it can sometimes feel like you are. Your emotions are your way of knowing whether or not you are on the path to creating the life you want. So if you strive to always feel good, to always feel better, then it is just a matter of time before you start to live the life you want to create.

You see, you are the creator of your reality. As Quantum Physics has proven, merely our observation of something changes it and it changes it specific to us as individuals. In other words, we get out of it what we put into it. Each person experiences reality in a way that is unique to their individual experience. This means that if we are conscious of our participation in the co-creation of our lives, we can begin to shape our own experience of reality to one of our choosing. This is also what Law of Attraction teaches.

Your emotions are indicators of your relationship to how your higher self views the exact same thing you are focusing on in that moment. So if you are looking at something that makes you feel good, your higher self is in agreement with you and you know this because you feel good. But if you are looking at something which makes you feel bad, your higher self is telling you through your negative emotions that it does not experience that particular thing the same way. It does not see it the same way because it is coming from a state of pure, positive energy and therefore it cannot resonate with anything negative. And you cannot create the life you want when you are feeling negative.

It sounds so simple, and it is, but it isn’t necessarily easy especially if you’ve spent a long time training yourself that feeling negative is normal. But when you realize that you can use your emotions as your guide to creating the life you want, the power is now in your hands. You can choose to view a situation differently, you can choose to feel better about something, you can choose to look on the bright side. And you can choose not to focus on the negative. It takes some time and it most likely will not happen overnight, but you can train yourself into looking at the positive more and more often.

Emotional Momentum

In the Law of Attraction universe, there is something called emotional momentum. Abraham Hicks makes the analogy of a car sitting atop a steep hill in San Francisco (if you haven’t seen them before, it’s hard to believe that people can drive on such things!). Let’s say you park your car atop the hill and you set it in neutral and release the parking break. Just for fun, you decide to give the car a little nudge to see what will happen. If you’re paying attention, you will notice that the car is going to gain momentum and quickly roll down the hill, out of your control and eventually wind up in the ocean! So you quickly step out in front of it and stop the momentum before it can get going. But if you’re not paying attention, then the car will start to roll slowly at first and then as it goes down the hill, it will gain more and more momentum until the only thing you can do is let it ride its course because now you can’t stop it. You don’t want to be standing at the foot of the hill when this happens!

The same thing happens with your thoughts and emotions. If you begin to focus on something and it makes you feel negative emotion, that is your cue that the car has been nudged. If you are sensitive to that, you can stop the car before it gets too far. But if you are not sensitive to it, you will find yourself quickly gaining momentum into feeling worse and worse. And then you are creating a life that is not in line with your desires. So you need to learn to notice negativity in its early stages. If you don’t recognize it right away, that’s ok. Give yourself a break and try again. This doesn’t happen overnight.

You may need to take some time at first just to recognize what feeling negative feels like.  For my husband, Brandon, it only took him a couple of weeks of analyzing his feelings and recognizing what negativity felt like to him. For me, it took a lot longer, several months in fact. I had dissociated myself so much from my feelings that it took me a while to reacquaint myself with my feelings and to understand what it was I was feeling, let alone how to process them. So don’t worry if you need to take some time before you can begin to notice when you are feeling negative. If you just keep focusing on wanting to feel better, you will get better at it and pretty soon it will be easier and easier to recognize when you are feeling negative and you can stop the car in the early stages.

When you empower yourself with this knowledge, your life begins to change to one that reflects your truest desires. This is what happened for me and my husband. When we made the conscious decision to make happiness our number one priority, our lives changed dramatically. We went from being in a terrible state of financial and emotional negativity to completely turning our lives around in all areas, we now have a successful online business and we are now living the life we’ve been dreaming about for years. It took some time and it took patience, but we are now living proof that it is possible to turn your life around.

It starts with a desire to feel better. Then it’s a matter of learning what your emotions are telling you and following the better feeling thoughts. Everyone has this ability. It may seem to be very difficult at first, but don’t give up. As long as you have the desire to feel better, you can and you will.

Life is meant to be good. You know this in your heart. Be still and listen. It will tell you the truth.


December 1, 2017

What is the Law of Attraction?

I first heard of the Law of Attraction in the year 2007 when I watched the movie, The Secret. At the time, I was intrigued but I admit that I was not at a place where I was able to fully understand and receive the message of the film. I tried to play around with it and manifest things, but I didn’t really understand the process and it left me feeling that the film didn’t give the whole story. I felt that they must have been withholding some information and that’s why it only worked sometimes for me. What I never considered was that I just wasn’t able to hear all of it.

The Law of Attraction stems from the idea that you create your own reality based on your focused attention on any given subject. It was such a new and bizarre concept for me, that it took me several years before I was in a place to really understand it. And that’s ok, because after studying and practicing it for a while now, I feel that I have a solid understanding of it. So I’ve decided to start this blog and an accompanying podcast to share my own personal knowledge, practice and understanding of the Law of Attraction.

So what exactly is the Law of Attraction?

Very simply put, the Law of Attraction states “That which is like unto itself is drawn”. In other words, Like Attracts Like. It is based off the idea that everything in the universe is made up of the same stuff, i.e. energy and this energy is at the base level of all that there is in this dimension. This energy is in constant flux, and everything emits vibrations through this energy. What we experience in our physical realm (through our senses and our scientific instruments) is an interpretation of these vibrations. As Quantum Physics has proven, this universe is a vibrational universe made up of energy which can neither be created nor destroyed.

How I see it is that the Law of Attraction is a universal principle which governs all energies in the universe. When living beings put out a vibrational signal with our thoughts or more descriptively, with our emotions, the Law of Attraction finds other things with matching signals and then lines them up, producing physical manifestations. It is the manager of the universe’s vibrations and it brings more of whatever signal is being transmitted. Another way of stating is “Thoughts Create Things”.

Let’s give an example to get a better understanding of this. Have you ever noticed that when you or someone you know has just purchased a new car that you suddenly start seeing that same type of car everywhere you go? While some people may argue that it is simply a matter of having a new idea introduced into your awareness so that you are more attuned to seeing that type of car, it really is the same thing. This is how the Law of Attraction works, and you can call it whatever you want. The cars still exist whether you notice them or not, but Law of Attraction makes you more aware of it because you have that active in your vibration.

How about another more elaborate example? Let’s say that you are driving to work in your car and you turn on the radio. A song is playing which reminds you of an old high school friend you haven’t heard from in a very long time. The last time you heard from them was when they were living in Phoenix and you remember that they ran a pool supply store. You think of them with fondness for a few minutes and contemplate looking them up on Facebook then something else comes along to get your attention and you’ve dropped the subject of your old friend completely by the time you get into the office.

A short time later you get an email from someone you have never met who happens to live in Phoenix, but you make no connection to your earlier thoughts. You go about your day, never noticing the little “coincidences” which pop up all around you.  Maybe you hear a commercial on the radio for pool supplies or maybe you get a new client with the same first name of your friend. A number of related things can pop up in your experience and all the while, you still don’t make the connection to your earlier thoughts about your friend.

You go to lunch and you call your sister to chat and she has some news. “Remember your old friend from high school?” your sister asks. “I just bumped into her brother at the grocery store. I got her phone number so you can call her if you want to reconnect.”

“What a coincidence,” you say. “I was just thinking of her this morning!”

But in a Law of Attraction universe, there is no such thing as coincidence. There are simply incidents which coincide because the energies match up and Law of Attraction manages this, bringing you more of what you are thinking about. It may seem like a lofty explanation for coincidences to some people, but to those who know how to use the Law of Attraction to their advantage, it is just the way the universe works.

As you begin to understand how to use this universal law, you begin to really change your life. No longer can you blame circumstances or other people for the things in your experience. No longer are you a victim of anything. And most importantly, no longer are you just creating your reality by default. While some people may shudder at the idea of creating their own reality, once you really begin to utilize it, you can begin to have the life you’ve always wanted. But it doesn’t happen overnight, and there’s more to it than just this – which is why I’ve started this blog and my podcast. I plan on sharing all that I learn with anyone who is ready to hear it and I welcome others to share their understanding as well.

If you’re new to this idea and are eager to learn more right away, I highly recommend watching the movie, The Secret with an open mind.  It’s on Netflix and I believe it’s also on Youtube at the time of this writing. Just realize that you may not be ready to hear everything right away, like me; it may take you some time before you get it. And that’s ok. If you stick with it, you’ll get it and you’ll have an amazing time with it. When you begin to really dig into the details of the Law of Attraction universe, infinite possibilities become available to you. You’re about to embark on the most incredible journey of your life. Enjoy it.


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