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Intuitive Readings

Hello. My name is Rachelle and I am an intuitive empath. I offer intuitive readings and spiritual consulting for my clients. I use tarot and oracle cards for many of my services, but I also supplement your readings with your astrologynumerology, and palmistry. I feel that this gives us a wider view of your situation, highlights your strengths and allows for greater understanding of the energies you are currently moving through.

Always keep in mind when divining the future that the future is not set in stone. The future is always in flux and using your free will can and does alter the course of your life. This is the beauty of divination. Using divination is like using a road map to see where you are headed. Sometimes the momentum is slow enough that you can make new choices and change the future, other times you must prepare for the inevitable changes you have already set in motion and make the best of them. Either way, the information gained through divination guides you toward making wiser choices so that you can have a more fulfilling and satisfying journey through life, but ultimately the choice is always yours.

It is my deepest desire to inspire, uplift and to empower others with the Spirit Arcana (hidden spirit knowledge) gained through spiritual disciplines. My goal is to remind you of the power within you and to guide you on how to use it to improve and enhance your life experience.

I am looking forward to working with you on your spiritual journey.

Love & Light,

Rachelle Barron Knight

Disclaimer: Readings are done for information and entertainment purposes only. Any action taken on your part as a result of your reading is solely your responsibility and done under your own authority.




Please see the Terms and Conditions before booking your appointment. 

Live Palm & Card Reading Prices

15 minutes - $20
30 minutes - $40
60 minutes - $60

Astrology Services

Natal Chart Short Version   $50
A birth chart analysis that highlights your key personality traits, behavior patterns and soul lessons. An accurate birth time is needed for this.

Natal Chart Long Version $150
A complete birth chart analysis gives you insight into your personality, behavior patterns, soul lessons, your weak spots and your strengths. An accurate birth time is needed for this.

Natal plus Transit Chart $175
Birth chart analysis plus a forecast to give you guidance and an idea of what energies to expect for the next six months in your life. An accurate birth time is needed for this.

Electional Chart $40
A chart to "elect" the best time for planning a specific event such as a wedding, opening a business, applying for a job and other important dates.

Numerology Services

Numerology Profile $50
A name and birth date analysis gives you insight into your personality and the patterns in your life. An accurate birth name and date is needed for this.

Numerology Profile plus Forecast $75
Numerology profile plus a forecast of what energies to expect in your life for the coming year. An accurate birth name and date is needed for this.

Live In Person Readings: Do you live in Kitsap County, WA? We can meet in person for a more thorough and interactive reading and coaching session. In person readings allow me to read your palm and your aura in addition to using astrology, numerology and the tarot. For locals, find me at the local metaphysical shop 3 days a week, Avebury Mystikals located at 544 4th St. Bremerton, WA or call (360)627-8210 to make an appointment. Appointments will not exceed one hour.

Live Online Readings: Live readings take place via video chat in my own private channel on Appear.in. I will need your birth date, time and place ahead of time to prepare your charts. Book your appointment on my FB page or...

Please contact me in one of these ways:

Please provide the following information:
  1. Your birth data (day, month, year, time and city) 
  2. Your full name at birth (for numerology)
  3. Your email address 
  4. The best time and method to contact you (phone, text, messenger, email, etc)
I will contact you as soon as I am able.


Terms and Conditions


Payments for Live Readings

Payments must be received prior to reading. I accept cash, credit and sometimes trade. 

Cancellation Policy for Live Readings

Please give me at least 24 hours notice when possible should you need to cancel. To cancel or reschedule, please call my voicemail at 313-327-2262, email me or message me on Facebook.

Before You Book Your Live Reading, Know This

In order for me to give you the best service I can give you, I run my practice within the following guidelines. If you do not think you can agree with them, please seek the services of another reader.

·         You must be over 16 years old to get a reading from me.
·         This is a private and confidential meeting; no one else may sit in on it unless you and I both agree it would be helpful for you.
·         Please find a babysitter for your children, it is too distracting to read clearly when children interrupt.
·         I will only read for those in my presence, I will not do readings on someone else's behalf.
·         For in person readings, until you and I have established good communication, we will meet at an agreed upon public location during daylight hours.
·         I will not play any sort of game which might be considered as "testing a psychic". This is draining and unnecessary. I take my work seriously and you should too.
·         Your reading is confidential, but it is my moral, if not legal, obligation to seek outside assistance should you display intent to harm yourself or another or otherwise engage in criminal activity.
·         You may choose to electronically record the reading if you like as long as it is not a distraction to the reading, but you may not take notes as this interrupts and slows down the reading.
·         Readings are done for information and entertainment purposes. Any action taken on your part as a result of your reading is solely your responsibility and done under your own authority.




"You've helped me so much. I don't know how else to thank you. They are the most thorough and professional and productive readings I've ever received. I'm so impressed, not just with the accuracy, but the presentation too.” - Frank P., customer

“Rachelle is amazingly talented and creative in her work! She truly has a gift as an intuitive and for tapping into the spiritual world. When I feel like I need clarity in a situation Rachelle is the first person I turn to for guidance.” - Cheri C., customer

~ Donations, Tips and Testimonials Always Appreciated! ~

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